Top 7 Football Spirit Items


Most high schools are either finished for the school year or nearly finished; however, it’s now time to be thinking about your lineup of school spirit items for the upcoming football season, which starts in August. Below you will find several of the most popular football spirit items to help your booster club raise money.

Stadium Seat Cushions Stadium seat cushions printed with your school mascot are the top school spirit items sold at football games. They are the best selling item for multiple reasons. 1) They are functional. Sitting on hard bleachers for hours is uncomfortable and a seat cushion helps make a game more pleasurable. 2) There is room on the back to print multiple sponsor logos to offset the cost of the cushion. After the sponsorship funds which pay for stadium cushions, your booster club can sell the cushions and get 100% profit. Stadium cushions commonly sell for $10. Even if you don’t get local business sponsors, you can still make 100% of your investment with seat cushions, plus your fans have an item with the school mascot and team name to take home and bring back to each game.
Mini Footballs Mini footballs are one of the most common school spirit items given away at football games. They are inexpensive and fun to throw around. The cheerleaders commonly throw out these miniature footballs after their team scores a touchdown or a field goal. You can also get businesses to pay for mini footballs and have their company logo and phone number printed on one side of the football and your mascot and team name printed on the opposite side.
Thundersticks Thundersticks are a crowd favorite when it comes to stadium noisemakers. These inflatable sticks are banged together to make a booming noise and they are extremely loud when you get several hundred or several thousand pairs being banged together at the same time. A huge benefit of thunder sticks is that they have a huge imprint area so you can fit multiple sponsor logos on them. Also, you can choose from re-usable types or one-time use options. Before buying thundersticks, make sure your school or stadium doesn’t have a noise ordinance banning these items. Other brands and names include thunderstix, BamBams, Boom Boom Sticks, or FAN-ta-Sticks. Thundersticks are commonly sold at football games at a price anywhere between $3 and $5.
Foam Fingers Foam fingers are a fun cheering item for football games. There is something about donning an oversized, giant hand over your hand and cheering on your favorite team. Foam fingers come in a variety of team colors and shapes. You can even get custom shaped foam hands. Also, many different mascots shapes are available along with various types of claws. You can easily sell foam fingers for $5 at football games.
Cheer Megaphones A very common spirit item and one that has been around for a long time is a plastic megaphone. These cheering items are popular amongst the fans and are great to sell at the school booster club. The team mascot can be printed on these megaphones and they can be used game after game by the fans who buy them. Other common options for megaphones is to get the popcorn cap on the end and use it as a container to serve popcorn at football games. You can sell the popcorn for a little more and the fans have a cheering item after they eat their popcorn! $2 is a fair selling price for megaphones at a game without popcorn and $3 to $4 with popcorn.
Stadium Cups Stadium cups are one of those extremely useful spirit items that stick around in the cabinets of fans for years. Not only can you use stadium cups to serve beverages at your concession stand, but the cheerleaders can also throw out cups to the fans during lulls to get the crowd cheering again. You can choose from many different stadium cup sizes and colors. For even more impact, check out the mood color changing cups and the stadium cups with a full color imprint.
Custom Pom Poms If you are looking for spirit items that are cheap in price and desired by many of the fans, look no further than custom pom poms. Virtually every school can get the streamer colors to match your school colors. Choose from multi-color streamers at no extra charge. You can buy custom personalized pom poms for less than a dollar and sell them for only $2.00.

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