10 Ways to Promote Your Business During Basketball Season

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Basketball season is officially upon us, and you know what that means, right?

Over the course of the next few months, you’re going to see your fair share of slam dunks, three-pointers, and, of course, buzzer beaters.

If you’re a business owner, a marketing director, the head of a school, or the president of a non-profit, you’re also going to have plenty of opportunities to use basketball ads to your advantage. You can give your brand a much-needed boost by holding any number of special basketball promotions.

Do you need some help finding places to put basketball ads for your company? Have no fear, as we’re here to help you find the perfect advertising solutions.

Check out 10 effective ways that you can use basketball season to promote your business in between all of the dunks, long balls, and last-second shots that are sure to happen.

1. Slap Your Business Logo on the Side of Full-Size Basketballs

Do you want to make sure your business logo stands out in the crowd at a basketball game?

You can give it the attention it deserves by positioning it on one of our Full-Size Basketballs. You can choose from a wide range of basketballs, including:

  • Alternating Colors Intermediate Size 6 Women’s Rubber Basketball
  • Alternating Colors Official Size 7 Men’s Rubber Basketball
  • Composite Autograph Basketball with 2 Signature Panels
  • Full-Size Synthetic Leather Basketball
  • Official Size Rubber Basketball – Red, White, and Blue
  • And more!

The great thing about giving away full-size basketballs is that most people will hang on to them forever. Some will even display them in their homes and look at your business logo over and over again for years to come when they do.

You really can’t go wrong with handing out full-size basketballs with basketball ads on them at a game.

2. Make People Notice Your Business With Mini Basketballs

Full-size basketballs are great. But if you’re looking for something slightly smaller for your basketball ads, how about Mini Basketballs instead?

You can choose from rubber, vinyl, and even premium leather mini basketballs and outfit them with your business name, your business logo, and whatever else you want. And just like with their full-size counterparts, you can choose from a variety of mini basketballs, including:

  • 3.5″ Rubber Bouncing Basketball
  • 4″ Two-Toned Foam Basketball
  • 5″ Mini Rubber Basketball
  • 7″ Mini Rubber Basketball
  • And others!

This is yet another basketball giveaway that people will hang onto long after they’ve left whatever game they were attending. They’ll be exposed to your business name and logo for as long as they keep their mini basketballs.

3. Hand Out Mini Basketball Hoops With Your Business Info

If you ultimately decide you want to go in a different direction and give away something other than full-size or mini basketballs, Basketball Hoops might be another great option.

When you give someone a mini basketball hoop, they’ll hang it up on a door in their home and play with it for hours in future years. They might also hang it up on the door of their office at work to blow off some steam in the middle of the day.

Regardless of how they use it, you can ensure that they’re thinking about your business when they do. You can proudly display a ton of information about your business right on the blank backboard for all to see.

4. Put Your Business Name on Youth Performance Basketball Jerseys

At the moment, there are more than 25 million Americans who play basketball on a regular basis. Many of them are kids who play recreational basketball in one of the thousands of leagues located all across the country.

If you want to target your basketball ads at the parents of these kids and show your support for your community and the kids in the process, you should consider sponsoring a youth team. For a small fee, you can usually have your business associated with the team that you choose to sponsor.

Additionally, you can have your business name and logo placed on the front of Youth Performance Jump Reversible Basketball Jerseys. These jerseys are designed to show off business names and logos to those who attend youth games.

Outside of branding the jerseys, you can also choose from a large selection of colors. Your options include:

  • Cardinal/White
  • Forest/White
  • Orange/White
  • Vegas Gold/White
  • Scarlet/White
  • And so many more!

Sponsoring youth sports teams has turned into one of the most popular and effective ways for businesses to promote themselves. It’s a good opportunity for companies to get lots of eyes on their basketball ads throughout the entire basketball season.

5. Blow Up Basketball Beach Balls in Honor of Your Business

It is, unfortunately, getting very cold in most parts of the country. Snow is starting to fall in certain areas, and the summer is beginning to feel more and more like a distant memory.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t make it feel like summer for a moment in a basketball gym!

