10 Ideas How to Use Halloween to Market Your Business

Halloween Marketing IdeasWhenever you can piggyback your business marketing with popular holidays such as Halloween, you can greatly increase your sales with minimal effort. Halloween is certainly one of the more popular holidays that is loved by both children and adults. In fact, this “holiday” is so popular that consumers spend nearly $7 billion dollars on Halloween-related items. That’s a big number that I’m sure you want a piece of during the month of October. That breaks down to about $72 per American. Now time for a little math…multiply the number of customers you have by $72. I’m sure that number is motivating to you!

Much of the Halloween expenditure goes towards costumes, candy, and decorations. If you sell any of these items, you’ll definitely want to market your business during the Halloween selling season through sales and events at your store and promotional giveaways.

However, even if your business has nothing to do with selling Halloween items, you can still promote your business for this fun day. Everyone who goes trick or treating needs a candy bag, so why not proudly display your logo on personalized trick or treat bags?

10 ideas how you can promote your business during Halloween using personalized Halloween bags with your company logo.

  1. Buy Halloween Trick or Treat BagsUse trick or treat bags as merchandise bags for smaller purchases during the month of October. Encourage your customers to reuse the bags for trick or treating.
  2. Do a mail out to your customers. Trick or treat bags fold up nicely in envelopes and remind your current and past customers of your company.
  3. Print a coupon on the bag to bring the parents of trick or treaters back to your business. The coupon could be valid for a discount, a free gift, or a free consultation.
  4. Make arrangements with local schools, children’s charities, and daycares to drop off your Halloween candy bags to distribute to the children. Make sure your design is friendly and not offensive to those who agree to accept the bags.
  5. Fill trick or treat bags with your company branded promotional items to create a swag bag and give out to all customers who make a purchase over $100.
  6. Promote a trick or treating event at your location so kids can come by to receive candy. Set up multiple Halloween decorated stations for the kids to visit. Recruit surrounding businesses to participate if you are located in a shopping center complex to complete a larger trick or treating event.
  7. Partner with similar but non-competing business to co-brand your trick or treat bags. This saves you both money and benefits both businesses.
  8. Host a safety awareness day to educate trick or treaters (and their parents) about trick or treating safety. Give away reflective trick or treat bags with safety tips printed on them. Be sure to have food such as hamburgers and hot dogs to attract more people. Involve your local EMS workers and police officers as well as local physicians and hospitals.
  9. Pass out flashing strobe lights before and during Halloween so trick or treaters will increase their visibility at night. Show your customers that you care about the safety of their children and they will remember you.
  10. Host a Halloween festival with inflatables, games, entertainment, crafts, and, of course, lots of candy. Be sure to invite all of your customers. Send out emails and post on your social media pages to advertise your festival.

October starts the beginning of the fourth quarter, which is a make or break quarter for most businesses. If you start the quarter strong, you will be much more likely to finish strong, so don’t miss the opportunity to use Halloween as a fun way to market your business. Happy trick or treating and good luck to the start of your fourth quarter!


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