Custom Beer Buckets and Ideas to Promote Your Bar

Custom Beer BucketsIn most towns, there are plenty of bars, pubs, lounges, and nightclubs to pick from when planning your night out. This is especially true when visiting areas with a high level of tourism, such as beach towns. So if you own a bar or nightclub, how do you market your establishment to draw in a bigger crowd than your competitors? It takes strategic marketing to do so and offering the right combination of specials and entertainment to attract the crowd you are targeting. Using custom beer buckets, you can create beer specials and help boost your sales by selling 6 beers at a time. The promotional beer buckets have your custom logo printed on the side of the buckets to help brand your bar while serving a functional purpose of keeping the beer cold and helping you sell multiple beer at a time.


  • Offer beer specials selling 6 beers on ice for a price that would be less than the price for 6 individual beers.
  • Partner with your local beer distributor and have them pay for the buckets in exchange for their brand logos on one side of the beer buckets and your logo on the opposite side of the buckets.
  • Offer an option for your patrons to pay a few dollars extra to be able to take the bucket home with them as a souvenir.
  • If you pre-sell tickets to a big event, you could offer a package with 4 tickets and a bucket of beer.
  • Offer VIP Seating for those who buy their beer in buckets.
  • Partner with your beer distributor to offer a certain beer brand and get a discount from the distributor. It’s a win-win for both of you.
  • Offer a bucket of beer as a prize for mini contests that you hold throughout the night. This keeps the crowd interactive and excited so they stay longer.
  • Sell sponsorships to local businesses and print their logos on one side of the beer buckets and your logo on the other side. This offsets the cost of the buckets for you.
  • If you sell wine at ¬†your lounge or club, offer a bottle of wine on ice in your custom buckets.
  • If you run a BYOB club, sell the buckets filled with ice to those bringing in their own beer.
  • Offer a bucket of beer to your entertainment for the night as a “perk” for performing at your club.
  • If you offer VIP entrances, offer your buckets of beer at a discounted rate to the VIP’s.
  • Sell the buckets to patrons to take home and those who bring the buckets back on future visits get a discounted price on the bucket full of beer.
  • If you have a hotel or condo on the beach, offer beach service that serves buckets of ice cold beer to your guests while they lounge on the beach.
  • Offer a variety bucket of beers with various imported beers to promote your patrons trying new beers.
  • You can offer a DD bucket for the designated drivers at a significanttly reduced price with an assortment of non-alcoholic drinks.


  • Sell multiple beers in one transaction.
  • Frees up your staff – instead of 6 separate transactions, a waitress or bartender can sell 6 drinks all at once.
  • Helps you sell more of a specific brand, which can get you discounts from your distributor.
  • Brand your bar or establishment with your custom logo.
  • Offering drink specials brings in more customers.
  • Allows you to partner with local businesses and your beer distributor.
  • If you let your patrons take the beer bucket home, it gives them a souvenir of your bar and keeps your bar at the top of their mind every time they see your custom branded beer bucket.
  • Ability to offer an assortment pack of beers to allow your customers to try new brands.
  • Promotes sales from other visitors – when they see a table with a bucket full of beer, it makes them want to purchase the special deal for their table.

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