10 Ideas for Using Halloween Trick or Treat Bags as a Marketing Tool

10 Ideas for Using Halloween Trick or Treat Bags as a Marketing Tool

There’s no denying that the entire month of October has officially become the season of Halloween. The closer we get to October 31st, the more you’ll see Halloween-themed marketing, giveaways, parties, and haunted houses, which accounts for much of the fun of Halloween for adults. While some people may spend days designing a unique Halloween costume for a contest, others simply go buy a scary Halloween outfit and accessories from a retail store. With the trick-or-treat season just around the corner, the need to have a trick-or-treat bag for kids cannot be denied. If you are looking for creative ideas to add a touch of art to your Halloween costume with perfect trick or treat collectors, you have landed at just the right place!

Halloween marks as the most favorite festival for kids because they get to enjoy lots of different candies and who doesn’t like candies, right? Using this festive season in an efficient manner by deploying creatively designed trick-or-treat bags is the call of today’s world.

Trick or treat bucket/bag- what is it even?

These bags are used by children to collect candies on Halloween. While previously children used to customize pillow covers to be able to rack up a large number of candies, they now want to trick or treat in style with different funky bags. Kids take these bags to their neighborhoods and schools to enjoy the trick-or-treating season. The perfect Halloween bags are designed to scare everyone. Even when kids are holding these bags, people on the street give scared reactions that make the purpose of these bags justified and fun.

History of trick or treating

The history of trick or treat is rather a weird one. The practice dates back to the Celtic tradition of celebrating the end of the year by costuming as evil spirits and scary characters. The Celts held the view that as we move from one year to the next year, the dead and the living species would overlap, and demons would surface around the Earth. So, dressing up as demons was their defense mechanism and their coping system. The concept behind this is that if you encounter a real demon roaming about, they would think you are one of them and won’t harm you.

Fast forward to the era when the Catholic church was stealing everybody’s holidays and trying to convert the holidays. They transformed the demon dress-up party into an angel and saint dress-up. The trick or treat didn’t re-emerge until the late 1920s and 1930s. It witnessed an era of slowdown during World War II because of sugar rations and needless to say, it is vigorously back in action now.


There are a number of different ideas to get imprinted on the Halloween trick or treat bags. Let’s have a look at some of the most common ones:

  • Spooky one-eyed monster

A fun spooky one-eyed monster to fulfill the scary feel along with your brand logo and a witty tagline.

  • Bat bag

A black bat imprinted with large eyes and a scary mouth to get into the Halloween feel.

  • Mummy bags

Scary mummies printed on the trick or treat bag with a punchline of your company.

  • Freaky pumpkin

Pumpkins regard as the symbol of Halloween and therefore, is the most used idea on Halloween trick-or-treat collector bags.

  • A monochrome spider-web

A black and white spider web depicting scary looks with a marketing tagline of the company works best.

  • Ghost bag

A white ghost with large black eyes always works.

  • Black cat

Spooky black cat to go with a spooky quote.

  • Skull bags

Skulls all over the trick-or-treat bag give the scariest outlook.

  • Witch’s broom

A rather new idea on which companies are now capitalizing is the witch’s broom.

  • Black forest

To give a scary feeling, what’s better than a dark forest with blowing winds and leaves all over?

Trick or treat collectors and marketing- how?

As a matter of fact, marketing depends upon the nature of customers. You present your product to your customer in a way that is appreciable and acceptable to the customer. Previously, customers were not used to the after-care and constant marketing. However, the customer of today has changed drastically. They require constant marketing and efforts from the business side because the customer has plenty of options to choose from. Nowadays, to connect with the target audience on a personal level, companies are deploying unique measures as part of their intrinsic marketing efforts. Personalized trick-or-treat bags is one of such efforts.

Companies are using promotional bags with their company logo, tagline, or any catchy marketing jargon imprinted on Halloween bags. The main purpose behind this is to resonate the brand name within the customer’s mind and endeavor to make the product desirable. This type of marketing technique works best because when your kid takes the personalized trick or treat bag to the neighbors, not only people on the street will see your brand name on it but the neighbors will as well. This tends to increase your customer base and make the cost worth it. Companies tend to deploy this marketing technique because it helps them reach markets that they otherwise cannot tap.

Amongst all other marketing tools, why does this work?

The efficiency of this marketing tool can be attributed to a number of reasons such as:

  • Increased Reach

Customized trick-or-treat bags are used by companies to help them increase their brand reach and brand awareness. In this creative festival of Halloween, companies use their creative side to design campaigns that the customer remembers.

