10 Reasons to Use Custom Rubber Ducks for your Next Promo

Honestly, who doesn’t love a custom rubber duck? They’re a timeless treasure that brings a smile to the faces of every one ages 0 – 100. There’s just something about the yellow bundle of joy that makes us all giggle with delight.

Why choose custom rubber ducks for your promo? Does it seem to childish or out of the norm? That’s exactly why you should jump on board! Let’s add some fun to your promos – a little joy or excitement, give people something to smile about, especially during these trying times.

If that’s not enough, we’ve got ten more reasons you’ll want to jump on the custom rubber duck bandwagon sooner rather than later.

Rubber Ducks are a Nostalgic Bathtub Toy

What’s a bathtub without a rubber duck? Kids or not, there’s always a spot for the iconic yellow duck in there. With your company’s branding on the front of the duck, it’s a cute (and great) reminder of your company.

Trust us, people go crazy for little rubber ducks at trade shows and not because they will toss it in the junk drawer or throw it out. Many people love collecting the cute little toys, which is why it’s so great for your promo.

With the large selection of personas our ducks have, you will find the perfect option for your recipients’ tubs.

Go Great with Any Theme

Traditional rubber ducks are great, but if you want to add a little comedy, theme, or fun element to your promo, check out our large selection of themed ducks.

Think holidays, company themes, or just for fun, we have the largest selection of themed ducks available including pirate ducks, Santa ducks, astronaut ducks, ducks in scrubs, doctor, dentist, and chef ducks, just to name a few!

Think about how a theme could fit into your giveaway. Do you have a company theme? Look for a duck that fits it – like a chef or baker. Are you doing a giveaway around a holiday? Think holiday-themed ducks. Are you trying to send a specific message? Look for the duck that does the talking for you.

They’re Easily Recognizable

How many times have you been to a trade show and received a giveaway that had you scratching your head? What is it? How do you use it?

There’s no questioning the rubber duck. Whether your recipients give it to a child or display it themselves, everyone knows what to do with the iconic duck. 

Some people display them on their desk or dresser. Many people even collect them, which means they’ll be excited when they see your giveaway. With your company name on the front of each duck, it’s easy to stay at the forefront of your target audience’s mind every time they cross paths with the duck.

They’re Great for Fundraiser

Rubber ducks have become the iconic fundraiser toy, probably because they’re so adaptable. They can be tossed and they can float, opening up the possibilities for fun games.

People flock to buy the custom rubber ducks  to throw onto a ball field to hit the target, or to float in a ‘race’ seeing which duck wins. Whatever the activity you choose, the ducks are a great way to reel in the money as people love the nostalgia of the rubber duck games.

With your company name on every duck and the possibility of hundreds of ducks going out, you get a lot of bang for your marketing buck.

They Grab Attention at Trade Shows

Let’s face it, you have a lot of competition at trade shows. With booths everywhere they look and flashy objects catching their attention, you must stand out.

Trust us when we say rubber ducks catch attention. They get the attention of kids and adults. When participants see others walking around with the rubber ducks, they’ll quickly ask where they came from, sending more traffic to your booth.

Make it fun, create a fun game with the ducks or have several themed ducks and have a spinner that participants must spin to win a duck or other prizes you offer, such as coupons or other marketing ploys to get customers to patronize your business.

They Let you Show your Silly Side

Consumers want to connect with businesses on a whole new level today. A business that seems ‘too professional’ and not enough ‘fun’ may get passed over for a competitor that has a bit of humor.

Custom rubber ducks are a great way to show that silly side. A few of our favorites are the Rubber Magical Fairy Duck, the Rubber Hip Hop Duck, and the Rubber Hawaii Hula Duck among so many others.

Find your funny side and appeal to your audience with it. Whether you’re giving away the ducks at a trade show, sporting event, or any other sizable crowds, the funnier the ducks are, the more attention they’ll get.

They’re Great for Holidays

Are you celebrating the holidays with your target audience and need a unique giveaway? Let the rubber duck help you celebrate.

Whether it’s Halloween, Easter, the Fourth of July, or Christmas, there’s a duck for every holiday. This is a great giveaway as it’s likely one of those collectible items your recipients will put away with their holiday decorations and take out again each year.

What does that do for your business? It brings awareness to it each year. It’s a great way to put your marketing dollars to work repeatedly rather than a one-and-done type campaign.

Custom Rubber Ducks are Affordable

Every company is on a strict budget these days, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, but you still need marketing tactics. You may need them now more than ever as people gradually start spending their money again, they will need some encouragement to patronize businesses.

Rubber ducks are an affordable way to promote your business while lightening up the mood a bit. Everyone right now feels reserved and unsure. What better way to break the ice than with an affordable marketing toy?

If you’re looking for thousands of giveaways, you can get rubber ducks for less than a buck apiece. You won’t go over your marketing budget and you’ll help consumers remember your company and feel comfortable coming back.

They’re Great to Sponsor Kids’ Events

Were you asked to sponsor a kids’ baseball team, kids’ fair, school, or any other kid-related event? Finding the right giveaway may seem more difficult. You have a younger audience to entertain, but you still want the attention of the adults, bringing more awareness to your business.

Rubber ducks check all the boxes. Kids love them and adults recognize them too. They won’t get ignored, just like the other kids’ toys that quickly get lost in the car or thrown in the garbage. Rubber ducks are memorable and recognizable. There’s a much larger chance adults will see your company name and recognize it and kids will continue playing with it long after the event.

They Make Great Party FavorRubber Blue Duck Toy - All of our rubber toys are phthalate free and balanced for floating.

Are you hosting a company event or even a birthday party? Rubber ducks are a great party favor. They give recipients a little something to take home and you get bonus points if you personalize them with your company name.

Give everyone a funny little token gift by choosing a cute, funny, or themed rubber duck. Include something with it that goes along with the theme (how about a face mask with a masked duck?). Think of timely and coordinating themes for your party or the times and you’ll have a great little favor you can give your guests.

Are Custom Rubber Ducks Right for your Promo?

How do you know if rubber ducks are right for your promo? Ask yourself the following.

  • Are you on a budget?
  • Do you like making people smile?
  • Could your company use something lighthearted to give away?
  • Are you sponsoring a fundraiser?
  • Do you just love making people smile?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, rubber duck promos are right for you. Honestly, you can’t go wrong. They appeal to people of all ages, are affordable, easy to carry around and/or store, and make everyone smile.

Check out our large selection of rubber ducks and find the one that fits with your company’s theme, the party’s theme, or just a way to make people smile. All ducks are completely customizable with your company name and logo, making it one of the easiest marketing tools available today. Are you ready to get your ducks in a row?

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