Say Koozies…One More Time…

Custom KooziesYou may call them coolies, can huggers, can insulators, huggies, cozies, coosies, or countless other names. I just call them koozies. Why? Because one manufacturer trademarked the name, Koozie, back in 1980 and made these items famous within the promotional products industry and the name stuck. From there, hundreds of other manufacturers jumped on board, attempting to differentiate themselves only by calling the products by a different, but similar name. Overall, the product was essentially the same.

If you want to make me cringe, stop by my office or call me with your brilliant idea to buy koozies as giveaways for your clients. If you are lucky enough to see me face-to-face when you mention koozies, you’ll think that I just winced in pain from having a man-o-gram (Don’t know what a man-o-gram is? Just do a simple Google search for man-o-gram and you’ll find out).

Koozies are among the least creative “ideas” to give out to your customers. These are overdone items and your customers already have dozens of them at their home that will rarely, if ever, be used.

My wife recently cleaned out one of our kitchen drawers to find over a dozen random koozies in them. Out to the trash they went. Some had logos from past clients, while others had random logos received from businesses over the years. I typically don’t keep the boring, standard koozies; however, somehow, we still had way too many at our house.

However, not all koozies are bad.

In fact, there are many varieties that have character and are different enough to stand out. Below are a few of my favorites.

Koozies That Don’t Make Me Wince In Pain

Custom Burlap Koozies with Neoprene PocketBurlap Can Coolies with Neoprene Pocket

These koozies are made out of burlap and have a custom printed neoprene pocket. These two types of material go boldly together and make this koozie stand out big time. Burlap promotes a great vintage and natural look, while the neoprene pockets adds a flair of color. Choose from many different pocket colors to compliment your business logo, The pocket is a perfect size to slip in your business card or coupon to promote your business.

Promotional Neoprene koozies with Burlap PocketNeoprene Coolies with Burlap Pocket

Here’s the complete reverse of the above koozies. They are made of neoprene with a burlap pocket. The pocket is printed with your logo or custom text. Additionally, the opposite side of the koozies can be printed on the neoprene with a completely different logo or message. The burlap pocket adds just a touch of the natural look with the proven effectiveness of the neoprene to keep your drink cold.

Full Color Koozies with Contrasting Trip and StichingFull Color Design Koozies with Sewn-In Bottom and Top Trim

These koozies are made of high quality neoprene and color limits are endless. The main body of the koozies are sublimated allowing you to print any design or background, including a photo. The top trim and stitching can be contrasting colors to vividly stand out among other want-to-be koozies.

Custom Burlap KooziesBurlap Koozies with Neoprene Interior

Go completely rustic with an all burlap exterior that is printed with your custom logo. These are great for wedding favors since they have an upscale look. Since burlap is so different than most foam or neoprene koozies, these will be kept longer and used more. The interior of these are lined with neoprene to provide the insulation necessary to keep your drink ice cold.

These are just a few of my favorite koozies that are different than the regular, boring can insulators. There are many other options that provide a different look and feel so your giveaways will stand out. Other options includes koozies in various shapes of items within your industry, stainless steel koozies, camouflage koozies, and many more. Check out all of the custom koozies for yourself, but make it a point to be different and break away from the 50 cent koozies.

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