10 Creative Ways to Use Custom Beach Balls

Custom Beach Balls

With warm weather already here, no other icon represents the beach more than beach balls. This classic beach toy has been a popular beach item for decades. Read some fun facts about the history of the beach ball and fun facts here.

Custom beach balls are used in many ways to promote events, companies, and non-profit organizations. These simple, low-cost products automatically generate excitement for pool or beach related businesses or events. Beach balls come in many different sizes and color combinations, so you can typically find the right options for your purposes. If you quantities are large enough, we can do custom colors for you, just ask.

Check out a few of the ideas below for using promotional beach balls to promote your cause. These are meant to get your own ideas flowing, so hopefully, some of these suggestions will get your creative thoughts going so you can conjure up your own unique use.

Creative Ways to Use Custom Beach Balls

  • Swimming Pool Games – There are many pool games you can make up and use beach balls that are personalized with your company logo. Beach resorts can host scheduled pool games and contests throughout the Spring Break and Summer season to keep their guests entertained. Using these customized beach balls help strengthen your resort branding with the participants. Get creative with your games or do a web search for ideas for pool games using beach balls.
  • Gift With Stay – Give out a beach ball to each of your guests during summer months. This gives them a beach toy to play with during their visit and a souvenir to take home. Guests love to receive gifts and a beach ball is a perfect gift for a resort located on a beach or in a beach town. To make the gift more effective, combine the beach balls with a few necessities as well such as sunscreen or lip balm with SPF.
  • Invitations – Are you planning a beach wedding? Maybe you have an upcoming luau event or a simple beach party. Beach balls are great to use as invitations or save the date pieces to mail to your guest list. This starts the mood of a relaxed event by the pool or beach. The 6″ or 12″ size beach balls work best for mailing.
  • Party Decor – For your beach or pool themed parties, use beach balls as decorations around your venue. Hang them from the ceilings, place them on tables, use them as party favors, affix them on walls, and get creative. These will liven up your party mood and promote a beachy spirit. The smaller beach balls work great as centerpieces by simply setting them on top of a bowl.
  • Grand Openings – Let everyone know in advance about your grand opening. Whether a restaurant, resort, or retail store, beach balls are great for announcing your new location. Make a big noise with big beach balls for your grand opening announcement.
  • Restaurant Menu – Print your weekly specials or kids menu on beach balls for your patrons. Let them keep the beach balls after they order so they can use them in the pool or at the beach. If your menu consists of only a few items, print your entire menu on the beach balls.
  • Festival Games – If you host any type of outdoor festival, carnival, or event with games, incorporate beach balls into your games. Your game could be a variation of volleyball, basketball, or dodgeball, but using beach balls.
  • General Promo Giveaways – Custom beach balls are always a fun giveaway from your business. They are great to lighten a mood and warm up an introduction when meeting new people an networking events.
  • Concerts – Beach balls are great for concerts. The crowds love to hit them around while waiting for the music to begin. Custom beach balls are a common item for many bands due to their popularity at concerts. Buy the large 48″ beach balls for this purpose. Bigger is better for this purpose.
  • New Product Launches – Do you have an upcoming new service or product launch? If so, announce it on a beach ball and pass out the beach balls in mass quantities. Let your whole community know about your new product offering. Beach balls are a fun way to promote your new product.

The above list of ideas only scratches the surface of how you can use promotional beach balls to promote your event or company. The best uses are creative and take a different approach from the norm. Using beach balls in other ways then their intended purpose is a great way to get more visibility for your message that is printed on them.

You can shop all of our custom beach balls here.

If you need help deciding which beach balls are right for you, check out our Beach Ball Buying Guide. If you still have questions, call one of our beach ball specialists at 1-800-773-9472.

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