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10 Design Ideas for Custom Koozies

Whether you call (or spell) them Koozies, coolies, coozies, cozies, huggies, huggers, can coolers, or beverage insulators, they all serve the same purpose: to keep your canned drink cold. And no matter how you spell it, custom koozies are highly effective promotional products.

Koozie is an actual trade name of the beverage insulators that were first mass-produced in the United States. You can read a little more about the history of koozies here.

It’s true that not holding your beer continuously in your hand will help the most to keep it cold, but a koozie around your can or bottle will help insulate the warmth from your hand.

You can choose foam, neoprene, or other special materials such as burlap koozies or even stainless steel, depending on your needs. You can opt for can or bottle koozies. One thing that is certain is you have a lot of choices when it comes to custom koozies.

While finding koozies is not hard, coming up with the design to print on them can be a bit more challenging. You may have a design in mind, but need help with making it look great. Our graphic designers can help with that. You can contact us for a design quote. If you’re looking for design ideas for koozies, you’ve come to the right place. Check out some of the ideas below for inspiration for your next order of customized koozies.

Wedding Receptions

After you say your “I do’s” there will be booze. That’s why wedding koozies are a great way to commemorate your wedding for your guests. There are plenty of clever sayings you can print on your koozies (in addition to your name and wedding date) such as:

  • Drunk on Love and Beer.
  • Eat, Drink, and Be Married.
  • The Vows Are Done, It’s Time for Fun.
  • To Have and to Hold AND to Keep Your Drink Cold.
  • We Came for the I Do’s & Stayed for the Free Booze.
  • Celebrate a Serious Love….Of Beer.
  • To Have and to Hold AND to Keep Your Drink Cold.
  • We Came for the I Do’s & Stayed for the Free Booze.
  • Celebrate a Serious Love….Of Beer.
  • I’ve Got My Dear, Now Where’s My Beer?
  • Cheers to Many Years and Many More Cold Beers.

Your wedding guests will keep their koozies and forever be reminded of your special day that was full of love and lots of fun.

Sports Schedules

Promote your team’s schedule by printing it on a koozie. While this won’t work for baseball schedules and other sports with a ton of scheduled games, it is great for football, volleyball, tennis, soccer and many other sports.

It’s easy to get local business sponsors to pay for your koozies and include their company logo on one side and your schedule on the opposite side. You can bet your fans won’t lose their koozies, so it’s a way to get your schedule in front of people on a product they won’t throw away!

These can also be sold before your games as a fundraiser or they can be sent out to your annual donors and sponsors. Whether you give out the koozies with the sports schedule or sell them, it’s a great way to help boost attendance at your games!

Encourage your fans bring their koozies to the games, they can get a discount from a canned drink at the concession stand. The more valuable you make the koozie, the more likely they will keep it in a safe place so they will be reminded of your game schedule!

 Funny Sayings

There is no shortage of funny sayings to print on koozies. People love funny and they will keep items longer when they have something printed on them they conisder to be funny. When you think about what type of funny saying to print on your koozies, think about the type of recipients to whom you are giving (or selling) the koozies. Make sure it’s not just a saying you think is funny, but also a saying that those who receive them will also think is funny.

Here are a few examples of funny saying for your koozies:

  • Drink. Drank. Drunk.
  • I Make Pour Decisions.
  • I Gave Into Beer Pressure.
  • I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings.
  • You Look Like I Need Another Drink.
  • In Dog Beers, I’ve Only Had One.
  • “I drink to make other people more interesting.” – Hemingway
  • It’s not a Dad Bod, It’s a Father Figure.
  • Hazy with 100% Chance of Beer.
  • I’m Not Slurring. I’m Speaking in Cursive.
  • Why Limit HAPPY to An Hour?
  • Alcohol! Because No Great Story Started With Someone Eating A Salad.
  • Beer Whisperer
  • Alcohol You Later.
  • Camping Without Beer is Just Sitting in the Woods.
  • I’d Give Up Beer, But I’m No Quitter.
  • Beer Belly Under Construction.
  • May the Night Before be Worth the Morning After.
  • Drinks Well With Others.

Save the Date

Custom printed koozies are great to send out and hand out as Save the Date reminders. Whether for your wedding, retirement ceremony, party, or any other event planned well in advance. Simply print the event name and the date to reserve and give away to everyone you want to invite. Once you give them the date with plenty of advanced warning, they have no excuse but to be at your event. At least that’s the thinking.

