10 Tasty Holiday Candy Gifts Everyone on Your List Is Sure to Love

10 Tasty Chocolate Holiday Gifts for Your Clients

Did you know that 49 percent of marketers launch a new holiday campaign before Halloween? Or that 40 percent of consumers start holiday shopping before October 31st?

In other words, the moment pumpkin spice everything hits the supermarket and coffee shops, it’s time to act. Whether you’re a marketing director or business owner, heading up a sports team association or leading the school booster program.

But what if you’re drawing a blank when it comes to giving a unique, custom-branded gift this year? You’ve got plenty of options whether you’re looking for corporate gifts for clients or a way to thank donors of your nonprofit.

Check out this fun assortment of holiday candy gifts. Then, choose the perfect one to send on behalf of your brand or organization this holiday season.

Why Branded Holiday Candy Gifts Are the Best

Like custom-crafted Christmas ornaments, it’s hard to go wrong with chocolate for the holidays.

Chocolate has a 4,000-year history as the “food of the gods.” This gorgeous mixture of cocoa, vanilla, and sugar remains a universal sign of luxury.

And unlike ornaments, a beautiful assortment of chocolates (or other sweets) makes for an ideal gift year-round. Especially when you take the time to have the gift branded with your organization’s name and logo.

Chocolates and other candies represent a thoughtful gift for colleagues, customers, donors, or employees. And for those who aren’t sweets fanatics? Throw in mixed nuts for the perfect salty and sweet treat that can be shared around the office.

Take the Stress Out of Gift-Giving

Let’s face it, gift-giving can prove tough. But it’s hard to find fault with or take offense to chocolate or candy. And because of chocolate’s luxe history, this gift won’t come off as cheap.

With holiday gift-giving, you want to demonstrate to the recipient that you took the time to purchase something special. But at the same time, you don’t want to overstep any unwritten lines or miscalculate with the wrong gift.

What’s more, if you give different gifts to your colleagues, acquaintances, customers, or donors, you stand to alienate some of them. And you’ll more than likely go way over budget. Even if you wear the pavement thin on Black Friday.

But there’s another reason that sweet treats work so well for the holidays. Whether the recipients celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, or Kwanzaa, chocolates, and candies prove universal gift selections for all three.

They work great for Scrooges, too, and are gender-neutral.

Ready to explore the sweet possibilities when it comes to creative candy gift ideas? Here are our 10 favorite seasonal candy presents.

1. Cute Candy, Vintage-Inspired Gift

When it comes to candy gift ideas, our 1920s-inspired Tractor-Trailer Truck with Chocolate Almonds has a unique, homespun appeal. For businesses or organizations that regularly rely on or provide truck transportation, it’s alshttps://www.perfectimprints.com/promos/PI-236-TR2020-1813806254/1920-Tractor-Trailer-Truck-with-Chocolate-Almonds-%2526-Extra-Fancy-Jumbo-Cashews.html?cid=o a great touch.

The classic wooden tractor-trailer measures 13.25″ x 3.25″ x 4.625″ and provides the perfect canvas for placing your brand or organization’s logo. These will be imprinted on both sides in foil-stamped gold.

Since they’re handmade, no two trucks are identical. And your recipients will be impressed by the traditional style and craftsmanship. The truck represents a one-of-a-kind keepsake that’ll keep your company top of mind for many years to come.

Of course, the fun begins when recipients look inside. The truck is filled with the perfect combination of sweet and salty snacks including chocolate-covered almonds and extra fancy jumbo cashews.

And if you’re looking for something a little different? We also offer a wide assortment of other vintage-vehicle-related items from various eras. We’ve got several 1930s-era delivery trucks and cars.

And there’s even a 1940s-era fire truck and 1950s-era dump truck depending on what your organization stands for.

2. A Tower of Sweet and Salty Delights

For inveterate chocolate lovers, the “Park Avenue” Tower of Chocolate proves a distinctive gift with plenty of appeal. From its sophisticated white-and-navy presentation to its elegantly branded ribbons and delectable treats, its a winner. Or if you’re looking to add a little savory for the palate, check out the Elegant Gourmet Sweet & Savory Tower!

The beautiful design might tempt the receiver to leave it wrapped up for a few days. But the mouthwatering treats inside will quickly persuade them otherwise.

The tower is filled with an assortment of:

  • Chocolate-covered pretzels
  • Cocoa-dusted truffles
  • Chocolate sea salt caramels
  • And more

Now, what’s not to love about that?

The thick, satin ribbons adorning the tower are foil-stamped in white with your organization’s name and logo. Whether it’s going out to customers, donors, boosters, or employees, this gift exudes luxury and sophistication.

It provides plenty of candy and chocolates to feed the whole office and also comes in red and white for a more festive feel.

3. This Is How You Say Yummy

While it’s the thought that counts, tastebuds matter, too. That’s where our English Toffee and Chocolate Almonds Wooden Assortment Box comes into play.

It comes in a custom-crafted, dove-tailed wooden box with your company logo and name branded on the lid. Inside, recipients will find two of our best-selling chocolate candies.

The first is our melt-in-your-mouth English butter toffee made from scratch, the old-fashioned way. We only use the finest fresh-dairy butter, which translates into a smooth, rich flavor.

Second, they’ll find our chocolate-covered almonds made with freshly-roasted California nuts dipped in gloriously rich milk chocolate. Our high-quality candies are hard to beat and impossible to replicate.

You’ll eventually get a hearty “thank you” from your chocolate-loving recipients. That is, once they recover from their cocoa-induced state of bliss. But in the meantime, get an extra box for yourself and savor the moment.