  • Personalization allows tailoring the message for the audience

Personalization is the key to success. When you tailor your message to reach a certain audience, it is bound to bring out positive results. Companies usually use their tagline with a creative punch to not only promote themselves but also fulfill the need for freaky trick-or-treat bags.

  • Halloween is a creative festival to capitalize on

Halloween is an excellent festival to base your marketing efforts around because it is different, and the purpose is to scare. Companies think of marketing campaigns that attract to children as well as that markets their brand efficiently.

  • Halloween is celebrated all across the world

Since this festival is celebrated all across the world, the scope of this type of marketing is very vast. You can target a maximum number of people using this tool.

  • With the company logo and message, it does the hammering effect

When you see the company logo and the theme over and over again, it will start conditioning your mind in a way that you remember the brand for a long time.

  • Help you connect with the customer

Since it is done on a personal level, this type of marketing effort helps you connect with the customer and stay in touch with the customer. This also means you are going an extra mile in becoming part of their special cultural festival.

How you can use Halloween bags as an effective marketing tool?

There are a number of ways through which you can effectively use promotional trick or treat bags:

  • Preferred choice

When it’s a regime that you give away free trick or treat collector bags every year, you will stay on top of the mind of every child and therefore, their parents. Parents usually do not want to spend much amount on these bags and therefore, receiving these free from you would make you their favorite choice.

  • Replace it with a plastic shopper

The entire month of October give out all your shopping in trick or treat bags and encourage your customers to let their children use this trick or treat collector bag. This is an excellent marketing gimmick because your customers will love the way you are welcoming the festive season and if they have children, they will love the free bag too.

  • Premium customer privilege

Premium customers are usually sent a small thank you gift by the company in return for their loyalty and their huge contribution to the business. When you send that gift, ensure it’s October and you send it in a trick or treat bag. This will not only deliver the gift to the customer but will also wish them a happy Halloween in advance.

  • Complimentary bags with purchase

You can give away customized trick or treat bags complimentary with the purchase of any of your products throughout October. Kids will remember you and will keep bragging about you in their circle. This will make other kids and their parents come to your store as well.

  • Offer free bags to schools

Set up with a local school and give their students free trick or treat bags. With your logo and message printed on the bag, it will turn out to be a great marketing tool as it will hamper your brand name in their parent’s mind who will eventually make a purchase from you.

  • Use the trick or treat bag to decorate your space

People love when businesses do extra effort in living up with the festivities and engaging with the customers. It’s an awesome marketing tool to use custom printed bags to decorate your store/space. Customers will feel connected to you on an individual level and kids might even urge them to buy the bags from you if they are spooky enough.

  • Great to be mailed

Since these bags take little to no space, they mark as an excellent mailing object to your customers or potential customers. This is a relatively inexpensive way of reaching out to customers and getting your branded collateral in their hands. You can also email them a filled bag with coupons, sale info, or other enticing offers.

  • Make safety widespread

Trick or treating can come out as extremely dangerous if certain precautions are not followed. Kids become so excited about getting all the candies that they forget basic do’s and don’ts. For this reason, bags at Perfect Imprints are designed with special instructions such as moving about in bright areas, being well-aware about all their allergies, inspecting candy before eating, wearing reflective clothing, using flashlights, etc.

  • Treat to the little

To become a kid’s favorite is a great marketing technique because kids will force their parents to purchase from you. Giving kids a trick-or-treat bag full of candies free of cost will make them fall in love with you. This will mark your little contribution to making their festival even more exciting.

Custom printed trick or treat bags to help you stand out amongst competitors

In this turbulent market of today, your marketing efforts must be focused to help your business excel and reach untapped heights. Customized trick-or-treat bags are used by different companies to increase their brand reach and brand visibility. This is done to ensure that the company takes part in cultural festivals and is remembered in the minds of consumers. This is a smart move because an endless number of people will see your brand logo or message on the bag when your child carries it.

At Perfect Imprints, we are experts at providing exceptional Halloween designs that leave our customers awe-stricken. We personalize candy bags with a promotional imprint to suit the nature of your business. Our experienced designers are focused on creating cool, elegant yet scary Halloween designs to help your business stand out amongst competitors who are giving the same and boring pumpkin bags. Our designer’s design keeping your requirements in view to give you a truly unique, personalized, and scary trick-or-treat experience. Have a look at our different types of custom Halloween bags and choose the one suiting your business requirements.

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