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NCAA Men’s Basketball is underway and many teams are already fighting their way for a spot for the big dance in March. The early games are extremely important to win to keep a good record for consideration for the NCAA tournament! Players on any team thrive on the support of their fans. That’s why basketball spirit items are so important!

Some of the most popular spirit items for basketball include vinyl mini basketballsthunderstickspom poms, team apparel, and full size basketballs. These items printed with your team name and mascot are items that your fans are proud to use, wear, and display. Friendly rivalries among friends and co-workers spur on hours of conversation during a typical basketball season, often leading to get-togethers to watch the rivalry games.

If you are in charge of your school booster club store at your high school, college, or university, below is a quick rundown of some common school spirit items for your basketball team. Some of these items are great for selling and some are great for giveaways to get the crowd excited and cheering on their team!


Vinyl Mini Basketballs Vinyl Mini Basketballs
Vinyl mini basketballs are king of the basketball spirit items for giveaways. These balls are budget-friendly and are typically used by cheerleaders to throw out to the crowd during time-outs and halftime. These items are great to keep the crowd excited and energized during down times.
Mini Foam Basketballs Foam Mini Basketballs
If you are looking for a fun basketball spirit item, foam mini basketballs are great options. They are soft and great for indoor playing. Choose from either a 4″ foam basketball or 5″ foam basketball. Foam basketballs are great items to sell in your booster club store or for giveaways.
Mini Signature Basketballs Mini Signature Basketbals
Offering opportunities for the players to autograph these mini signature basketballs is a great way to get the fans involved. Before or after games, just set up signing stations around the arena or gym and let fans buy a ball so they can go from station to station and get autographs. This even works for high school basketball teams since younger kids look up to the athletes and would love a souvenir signed by their local team!
Foam Basketball Key Chain Basketball Key Chains
These basketball key chains are made of foam and are great stress relievers to squeeze during times of agony. They can be printed with your team name, mascot, or company logo and are a great item to support your favorite basketball team!
Basketball Foam Stress Relievers Basketball Stress Reliever Balls
If you are looking for a cheap basketball giveaway, these foam basketball stress reliever balls are great for that purpose. We all get stressed throughout the work day and these are great to help alleviate that stress by squeezing the ball during your days. It’s also a great way to remind them about your team or company since they are printed with your custom imprint.
Thundersticks | Thunder Sticks | Bam Bams Thundersticks
Noisemakers are a must at basketball games and if you are looking for high energy, fun, and loud noisemakers, then thundersticks are your answer! These inflatable sticks are easily inflated and banged together to make a booming sound. These are BIG sellers in spirit item stores and a great item for fundraising for your team!
Full Size Rubber Basketballs Full Size Custom Rubber Basketballs
These full sized rubber basketballs are the same size as the regulation NBA size of 29.5″ circumference. They are screen printed, rather than ink injected for a budget-friendly option. They are also printed in the USA for fast production, rather than long production times from overseas.
Full Size Custom Synthetic Leather Basketballs Full Size Synthetic Leather Basketballs
These synthetic leather balls are a step up from the rubber basketballs with a great, premium feel. They are also screen printed in the USA for a quick turnaround. These are great for fundraisers for basketball teams.

These represent just a few of the basketball spirit items to promote your team. These items printed with your team name and mascot help your fans to stay excited and loyal to your team. For more ideas, check out our basketball spirit items page on our website.

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