10 Reasons to Giveaway Promotional Stuffed Animals in Bulk

Are you searching for the best promotional items for your company? Would you like to giveaway something other than pens, notebooks, and squishy balls? Are you ready to stand out from the crowd? It’s time to use customized stuffed animals that you can buy in bulk as your promo item. Even if your target audience isn’t kids directly, they have their uses.

Not convinced?  Check out the top 10 reasons below, you’ll quickly change your mind below.  

1. Everyone loves stuffed animals.

Are we wrong? We’re not just talking about kids as adults love them, too. There’s something about a cute stuffed animal that brings a smile to everyone’s face. With a custom t-shirt, customers love the stuffed bears because they reiterate their favorite brand. Even if adults don’t keep the stuffed animals themselves, they’re bound to pass them down to a child in their life, which will keep the marketing going. Don’t discount the value of the bear even if it doesn’t stay in the adult’s possession – it’s still around doing its marketing job.

2. Stuffed animals have a high retention rate.

Do you want to give away something that will sit in a junk drawer and get ignored? Would you rather give something that has value and staying power? Everyone keeps stuffed animals around, even if they pass them down to kids or someone special in their life.

Even grown adults love the cuteness of the stuffed animals, they often keep them around. How many bedrooms or TV rooms have you been in where a stuffed animal is peeking at you from the corner? They stick around a lot longer than you may think and even when adults are done with them. They pass them down these promotional stuffed animals that you can buy in bulk, furthering your advertising efforts without you even trying.

3. You can completely customize them.

You may wonder how a stuffed animal can offer marketing, but honestly, the sky is the limit. We offer both customized t-shirts and bandannas in a variety of colors, so you can customize your promotional stuffed animals in bulk as you want.

Just like a t-shirt you could give away for humans, the t-shirt or bandanna on the stuffed animal has your company’s name and logo on it. You design the look, and we print it. Let the stuffed animals do the talking for you. Choose bright, eye-catching colors, and bold logos to really get people’s attention. Who knows how many little kids will fall in love with your promo and carry it around as their ‘lovey.’ Now, you’ve even got kids doing your marketing all from one promo that you finally tried.

4. Stand out at trade shows.

If you’ve done trade shows, you know how hard it is to stand out from the crowd. Everyone gives out pens, squishy balls, and t-shirts. How do you stand out? How do you become the stand that EVERYONE wants to find once they see the giveaway? Give out stuffed animals. It doesn’t have to be a huge stuffed animal, either. Jump on a trend – we have many.

Plush Tech Buddies are one of our personal favorites. You know most people have smartphones and they hate holding them. Give away the Plush Tech Buddy and let him hold the phone for them. As a bonus, your little buddy does some marketing for you while doing his job.

Aromatic Friends are trendy right now too – and not just for kids! These plush bears are lavender-scented, which brings calming and relaxing feelings. Anyone feeling stressed, wound up, or just ready to unwind for the day feels great with this little bear doing double duty (marketing and relaxing) next to them.

5. They make great corporate gifts.

Giveaways aren’t just for your target audience – don’t forget about your employees too. What are some reasons you could reward them? Here are a few ideas:

  • Commemorate special anniversaries – Do you have employees celebrating their 1 year, 5 years, 10 years+ anniversary? That’s a huge milestone, especially in today’s economy. Celebrate it with a bear. Customize the shirt to celebrate the anniversary. Employees will love the special attention.
  • Welcome new hires – Do you need a special way to welcome new hires onboard? A customized stuffed animal is a unique and fun way to do it. Chances are that they’ll cherish the bear as it’s the first gift you’ve given them. Let that bear do double duty, he will make employees feel good and do a little marketing on the side for you.
  • Celebrate big milestones – Did your company hit a big milestone? Maybe, they hit record sales in spite of the pandemic, or they really hit it out of the park helping you think outside of the box to stay in business. You can reward them with a fun and lovable stuffed animal. Use the t-shirt or bandanna to commemorate the special milestone – it’s the little things that go far with your employees (we’ve seen it ourselves).

6. Stuffed animals are durable.

Pens get lost and find their way under couches, but stuffed animals are durable and long-lasting. Even if you give them to a baby or toddler, they’ll stand the test of time. In fact, we are one of the only promotional companies that sell CPSIA approved stuffed animals!  You don’t have to worry about choking hazards or other safety issues – these stuffed animals are safe for even the youngest child.

7. They make great gifts for kids in hospitals.

Does your company have an affiliation with a local hospital? Do you want to do something nice for the community while furthering your branding? Giving stuffed animals to kids in hospitals is a great way to do both.

You’ll light up the lives of children sitting in the hospital while creating more brand awareness. Choose from our wide selection of CPSIA compliant stuffed animals including traditional teddy bears, stuffed dogs, mascots, shorties, and aromatic friends. Kids love them, and what better way to do good than to make kids happy?

8. Stuffed animals are great for any event.

Honestly, we can’t pinpoint one event that stuffed animals do the best because they are universally successful. They work great at trade shows, fundraisers, as intra-company giveaways, and as free gifts with purchase.

If you’re looking for a unique way to market your company and increase brand awareness, promotional stuffed animals bought in bulk are the way to do it. With the wide selection available, you will find the type that suits your budget and fits within your company’s branding. With 100% customization available on any product, you will find the perfect way to market your company.

9. Stuffed animals make an emotional connection.

Stuffed animals aren’t just cute – they create an emotional connection with your target audience. The fact that you’re willing to connect with them through an item that they can cuddle and love shows your soft side, and it is a side that could sway many consumers’ loyalty to your company. 

They can also bring comfort and ease during these difficult times of COVID-19.  This is especially true for children who need comfort items.

10. Stuffed animals let you show your fun side.

No matter how professional your business, stuffed animals are always a welcome marketing tool. It shows that your business has a fun and caring side. There’s just something about stuffed animals, even for grown adults, that softens everything to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside. What better way to soften up your target audience than letting them decide to work with your warm and fuzzy side?

You can get as silly as you want with the stuffed animals, as we have a large selection. From traditional teddy bears to stuffed frogs, tigers to unicorns, we have it all! Choose an animal that aligns with your company’s mascot or that helps carry your message in a fun and engaging way.

Have fun with your giveaways! They don’t always have to be serious, even if they are for adults. Stuffed animals let you show your fun, soft, and crazy side. It gives your audience something to hang onto and pass down for years. What better return on investment could you get than a product that keeps branding for you, long after you’ve gifted it?

Check out our large selection of promotional stuffed animals available in bulk and as always, let us know if you have any questions. We love helping customers choose the perfect promotional item for their giveaways. Call or email us today!

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