What Does Being Number 1 Really Mean?

Top Promotional Products DistributorThe other day, I was scrolling through a few Twitter profiles looking for interesting people to follow. I’m one of those who only likes to follow people with something interesting or beneficial to say. I’m not a follower just to get a follow back, nor do I necessarily follow back just because I’m being following.

Anyway, as I peeked at a few profiles of other promotional products distributors, I found more than a dozen companies boasting they are the #1 promotional products company in North America. Wow! We have at least 12 companies that are #1. Not one of these dozen or so companies are on the Top 50 Distributors list in 2014 put together by Promo Marketing Magazine.

So it made me think, “What does being # 1 really mean?”

Here are a few questions to ask yourself

Are you behaving like the #1 company in the country?

Are you continually educating yourself to better serve your customers?

Is your company constantly evolving?

Are you an advocate for your customers?

You Don’t Have to Be #1 For Everyone, You just need to be #1 for YOUR customers.

Here are just a few guidelines for acting like a #1 Company

  • Follow through with your commitments. If you say you will do something by a certain time, do it. Or at least let your customer know there has been a delay.
  • When speaking to your customers, give 100% of your attention to them during that conversation. You may think you are a “great multitasker,” however, I can promise they will notice that your full attention is not on them.
  • Don’t try to be someone or something that you are not. If you don’t have expertise in a specific area that a customer wants, don’t pretend you do just to get the business. (Don’t pretend to be the #1 company, just behave like it).
  • Go the extra mile! Go above and beyond to make sure your customer has the best experience possible.
  • If a problem arises, tackle it head on and be honest about what happened. Find a solution to rectify the issue.
  • Thank your customer. A simple “thank you” goes a long way. However, a really creative thank can help you cultivate a long-lasting relationship!

Whether you are a business owner, sales person, or hourly employee, make up your mind to be #1 and you will thrive as a result of it!

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