Top 5 Football Noisemakers

Making noise and football go together like mashed potatoes and gravy. You can’t have one without the other. That’s why it’s great to give your football team fans several choices when it comes to football noisemakers. There are several different noisemaking spirit items available, but what is best for your team? Below are the top 5 noisemaker items that are great for football games so you can make the best choices. Our suggestion is that you try out several of them and give your fans different choices.


Among the most popular football noisemakers are thundersticks, also commonly called Bam Bams, Thunderstix, or Boom Sticks depending on the manufacturer. These inflatable noisemakers are inflated and when fans bang them together, they make a deafening noise, especially when done in mass. Several hundred or several thousand fans banging thundersticks together at the same time can create a noise loud enough to distract the opposing team and make it difficult for the team members to hear during their strategic huddles! The BamBams brand has additional options such as metallic finish, full-color printing all over the noisemaker sticks, or even light-up sticks if you want to be a little different.

Megaphones are also popular stadium noisemakers for football games. These particular megaphones are incredibly loud and amplify voices well to help the crowd cheer on your team. These megaphones are small for easy storage, but don’t let the small size fool you about the sound they can produce. These come in several different colors which will accommodate most school colors.

Vuvuzelas are plastic stadium horns that have become popular over the past few years in America; however, they have been used in Brazil and other Latin American countries since the 1960s. In other countries such as South Africa, they are particularly popular for soccer (football) matches. These plastic horns often are made of 2 parts to easily collapse for easier storage. They make a very loud, high-pressure noise that can actually cause damage to the ears and cause hearing loss if blown too close to someone’s ear at close range. These football noisemakers come in many different colors and the exact sound and pitch depend on a few factors, including the manufacturer and intensity that they are blown.

Hand clappers have been around for years. These noisemakers are not only popular for football games, but also political rallies and events. To get a clapping noise, you simply shake the hand clapper back and forth and the hand, which is made of 3 different pieces, claps with each shake. These can be quite loud, particularly when you get dozens or even hundreds clapping at the same time. These are very inexpensive spirit items to have available to your fans since you can buy them custom printed with your team mascot or logo for less than $1.

Cowbells are great football noisemakers for the stadium and they are popular with a few college football teams, most notably, Mississippi State University. Other schools such as Penn State and Michigan also use them. The cowbell has become a popular noisemaker for football games with many high schools. They are different and unique from traditional football noisemakers and new and different excites fans.

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