10 Great Ideas for Custom Christmas Ornaments

10 Great Ideas for Custom Christmas Ornaments

Did you know that the Christmas Tree is one of the best symbols of Christmas? After all, Americans spend an average of $75 on real Christmas trees. As for their fake counterparts, people spend more at $99.

But why stop there?

With only a few more months before Christmas, it’s time to get the best personalized ornaments. It’s time to find a few that you can hang on your tree or around the house.

It’s great to give your own meaning to your celebration with a memorable set of decorations. You can use this alongside other cool holiday promotion ideas.

Are you ready to give your people custom Christmas ornaments? Read on and find out.

1. Bright Nickel Snowflake

Bright Nickel Snowflake Ornaments

This ornament has a glossy appearance, making it a classic holiday season decoration. Its color is elegant and you can never go wrong with it. Snowflakes are great decorations for any type of Christmas trees, giving it a more White Christmas feel.

The ornament can include a full-color imprint with a poly dome. This one-inch imprint area has a round shape–perfect placements for your personalized pictures or logos. It comes with a metallic hanging cord as well as a decorative envelope.

The best part is that it also comes in two other color finishes: white and gold.

2. Ugly Sweater Ornament

Ugly Sweater Christmas Ornaments

One of the most unique personalized Christmas ornaments, this ornament is memorable for your holiday promotions. Its die-cast emblem has a polished nickel finish with a poly dome. It has five base sweater designs where you can add your company or business logos.

If you want to give a personalized gift, you can always create your own sweater design. It’s a quirky Christmas ornament that strays away from normal decorations. It comes with its own decorative envelope you can replace with a deluxe velour gift pouch.

3. Custom Shape Laser Etched Bamboo Decorations

Custom Shape Bamboo Ornaments

This decoration gives Christmas trees a more rustic look with its wooden material. It’s laser-cut into your own customizable shape and laser-etched with your own design. You can use your company logos or other designs that speaks your brand while keeping up with the holidays.

The natural look is what makes it worthy of keeping. Give this to your people and see them use it year after year. A perfect ornament you can use for a more environment-friendly holiday.

4. 3″ USA-Made Flat Shatterproof Ornaments

Made in the USA Shatterproof Ball Ornaments

If you want to give out something simple but useful, these ornaments are your perfect choice. These shatterproof decorations are flat and durable. It’s perfect since has 16 different colors you can choose from.

This is a great means of decorating your business or office in an economical way. With the average American spending $419 on holiday-related things, it’s important to save as much money as you can. It can give your holiday decorations more since you can choose between solid and crystal colors.

5. Star of Bethlehem Christmas Ornament

Star of Bethlehem Christmas Ornaments

Do you want Christmas decorations that make your workplace or office shine? You can use these Stars of Bethlehem ornaments to spread the Yuletide cheer. Its die-cast with shiny nickel finish makes any Christmas tree shine.

You can customize these decorations with its full-color imprint with Poly dome. The imprint area is an inch, which makes your custom design become more noticeable. If you want to give it away to your employees or customers, it comes with a holiday-themed envelope.

6. Snow Globe-Shaped Holiday Ornament

Snow Globe Shape Christmas Ornaments

This Christmas decoration has a classic silver finish that looks like an elegant antique. It has a large full-color imprint with Poly dome. This design allows you to choose from four of the stock background designs available.

If you want to give maximum exposure to your business, you can give your own custom design. You can give great holiday messages or simply put your company logo. The 1-3/4″ imprint area is large enough to catch everyone’s attention.

7. Glitter Christmas Tree Ornament

Glitter Christmas Tree Ornaments

This decoration is perfect since it has an intricate set of pierced details. It’s die-cast that comes with a full-color imprint with Poly dome. If you want to put mini-trees on your Christmas trees, you can count on this ornament to give it a more elegant look.

The ornament is quite big at almost 3″, making it a great accent for any plain tree. If you want to use this as a giveaway, it comes with a gift envelope. It’s a decoration no one is likely to forget for years to come.

8. Custom Shape Full-Color Wooden Decorations

Full Color Custom Shaped Wooden Ornaments

Do you need to get eco-friendly Christmas decorations? This ornament is the perfect fit since it’s made from recycled wood. It can be the largest ornament since you can make a shape of up to 6 square inches.

You can have a full-color printed design for this ornament. It has a black vinyl ornament at the back. It’s a unique ornament choice since you can make it into anything you want.

9. Pewter Stocking Ornament

Custom Pewter Stocking Shape Ornaments

If you want something that looks luxurious and is a classic icon for the Christmas holidays, these pewter stocking shape ornaments with a colored enamel finish is a great option. It’s also great when for a number quantity of people since the minimum is only 12 pieces.

You can put a laser-engraved logo of your company on it too. It’s elegant down to its packaging–a black gift box. People with good taste will appreciate this gift without second thoughts.

10. Gift Box 3D Ceramic Ornament

Pewter Gift Box Ornaments

This decoration strikes a perfect balance between branding and holiday festivities. It’s guaranteed to impress everyone receiving it. After all, its durability will make their Christmas tree more festive than ever.

The deep-etch laser engraving process ensures that your business logo or custom message endures. It never fades or rubs away no matter how long it takes.

Get Your Custom Christmas Ornaments This Year

There are a lot of generic gifts and decorations you can use for Christmas. The problem with this is that it looks disingenuous and bland. What you need is to have custom Christmas ornaments that people remember for years to come.

See all of our Christmas ornaments here.

Do you have any questions? Contact us today and we can help.

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