The Save the Date Koozies are a continual reminder of your upcoming wedding or event date every time they pop the top to a drink. They’ll also have a good reminder of the event in case they are unable to attend.


Big Game Celebrations

If you’ve ever been to a college football game, you know before the games comes hours of tailgating. Friends and alumni get together grilling food and – you guessed it – drinking. There will be plenty of beers chugged pre-game, so a good design on koozies to reference the specific game about to happen would be well-received by the fans on both sides.

Whether a campus organization sells them or you give them away, they will be a keepsake for many years reminding the fans of the fun they had that day – as long as they didn’t drink too many beers.

The big games of the year such as the state rivalry game will likely be the best game to get koozies. Get your friends to all pitch in or get permission for your club to sell them to fans and create a fun design that people will keep around their house after the big game.

Anniversary Parties

Celebrating the big anniversaries is really a big deal. So make sure to celebrate those marriage anniversaries with a party – a big one. Pass out koozies giving props to that couple. Include their names, the date, and some kind of fun saying. Your friends and family will love them!

Company Picnics

Company picnics and other fun outdoor events are so important to allow coworkers to hang out together outside the work evironment. Employees who really know and respect each other work together better and they are happier. In fact, employees who like their coworkers tend to stay longer at their companies. That’s why company excursions and fun events are highly encouraged.

Start a tradition of hosting an annual company BBQ and give out a different koozie each year. Maybe you can promote the theme or your word of the year to help your staff focus more on that word. What is your word for this year?

Your design on one side can be related to that theme, slogan, or phrase along with the date of the event. Change up the koozie colors and designs each year and soon enough your employees will have a drawer full of branded koozies from your company. They’ll be able to host their own parties and everyone will have a company branded koozie to use while there.


Selling beer at festivals is a given. Whether a music festival or a themed festival, such a pirate festival, food festival, cultural festival, seafood festival, or almost any other type of festival targeting adults, there is almost always a booth selling canned beer. Why not offer a koozie for an extra $1.

Not only will the koozie help keep their drink cooler, but it will also be a good souvenir they can take home. As they use it throughout the year, it will keep the festival top of mind for the following year. Change up the koozie design each year to go with your festival t-shirts, posters, and other merch. Your attendees will look forward to getting a new collectible koozie each year!

Birthday Parties

Are you planning a party for someone turning the big 4-0? Maybe you’re planning a party for a centenarian. Or possibly someone turning 21. All of those ages call for a big party! Invite all their friends. Invite their friends’ friends and their friends’ friends’ friends.

And stock up on the booze because you’re going to need it. Figure out a fun saying for the koozies and include their name and date of the party. It will be memorable….for some. For others, it will be a little hazy.

Need a little help with funny birthday sayings for your koozies?

  •  40 – It’s All Fun and Games Until it Happens to You.
  • FORTY- The Ultimate “F” Word.
  • I’m Not 50. I’m 18 with 32 Years of Experience.
  • Cheers and Beers to 25 Years (Insert any age)
  • FORTY – More Fun Than Two TWENTY Year Olds
  • Like a Fine Wine, She Improves With Time.
  • It Took Be 60 Years to Look This Good.
  • Aged to Perfection – Since (insert year of birth).
  • The First 40 Years of Childhood are Always the Hardest.
  • RIP Fake ID (for 21st birthday).
  • Straight Outta My Twenties (for 30th birthday).
  • I Look 20. I Feel 16. I Act 14. I Guess That Makes Me 50.
  • 21 & Fun.
  • Fabulous 40.
  • May the 40th Be With You.

Poolside Bar Menus

When vacationers are hanging around the pool and beach at your resort, they’re going to be buying drinks from your poolside bar.

Give them a koozie with their drink that has a couple of menu specials on it. They will get hungry while soaking up the sun. Include your phone number so they can call in the order to be delivered directly to them. Make it easy. Make it accessible. It will increase your sales. And it will give your guests a souvenir to take home from your resort.

Don’t get too detailed with your menu options. Pare it down to 3 or 4 popular options and your poolside cook will be busy all day! Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration for your koozie design. We encourage you to get creative with your design because a great design will determine whether or not recipients will keep their koozies long term or not. If your design will be detailed or multi-color, go with full-color koozies.

The determining factor will be the quality of the koozie itself. Foam koozies are the lowest cost options, however, neoprene are considered the best quality. They look and feel better and have a much higher perceived value by those who receive them.

Koozies are one of the items that tend to stick around for a long time. People have a hard time parting with them, especially when they have sentimental value.

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