Promotional Products Your Spring Breakers Will LOVE

Spring Break Promotional Items Your Guests Will Love

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Spring Break is a fun time of year for many, yet a busy time of year for those in the hospitality business. Your beach town is likely inundated with out of town guests who want to rest, relax, and sometimes party hard.

As a business owner or a marketer, you want to ensure a great experience for your guests so they will return to your business the following Spring Break, or hopefully sooner!

Below are are few promotional products your guests will absolutely love and continue to use after they go back home. 

If are want to give out items in mass to promote your restaurant or bar, you can give out low cost promotional items such as flying discs, beach balls, and koozies. However, those items won’t typically be kept for long. Chances are they won’t even make it back to their hotel room.

For a lasting effect, below are 5 great items that will be kept for many years, helping them to remember your business.

Spring Break Promotional Items Your Guests Will LOVE

Beach Towels – Beach towels are always handy items to have. When your guests pack up to go home, you can bet their beach towel will be packed with the rest of their belongings. Towels will be kept for many years giving you plenty of advertising exposure every time they are used.

Sunglasses – I’m not talking about the cheap $2 pairs of sunglasses. I’m also not talking about Oakley sunglasses either. There is a marriage of budget-friendly and good quality custom sunglasses that can be printed with your logo, website, or even your unique hashtag. A good pair of sunglasses will be worn over and over again, exposing your message to everyone around.

Flip Flops – Everyone going to the beach needs a pair of flip flops. Many visitors from the North don’t even own flip flops, so why not give them a nice pair of branded flip flips proudly showing your logo on the strap? They will love it and it’s almost guaranteed they will keep those flip flops and use them again on warm days and for their next beach visit. The nicer the pair of flip flops, the more likely they will be worn again.

Beach Chairs – Giving away folding chairs to use at the beach only makes sense if your guests drive to your location. If they fly in, they won’t likely be able to take their chair home with them. These folding beach chairs are great, premium gifts for those guests who splurge while visiting your establishment. You can bet these will be used over and over gain, not only at the beach, but also at sporting and outdoor events.

Coolers – Everyone loves drink coolers. But if you really want to make an impression, have it filled with ice and beer. Partner with a local microbrewery who wants to promote their brand to out-of-towners. Your custom coolers will make a much bigger impact when combined with something good to drink. Don’t forget to include a few waters in the cooler to prevent dehydration! Of course, make sure you check ID’s before giving out coolers with beer.

This Spring Break, stand out from your competitors by giving out higher quality promotional items. The typical, cheapo Spring Break items will quickly be forgotten, as will your advertising message that is printed on them.

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