Need Plush in a Rush?

Customized Stuffed Animals with Your LogoCustom stuffed animals. You know what I’m talking about…those cute little plush animals with a custom printed t-shirt.

These are popular giveaways for any organization who works with kids. Just to name a few: pediatricians, hospitals, non-profit charities, dentists, speech and physical therapists, counselors, schools, and many other businesses and organizations.

These cute, fuzzy animals are sometimes used to comfort a scared or upset child. Sometimes they are given away with a purchase or visit. Other times they are given out to every child, whether happy or scared. There are many other uses for these fun and cute promotional products.

These adorable little plush animals have a way of calming children down when they are in unknown situations, such as at the doctor’s office. Hugging or squeezing these creatures serves to offers a level of comfort¬†with which a parent sometimes can’t even compete.

Rush on Plush

Unfortunately, as marketing professionals or business owners, we are often overworked and pressed for time. This sometimes causes us to have to place last minute orders for items such as stuffed animals for an event or when your current supply is running low. This can result in excess rush fees or extra fees associated with expedited shipping.

Good news! We offer FREE rush service on many of our stuffed animals with custom t shirts.

Here’s the Scoop

Up to 144 Pieces – FREE 1 Day Rush

Up to 288 Pieces – FREE 2 Day Rush

Up to 576 Pieces – FREE 3 Day Rush

With these speeds, we can make almost any event date for you. Luckily, this option will save you money and sometimes save your butt if you have waited until the last minute to order. These stuffed animals ship from MO, so this central shipping points make it only a few days to most states.

Stuffed animals are offered in many different animal shapes including bears, dogs, lions, elephants, tigers, monkeys, and frogs, just to name a few. To see all of the customized stuff animals with rush service, click here.

Patrick Black

Patrick Black, MAS, is the founder of and has been in the promotional products industry helping businesses and organizations since 1999. When not geeking out over the newest and greatest promotional items, you can find him paddleboarding at the beach or hanging out by the pool with his wife, three kids, and his basset hound in Fort Walton Beach, FL.