4. Go for the Gold

Nothing says luxe quite like gold and chocolate. Why not channel opulence with The Beverly Hills selection of Grade A nuts and chocolate almonds?

As the name suggests, this glittering tower represents the best of the best. It’s filled with gourmet mixed nuts, pistachios, cashews, honey-roasted peanuts, and chocolate-covered almonds.

It’s the perfect assortment whether you’re jonesing for something salty or sweet, and it even works well for health nuts. (Pun intended.)

Each tower comes with a thick, black satin ribbon hot-stamped with your name and logo. What’s more, it also comes in a wide assortment of colors including silver, burgundy, green, and black.

5. Santa’s Not the Only One Who Likes Cookies

Towers represent a fun, snazzy way to send branded gifts to all of the people who matter most to your company or organization. But what if your recipients are more cookie than candy people?

Then, our stunning creation “The Cosmopolitan” should do the trick. It comes with a tantalizing mixture of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and milk-chocolate drenched almonds.

You can order it in a variety of color schemes from gold and silver to burgundy, green, and black. Like our “Beverly Hills,” it’s embellished with luxurious satin ribbon hot-stamped with your organization’s name or logo.

What’s more, if you call in your order, you can get this tower customized with your favorite treats. (Although we know what Santa would vote for!)

6. A Timeless Keepsake

A beautifully crafted and branded tin represents a timeless keepsake just begging to be up-cycled in a wide variety of ways. So, why not give our “Collector’s Tin” this holiday season?

The tin comes in a variety of colors including green, white, and sliver. And if you’re channeling the holiday spirit? It’s available in two seasonal stock designs, one featuring evergreen branches and pinecones and the other a festive snowy scene.

Or, for the ultimate in personalization, you can design your own full-color tin lid using graphics and photos from your organization. It doesn’t get more one-of-a-kind than that.

The tin boasts a 7 3/16″ diameter and is 2 5/8″ deep. It comes filled with dark and milk chocolate-dipped cashews for a yummy surprise. You can also opt for the version with dark chocolate almonds and English butter toffee.

7. Practical Way to Stay Top of Mind

The “X-Cube” is delicious, practical, and elegant. Your recipients will receive a yummy gift of dark chocolate-covered almonds in a beautiful decorative bag. This bag is housed in the larger x-cube, a leatherette design perfect for pens.

The cube is decorated with your organization’s logo and name in a full-color Liquid Lens. This Liquid Lens creates a doming effect protecting your logo and name under a layer of scratch-resistant, fade-resistant resin.

How much would you pay to find a permanent home for your brand on your client’s or donor’s desk? The x-cube makes it easy. And because of the quality craftsmanship of this item, you know your brand will stay there for years to come.

8. Go Youthful and Bold with Cubes

For a fun, contemporary look, consider our “Cube Candy” four-pack set. This box contains four clear acrylic containers filled with your choice of gourmet candies.

While some people opt for assorted chocolates, jelly beans and gummy bears provide an unexpected splash of color.

Because of the vibrant, youthful feel, this box works well for sports or school-related organizations. Or, for companies with a contemporary or artistic theme.

What’s more, the box is fully customizable through a four-color process that’ll place your organization’s name and logo front and center. If you want to communicate a fresh, young, colorful vibe through your brand, this represents the perfect gift.

9. A Magnetic Gift

Marketing is all about presentation, and so is gift giving. But, truth be told, these chocolate-covered almonds need no introduction. They are among the finest your gift recipients will ever savor.

Imagine colossal California almonds freshly roasted and smothered in melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. Don’t be surprised when you get deluged with emails and phone calls asking where they can get more!

But that’s not all. Our gorgeous Magnetic Closure Gift Box has a three-quarter-pound capacity where they’ll also find divine sea salt caramels.

Whether you opt for the navy or red version, the box comes with your logo and name foil-stamped on top in white and a matching grosgrain ribbon.

10. Un”bear”ably Cute

Looking for an adorable seasonal gift with plenty of whimsy and imagination? If so, then we’ve got you covered. Our “Adorable Polar Bear Tower” will impress your gift recipients with its delectable treats and cute appearance.

The three-container tower comes with an array of high-quality treats from chocolate-dipped almonds to English butter toffee, extra fancy cashews to gourmet caramel corn.

That way, your recipients can spread the holiday spirit around the office. (It serves eight to 10 people.) Your company’s logo and brand get printed on an accompanying ribbon so that the office knows who sent the sweet treats.

And when all the goodies have been eaten?

They’ll have a centerpiece-worthy display that reminds them of your brand’s thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

What’s more, the darling teddy bear can be used as a festive Christmas decoration or simply to ring in the winter season. With its red-and-white color scheme and snowflake embellishments, it’s only holiday-specific if you want it to be.

It also proves perfect for companies with an environmental or wildlife theme. After all, teddy bears honor Teddy Roosevelt, our first conservation-minded president. And the polar bear theme proves timely.

Organizations that impact the lives of young people, such as school booster program and nonprofits, also love sending out this thoughtful gift.

Give a Branded Gift and Stay Top of Mind All Year

The holiday season comes with plenty of stress and expectations. Instead of going overbudget, think branded holiday candy gifts for your customers, donors, employees, and more.

Whether you’re looking to spend $35 on each person or $150, we’ve got gifts to fit each price range. That way, you can stay within your budget while still demonstrating to your recipients that your brand goes the extra mile.

Make those closest and most important to your organization feel special and pampered this year with the perfect holiday gift that can transition into a timeless keepsake.

Now’s the perfect time to peruse our full selection of high-quality, luxury chocolates and candies and then get your custom-branded gifts lined up. Contact us today for the perfect holiday gift.

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