Custom Stadium Seat Cushions

Custom Stadium Seat CushionsAs we enter the cold, winter season, the soccer season also begins. At many schools, the soccer programs have been practicing for the past few months already. Soccer is one of those sports in the United States that gets a much smaller budget than football, baseball, or basketball at most schools. Many schools have absolutely no budget for soccer teams, leaving 100% of the burden on the booster club to raise funds for the team to buy new uniforms, soccer balls, goals, nets for the goals, paint for the field lines, and maintenance for the grass field. Therefore, sponsors, admission prices for the games, concessions, and soccer spirit items make up that lack of budget. The best fundraising spirit items for soccer games are custom stadium seat cushions.

These cushions can be a pretty easy sell to the fans because no one likes to sit on freezing cold, metal bleacher seats for over an hour straight. The seat cushions can be printed on one side with the team name and mascot and printed on the back side with local business sponsors who pay a set amount for that sponsorship.

Here’s how you do it:

Simply find the total cost of a quantity of stadium seat cushions, including tax and shipping. For this example we will use 100 quantity of the 14″ Square 2″ Thick Cushions. Also, for our example, we will ship to Atlanta, GA. The total cost for these cushions is $634.60, which divided by 100 is about $6.35 each. Therefore, if you sell for $10 each, the profit is $3.65 each. If you sell for $15 each, the profit is $8.65 each. Selling all 100 cushions at $15 each results in $865 profit. But if you get sponsors to pay for the cushions, your soccer team profits $1500! $12-$15 is a reasonsable price to charge for these thick cushions, which will certainly improve the comfort level of your fans.

Of course, you don’t have to stop here with the sprit items. There are mini soccer balls, pom poms, thundersticks, and megaphones. If your funds are tight in the beginning, we recommend you just do one item at a time and sell it to raise money. then use some of those proceeds to fund your next item. Be sure and get local business sponsorships for everything that you can in exchange for that business logo to be added somewhere on the item.

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