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Personalized Santa HatsWith the Christmas season upon us, holiday parties will soon be here. Whether your holiday Christmas party is for your company, church, Sunday school, school, or organization, make sure your party is filled with Christmas spirit. One of the ways to make sure there is plenty of Christmas spirit is to give out personalized Santa hats for the party guests. Just this simple hat can instantly put people in a more joyful mood. Custom Santa Claus hats are also great to give out to customers and potential customers. By having your logo printed or embroidered on the hats, it helps the recipients to associate your name and logo with the feeling of joy, which can help strengthen the loyalty between you and that client.


  1. Give them out at company Christmas parties.
  2. Pass them out to your employees to wear during working hours to help promote a merry mood during the month of December and create a warm and fun environment for your customers.
  3. Give them out to customers when they make a purchase equaling a set dollar amount.
  4. Sell them as part of a fundraiser to raise money for a cause.
  5. Personalize with the name of your band and sell at concerts.
  6. Print funny or clever sayings on the hats and sell them in your retail store.
  7. Print with your company logo, fill them with candy, and give them out to your customers.
  8. Have all of your staff wear them for a picture for your company Christmas cards.
  9. Give out the personalized hats to schools to give out to the children. Win the heart of the child and win the parent!
  10. Offer a free Santa hat for those who sign up for your email newsletter or text message list.


  • Felt Santa Hats – These hats are the least expensive and are not the fluffy Santa hats. This option is great when buying in bulk to give away in mass.
  • Plush Santa Hats – These are the fluffy, thick hats. They are higher priced than the felt hats and are more of a premium option. These are great if you are giving out to your employees to wear during the Christmas season.
  • Novelty Santa Hats – These would be the light up hats, camouflage Santa hats, and other unique styles such as the LED Spring Tree Santa Hat.
  • Foam Santa Hats – Our foam Santa hats are an inexpensive style of fun hat that are great to hand out at festivals and other events with lots of people. These hats get noticed, but they are not typically a hat that the recipients keep for long.


  • Screen Printing – This is by far the least expensive option for Santa hats. We highly recommend that your custom imprint be bold and without small text. Fine details will be lost in the imprint because of the nature of the fibers in the fabric. This applies for the felt and plush hats. Simple designs are better.
  • Embroidery – If you are wanting a premium Santa hat, than we definitely recommend your logo to be embroidered on the hats. Because the process of embroidering your logo, the price is higher than a screen printed logo; therefore, this process is typically reserved for the higher quality, plus Santa hats.
  • Blank Santa Hats – If aren’t concerned with your logo or personalization on the hats, you can certain order the Sant hats blank. Other use for blank Santa hats are for craft projects in which you will be decorating your own hat with fabric paint or with some other type of medium.


  • Keep your imprint simple
  • Make sure you don’t use small text
  • Bolder is better. Because of the nature of the fabric for Santa hats, the imprints have a faded or weathered look. Fine detail can be lost as the fabric threads move.
  • Don’t date your artwork. If you have leftovers from this Christmas, you can use them for next season.

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