ThundersticksNoisemakers are a must when it comes to football games. You will never meet a quiet stadium during a football game and you likely never will. The favorite stadium noisemakers of all time are thundersticks. These inflatable noise makers are blown up and banged together to make a loud booming noise to cheer on your favorite team.


  1. Reusable Thundersticks – These noisemakers have a mouthpiece valve similar to a beach ball or pool raft that can be easily inflated and deflated at any time.
  2. One-Time Use Thundersticks – There are many different brands with the most common ones being called Thunderstix and BamBams. These types will commonly come with a straw for easier inflation. Once the thundersticks are inflated, they are permanently sealed and last for one football game before they slowly start leaking air.


  1. Spot Color Imprint – Custom imprint of your logo between 1 and 3 imprint colors.
  2. Full Color Imprint – Your full color logo printed on the thundersticks.
  3. Full Color, Full Coverage Imprint – Your full color custom imprint on the full area of the thundersticks with a full bleed.

There are several variables when buying thundersticks such as production time, pricing, and imprint that have to be taken into consideration. Our expert staff can help you with the right thundersticks for your team. We will take into account your budget, in hands date, and your intended purpose for the best possible outcome for your company, school, or organization.

Patrick Black

Patrick Black, MAS, is the founder of and has been in the promotional products industry helping businesses and organizations since 1999. When not geeking out over the newest and greatest promotional items, you can find him paddleboarding at the beach or hanging out by the pool with his wife, three kids, and his basset hound in Fort Walton Beach, FL.