10 Things Every Teacher Knows

10 Things Every Teacher Knows - National Teacher Appreciation WeekBack before I was the wife of a CEO and homeschool mom, I was a public school teacher in the trenches of the public school system in Mississippi. Everyday I went to school early, left late, and cashed minimal pay checks at the end of the month. Now, I teach 2 of my kids at home and 1 goes to public school. I have the utmost respect for teachers of any sort whether public, private, or homeschool. These are unsung heroes in our midst. To pay homage to all the amazing teachers past and present I give you:

10 Things Every Teacher Knows

  1. You don’t work 8-2. The hours are brutal. You are up getting your other kids ready or throwing together a science experiment before the sun comes up and sloshing coffee everywhere in your race to get to the school before little Johnny. You stay way after school grading papers, meeting parents, and let’s not get started discussing Open House days.
  2. You never have any extra money. There are just too many things that need to be bought above and beyond what the school can provide. Not to mention all the cute things you NEED from Office Depot (see #8).
  3. The kids who have the hardest time at home are the kids you wish you could take home with you. Teaching is not all worksheets and homework. Teaching is becoming part of these kids lives for 10 months. Some kids come to school with so much baggage that you wish you could take them home with you and help them.
  4. You only have about three possible names when it comes time to name your own children. “Should I name them Johnny, or Sue, or Nadine? Nope. I had kids with those names and they were menaces to society.” It’s a tricky proposition picking a name you had to call out 671,378 times in one year because they would NOT stop talking!
  5. You have to know what methods work, but be open to new ideas. Things change. Change is very often good. Go with the flow. But also, some of the old methods are the best methods. Learn the difference.
  6. Kids are not numbers on a page or test scores. They are walking, talking, big humans in training. They have personalities, fears, and gifts that no test score can take from them or GPA should diminish.
  7. You are besties with some of the greatest literary characters of all time. You can quote Mrs. Frizzle and all four of the Little Women in one sentence. You and Shakespeare go way back.
  8. Office Depot (anywhere with a school supply section) is your happy place. The pencils. The pens. The SHARPIES!!!!!
  9. The best way to have a great parent/ teacher relationship is to give the parent more than one way to contact you….and actually contact them back. Every time a teacher puts his/ her cell phone number on the beginning of the year contact sheet I feel like we are in for a great year. It says to the parents that their children are important to you.
  10. You scan texts and Facebook posts for correct usage of your/you’re/there/their/they’re.

Teachers are so much more than our society gives them credit for. Teacher Appreciation Week is in May and it’s about time we showed our appreciation to all teachers. Write a note to that awesome teacher who forced you to read every word of Romeo and Juliet. Thank your children’s teachers. And don’t forget to give them a great gift of appreciation. They have earned it!

You can find some great teacher appreciation gifts as well as promotional items to promote Teacher Appreciation Week here. Local businesses can get involved and thank their local area teachers by giving gifts of appreciation, since teachers play a large part in raising future employees!

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