10 Awesome Personalized Christmas Gifts and How They Will Create Employee Retention

10 Personalized Christmas Gifts to Increase Employee Retention

Employees may leave a company because they found a different career path, or because they have to move to a new location, but one of the biggest reasons why they quit is because they don’t feel appreciated enough.

You can avoid this situation though. All it takes is letting them know that you’re thinking of them during the holiday season with thoughtful, personalized Christmas gifts. You probably have a lot of employees though so how do you think of a gift for them all? Here are ten awesome custom gift ideas that any of your employees would be happy to receive.

1. Christmas Ornaments

A customized ornament is a perfect way to say “Thank you for all you’ve done this year, happy holidays.” You could even have it engraved to say this if you want. Most companies just stick with the employee’s name, their logo, and the date though.

The fact that they can be engraved isn’t the only thing that makes them so great. People collect ornaments to put on their trees throughout the years. A company ornament is an awesome addition to that collection. Every time they look at it, they will think of you and how much you appreciate them.

Most ornaments come prepackaged in a neat looking box so it’s ready to be given out as soon as you get it in. There are also some cute ideas that you can do with them instead of giving them to the employee right away.

Create a company Christmas tree that has everyone’s ornaments on it. It will make them feel like they are part of something. On their last day of work before Christmas, allow them to take the ornament off the tree and take it home.

2. Picture Frames

People love making memories, and the best way to do it is with a picture frame. When your employees use the custom frame that you give to them they won’t only look back on their memories fondly, but they will think of you.

You have many customizable options with picture frames. You can have them Christmas themed, get the employee’s name engraved along with your logo and the date, get one that acts as a snow globe or pick up magnetic ones.

It’s a thoughtful gift because people’s pictures tell their life’s story. You’re giving them the ability to preserve and tell that story. There is no gift that is more thoughtful than that.

Something you could do to hand out this gift is, have everyone bring in their goofiest picture without context and then come in early the day before everyone leaves for Christmas break and put them on their desks before they arrive.

3. Snow Globes

If you really have no idea what to get your employees, a snow globe is the best way to go. Everyone displays them around their home during the winter months. They’re the ultimate decoration and if you hand them out, your employees will think of you everytime they glance at their end tables.

Snow globes are neat because you don’t have to go the traditional route of a round globe, you can also get picture frames or magnets. You can have their name etched on to it if you want. Some globes even play music and some allow you to place a personalized message or gift card inside.

There isn’t a particularly creative way to do these other than having a surprise wrapped gift on your employee’s desk when they come in.

4. Christmas Stockings

Personalized Christmas stockings are a fun holiday tradition that isn’t going away any time soon. You can have your employee’s name put on the stockings and fill it with whatever you want so, it’s the gift that just keeps on giving.

It’s the perfect way to give out candy, gift cards, and little office supplies and there are many creative ways that you can give them out. One of them is just having them hanging in the office for anyone to put candy or other treats in. You can also just play Santa on the last day of work before the break and hand them out.

If you really want to have fun with this, you could make them a part of a secret Santa at work. Draw picks and each person will put their bought gifts in the stockings. Fun activities like this will make your office feel more like a family and will make everyone feel appreciated.

These can be personalized as you want if you know what your employees like. For example, you know Debrah likes coffee so you can put little bags of coffee in hers. You overheard Steve talking about how he’s struggling to get gifts for the kids, you can put gift cards in his.

5. Custom Chocolate

If you want to give your employees a personalized Christmas stocking, why not go the extra mile and fill it with customized chocolate? You could get chocolate bars that have your company’s name on it, or have the employee’s name on it.

There is a snag that you may run into and that is if someone in your office is allergic to chocolate. You’ll need to figure this out well in advance so you can think of an alternative for them. You could simply pass out a form that asks them to put down their allergies.

If you do have someone among your ranks who is allergic to chocolate you can get customized boxes that contain candies like gourmet gummy bears and other fruity treats. You might not be able to plaster your brand or their name on them, but they will appreciate you accounting for their allergy and know you’re thinking of them. Shop all of our custom chocolates here.

6. Santa Hats

If you want to build team moral keep in mind that nobody can be mad when they’re wearing a fun, customized Santa hat. You can have each of their names put on a hat and pass them out.

Clients who come in will love seeing your employees with fun, festive, hats and the silliness of it all will keep your crew smiling. It doesn’t sound like a very good gift idea at first, but there are some parents who might wear them to hand out gifts Christmas morning to their kids.

Nothing shows the season more than a Santa hat and your employees will appreciate you giving them one that has their name on it rather than just giving them any old hat.

7.Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals make a great personalized gift because even if your employees may not have a particular use for them, their kids will love them. They will remember you because of the thoughtful gift, and because you can have them wear shirts with your brand on it.

To make it even better, you can have the stuffed animal hold gift cards to places where employees can do their holiday shopping.

8. Desk Accessories

Everyone appreciates getting accessories to make their desks just a little cleaner, or make it easier to get things done. You can get them a personalized pen holder and pens with their name on it to go with it.

A good pen is a great gift because there is never one around when you need it. You can have one engraved with their name and the name of your company. The employee will smile everytime they use it because they will feel appreciated and will think of the amazing boss who gave it to them.

9. Magnets

Magnets are pretty versatile. You can get a magnet of just about anything and they can go on many things at work and at home. You can get one that’s a picture frame, or even a snow globe.

They can put a precious memory in their magnet frame and stick it to their refrigerator at home, or to their desk if it’s metal. Magnets are also a fairly cheap gift that you can have customized for the holidays.

10. Coffee Mug

You can never have too many coffee mugs and the winter season is the perfect time to have one. It’s the season of hot drinks like coffee, tea, and cocoa. You have them engraved with the employee’s name, and you can put anything in them.

If you know that an employee drinks a lot of coffee, for example, you can put little gourmet coffee bags in the mug. If you want something a little more universal, you can’t go wrong with filling them with candy.

Awesome Personalized Christmas Gifts

One of the biggest reasons an employee leaves a company is because they don’t feel appreciated. Show them you care this season with personalized Christmas gifts. They’ll think of you everytime they use them, and it will be sure to put a smile on their faces.

Are you still not sure if you want to get promotional items for your employees this Christmas? Keep reading for more reasons why Christmas gifts are a good idea.

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