10 Unique Ways to Use Custom Printed Coasters

Custom printed coasters – how often do you see them? Do you even realize that they are just about everywhere you look? This often overlooked accessory is a great marketing tool for businesses and a thoughtful gift for consumers. 

Custom printed coasters are inexpensive, fun, and useful – how can you beat it, right? Custom printed coasters do a lot more than protect your surface from water marks. 

Are you ready to see the amazing uses for custom printed coasters? Keep reading!

1. Advertise your Business

Custom printed coasters are a great, tame way to advertise your business. They aren’t in your face, but they are useful. Think of how many times you sit down at a bar or restaurant and see a coaster facing you. Chances are that you read it without even realizing it. That’s the power in this relaxed marketing method. 

Coasters are everywhere, and they serve their purpose. If you want a low budget way to advertise your business, print custom coasters, cork round coasters are great and get your message out there. Even if you just print your logo – it puts your business in the mind of others. 

2. Easy Giveaways

How many times have you been to a tradeshow when you feel like you’re lugging everything but the kitchen sink with you? If you’re tired of lugging huge giveaway items, invest in custom coasters. They are lightweight, easy to store, and easy to carry.

They are also great to keep in your car. When you unexpectedly meet customers or get in front of your target audience, you’ll have a small giveaway to hand out. They are inexpensive easy to hand out, giving your audience something useful while marketing your business at the same time.

3.Great for Weddings

Weddings are the perfect place for coasters whether you need wedding favors or place cards, custom printed coasters are a great fit.

Personalize your coasters with your favorite image, your name as husband and wife, and your wedding date. It’s the perfect, memorable wedding favor that everyone can use. Whether your guests display the coaster in a hutch or they use it daily, it’s a beautiful reminder of your special day.

They also make great place cards, which can double as wedding favors. Rather than using paper place cards that get tossed, give your guests something useful. They can use the coaster at the wedding and take it home as a favor. As a bonus, the double duty saves you money.

4. Coasters are Great for Crafts

People who scrapbook especially love custom printed coasters. With the date, place, or event imprinted on the coasters, they make a great reminder of what the day was all about. They add an element of fun to scrapbooks, which is why people love them so much.

Foam, cork, and paperboard coasters work the best for this. Whether you want full color coasters or just your logo imprinted on it, give your guests a way to remember the event and something useful for their next craft.

5. Product Tags for More Branding

How many times have you bought a product only to find the tag is something useful? It’s like finding a little gift with purchase. It brings a smile to customers’ faces even if it’s something as simple as a coaster. 

What can a coaster product tag do for you? It keeps the branding going. What if the person that bought your item was just trying it out or was a one-and-done customer? Giving that gentle reminder of your business and products with a coaster helps refresh their memory and may put you back in the forefront of their mind when they are in the market for your products again.

6. Coasters are Perfect for Bars and Restaurants

Personalized coasters are a no-brainer for bars and restaurants. Everyone has a drink, even if it’s just water, and they need somewhere to put it. The coasters aren’t necessarily to protect your counters and tables, though. Instead, they are to give you more marketing.

How many times have you seen customers snapping pictures of their food, drinks, or the menu? Coasters are the perfect pic opportunity for them to snap and say ‘guess where I am?’ Instagram, Facebook, or even Snapchat worthy photos include coasters with your restaurant or bar name on them. 

Suddenly, your inexpensive marketing tool became very useful as your customers marketed for you with the snap of their camera.

7. Coasters Make Great Business Cards

Let’s face it, the days of business cards (at least traditional business cards) are behind us. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t market. Thinking outside the box is vital for business today.

What better conversation starter than to hand out a coaster as a business card? Make it fun by purchasing house-shaped coasters for a mortgage loan officer or realtor. The #1 coasters are great for instilling a little fun whether you’re promoting a sports team, local bar, or any business that wants to show that they are #1.  

Chances are that these ‘business cards’ aren’t going to get tossed in the garbage or lost in the bottom of a purse. Coasters have a use, and they can double as your advertisement.

8. Tag your Wine

Are you gifting wine bottles or serving wine at an event? Take the opportunity to market your business with wine tag coasters. Whether you use them as both wine tags and coasters or just wine tags, they add a pretty touch to your wine bottles.

Wine tag coasters are great for corporate events, weddings, or even at home. They help market a business, give a memory of a special event, or serve double duty as both a wine bottle decoration and a coaster. 

9. Bottle Neck Coasters for Beer Drinkers

Don’t let the wine drinkers have all the fun! Bottleneck coasters are great for beer bottle servicing too.  These are great for weddings or even business events where there’s individual beer service. Think of the branding message you can send if every beer bottle served as a bottleneck coaster.

Whether you want a little thank you gift for attending your event or you need a wedding party favor, bottleneck coasters are inexpensive yet memorable for your audience. They can slip it off the beer and use it that night or take it home as a memento from the event. Either way, it provides more marketing even after your event.

10. Coasters Make Great Birthday FavorsFour Round Coasters with Wood Tray

Party favors get so overdone, don’t they? How many suckers, plastic whistles, and Mardi Gras beads can you hand out? If you want to give your guests something memorable, have coasters printed commemorating the guest of honor’s special day. They’ll love seeing their ‘name in lights’ and you’ll have something fun and useful to hand out to guests.

What to Consider When Buying Coasters

You’ll find promo coasters made from different materials and all different price points. How do you choose the coasters that are right for you? Here are a few tips:

  • What use do you need? Are you looking for long-term coasters that recipients keep at home and use for years or something simple, and inexpensive that gets the point across but may not last long? Are you looking for something your recipients can use to commemorate a special event or something that gets your brand awareness out there?
  • Do you want full color or just the logo? Full color coasters cover the entire coaster in your image/logo. Other coasters with just your logo, like the Square Foam Coaster, are all one color (such as white) with your logo in its appropriate color in the middle. What look are you going for?
  • Is it a keepsake or a quick giveaway you’ll keep with you? There’s a big difference in coasters you give out at weddings as a keepsake and coasters you keep in your trunk for those spur of the moment marketing events. Think of the long-term use, storage, and budget you have.

Custom printed coasters bring joy too many lives. Whether you’re looking for brand awareness, a special keepsake, or something in between, we offer a large variety of coasters to choose from. Let us know how we can help you choose the right product. Whether you have questions about materials, printing, or choosing the right coasters, our professionals are here to help you. 

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