New Year Branding

Church Offering BucketsAs a new year approaches, it’s important for any business or organization to re-evaluate their progress and growth. This approach is also applicable to churches. Is your church membership growing or shrinking? Do you have a strong mix of age groups or is your church made up mostly of an older generation? Is your church meeting your congregation’s needs? Is your church meeting the needs of your surrounding community? Do you have a strong missions team?

These are just some of the important questions a church has to truthfully answer each year and plan accordingly. Maybe this is the year you need to re-brand your church. If you want to start attracting a younger crowd to ensure the longevity of your church, you might want to get a little edgy and be a bit different from your surrounding churches to meet the needs of those who are un-churched. Re-branding your church with a more modern logo can be a great start to showing your edgy side.

Church offering buckets are a great way to display your new logo to your congregation and get them excited. These buckets are great for contemporary worship services and they have a large area to display the logo for your church or for your specific worship service! Our offering buckets come in 11 colors to suit your needs and can be printed in practically any color. Our minimum order is only 25 pieces, so it is cost effective for even smaller churches. Multi-color imprints are available as well. They are easily stackable for compact storage and very durable.

If your church needs help with developing your new logo, we have expert graphic designers on staff that can help create the perfect logo for your church. Give us a call today to get your new church logo design started and to get your new offering buckets! Call us toll-free at 1-800-773-9472.

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