Think Small, Not Big

Stop thinking so big and think SMALLThis blog title is certainly one that could easily be misinterpreted.

First of all, let’s address a few things to set the record straight.

YES. I believe you should have a BIG plan. YES. I believe you should have BIG dreams.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s dive into the idea of thinking small…

It’s inevitable that you will have to do business with a BIG company, whether it be B2B or B2C. What you have likely noticed when dealing with these large corporations is the very corporate feeling you get with your transaction. The interaction is sterile.

These companies are often faceless. There is no connection between their customers and employees. You, as a consumer, are just a number. You are only a transaction. They are thinking so big that they are thinking right past you.

Often you will find the employees of large companies do not enjoy their jobs (evident by your interaction with them). You may even notice all of their social media posts are lacking any type personal tone, just sales pitches. It’s all about a bottom line.

That’s why no matter what size your company may be, you have to think small. You have to think about the individuals that support your business.

It may be a marketing director from a Fortune 100 company that does business with you or it may be the janitor (not dissing janitors – we love you!). Whomever that customer is, it is important that you take the time to connect with them. Interact with them. Appreciate them as an individual and show them your appreciation.

You should get to know them. Find out their likes and dislikes and note those in their account for future reference. Offer suggestions based upon their individual tastes. Yes, it takes effort, but the rewards are plenty.

By building those relationships on a one-by-one basis, you will create incredible relationships with your customers that will last for years. The loyalty from your customers will be rock solid. Great things will happen! No matter how “small” your customers may be, let them know they are important.

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