Ideas For Mini Beach Balls

Mini beach balls are smaller than typical beach balls, sizing in at only about the size of a softball. The size for mini beach balls is classified as either 4″ or 6″. These are most commonly measured while fully inflated from one side around the ball to the opposite side (half the circumference). While these are smaller than the typical beach ball that you see at the beach, they do have some great uses. Below are few ideas of what to do with these miniature beach balls.


  • Give them away in goody bags for parties.
  • Use them as ceiling decorations by hanging them with fishing line.
  • Create centerpieces for your tables at your party or event.
  • Give them out at tradeshows.
  • Use the mini beach balls for games in which you toss them through a ring or a hole.
  • Have juggling contests using the beach balls.
  • Use them for pool games such as collect as many beach balls as possible in a set amount of time.
  • Fill them with a little bit of water and the rest of the way with air for a game of dodgeball.
  • Give them out as wedding favors for beach weddings.
  • Use them to promote a special sale at your store.
  • Fill an above ground swimming pool with beach balls and hide items for a game for kids (or adults).
  • Put them in Halloween trick or treat bags for your neighborhood trick or treaters.


These are typically limited in color, with the most popular color being the multi-color panels of White, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, and Green. Other color combinations include alternating panels of Blue, White, Yellow, White, Red, and White as well as many solid and two-tone colors.

For larger beach balls, check out our personalized beach balls page with hundreds of beach ball options!

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