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Mini Footballs Buying GuideOne of the most exciting times of the sports year is football season. During the season, one of the most popular giveaways at the football stadium is mini footballs. These fun giveaways are loved by kids and adults.

When buying personalized mini footballs, you will find several different materials, sizes, and styles from which to choose. This buying guide will quickly break down all of your options so you can make an informed decision about which footballs are best for your event.

Mini Football Materials

Plastic Mini FootballsPlastic Mini Footballs – These are the lowest cost footballs available, aside from football shaped stress balls. Plastic footballs range greatly in size with 6″ or 7″ being the most common size. These are made of a plastic that is molded into the shape of football. They never lose air and, therefore, they don’t lose their shape. These are hard on the ends, which can hurt if they hit people when the footballs are thrown into the stands.

Vinyl Mini FootballsVinyl Mini Footballs – Because of the price point and the soft nature of these footballs, these are the most popular choice. The 7″ vinyl football is a great choice for cheerleaders to throw into the crowd. Because these are soft, injuries are not a concern if they hit a fan in the crowd. Air-filled means they have an athletic valve so you can deflate or re-inflate with air.

Foam Mini FootballsFoam Mini Footballs – Foam footballs are similar to the Nerf brand footballs. They are very soft and can be thrown around without fear of hurting anyone. They range in size from stress reliever size all the way up 11 inches in size. Because the price points are higher for foam, these are typically reserved for selling for fundraisers by schools and booster clubs. They are also given out by businesses with purchases or as gifts. Several of the foam mini footballs can be printed with your logo in full color.

Signature Mini Footballs | Autograph FootballsSynthetic Leather Mini Footballs – You will know these as signature or autograph footballs. These are made of synthetic leather, because actual leather would be very expensive. These signature balls have two white panels to allow for autographs by players. These are great to sell for fundraisers for autograph signings before or after the games.

Mini Football Sizes

Note on Measuring Mini Footballs – There is a certain way to measure mini footballs in the industry. They are measured from one end around the arc to the opposite end. Therefore, a mini football that measures 7″ around the arc is actually only about 5 1/2″ in diameter (straight across).

Less than 6″ – These are going to be the stress ball footballs. The most common size is 3.5″ for football-shaped stress balls.

6″ Mini Footballs – This is by far the most common size for plastic mini footballs.

7″ Mini Footballs – This size incorporates the most popular vinyl footballs and foam mini footballs.

10″ Mini Footballs – These are the mid-size balls. They are smaller than a full size, but much larger than the 6″ or 7″ sizes.

11″ Mini Footballs – The larger foam footballs fit into this size. They are still smaller than the 14″ full size footballs. This size is most commonly made out of foam.

Rush Production Options

Sometimes, you just need your mini footballs in a rush. During those times, there are some great options. The cutoff time for next day production is typically by 10:00 to 11:00 am EST, which means the order must be placed with payment and proof approval to quality. Otherwise, the production will not begin until the next business day.

24 Hour Rush – These footballs can be produced within 24 hours, provided the order is placed early in the morning. Options include some of the stress balls, a plastic mini football, and a football pillow ball.

48 Hour Rush – If you finalize your order, including proof approval and payment, by 10:00 am EST, these mini footballs can ship 48 hours later. Choices include the vinyl mini football, plastic mini football, foam mini footballs, and signature footballs.

Any of the custom mini footballs make the experience at the football stadium even more fun. These spirit items are great during tailgating or for down times before or after the game. They all make excellent souvenirs for fans to take home to remember their game day experience.

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