Make people feel all warm and fuzzy inside by blowing up Basketball Beach Balls that will remind people of the summertime. They’ll have a blast playing with them inside of their homes once they blow them up.

They’ll also see your business name and logo displayed across the beach balls and be reminded of who they have to thank for the brief respite from the winter. And they’ll be sure to break the beach balls back out again once the summertime rolls around.

Beach balls might not seem like an obvious choice for basketball ads in the dead of winter. But you’ll find them to be one of your best options for basketball ads.

6. Challenge Crowds to Chow Down on Your Business’ Basketball Chocolates

People tend to eat a lot more in the winter than they do at other times of the year. Some do it as a way to supply their bodies with more calories and energy, while others do it to fight off boredom and provide themselves with comfort.

With all of that in mind, your business could really benefit from feeding the masses at a basketball game. People will really appreciate if you hook them up with some (free!) food on their way into or out of a game.

An Acrylic Box With Chocolate Basketballs could be your best bet. You can place your business name and logo on the front of the box and give people something sweet that will make them remember your company.

A giveaway like this will be especially effective right around the holidays when people are looking for candy to hand out to guests at their homes. You could end up putting your business logo in front of hundreds and even thousands of people celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the other holidays throughout the holiday season.

Good luck getting people to keep their hands off these chocolates! They’re just too tempting and will have people scrambling back for seconds.

7. Bombard Fans With Custom Basketball Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads have soared in popularity over the years. Baseball teams, in particular, have latched onto the concept of bobbleheads and given them away early and often at games.

But who says you can’t hand them out at basketball games, too?

A custom Basketball Bobblehead is an excellent way to pay tribute to someone who is special to a specific basketball fan base. For instance, you might want to customize a bobblehead to look like a referee who has been around for a long time or a scorekeeper who hasn’t missed a game since 1970.

Additionally, you should outfit each custom basketball bobblehead that you make with your business name and possibly even your logo. These basketball ads will ensure that people know who created the bobbleheads and handed them out.

There are many people who enjoy collecting bobbleheads, and they’ll surely add yours to their collection once you give them out. If the bobbleheads are well made, they’ll even move them up to the front of their displays and show them off to those who visit their homes.

8. Set Up Your Business Card on Basketball Schedule Magnets

Basketball seasons typically extend over the course of many months. There are some basketball leagues that tip off in October or November and don’t end until the early spring and maybe even later than that.

Because of it, it’s easy to lose track of when games are scheduled to be played. Even if you love watching a particular team, you might forget about when their games are and end up missing many of them.

As a business owner, you can help people with this problem and promote your company at the same time by providing them with a special Basketball Schedule Magnet. You can jampack a team’s entire schedule onto a magnet, and as an added bonus to you, you can also include your business card on the top of it.

These magnets are excellent promotional products because most people will take them home and hang them right on their refrigerators. They’ll check out the basketball schedule on them every so often and glance up at your business card when they do it.

And even when the season ends, many people will simply forget to take the schedule down and discard it. That will allow more people to see your business card hanging on their fridge over time.

9. Dazzle Fans With Desktop Basketball Globe Games

People who spend all day long sitting at a desk usually get bored. Even if they have a ton of work to do, it can get to be very tedious over time.

It’s why many people choose to place different games on their desks to keep themselves occupied. It’s also why you should consider creating a game that you can give out at basketball games with one of your business basketball ads on it.

Take the Desktop Basketball Globe Game, for example. It’s the type of game that will prove to be addictive once people start playing it. They won’t be able to put the game down!

At the same time, it’s the type of game that provides you with a big opportunity to promote your business. You can stick your logo right on the globe so that people will see it every time they sit down and play the game.

They’ll start to associate your business with the fun they’re having. They’ll also show off your logo to everyone who swings by their office on any given day.

10. Get Everyone Going With Branded GameTime Basketball Spinners

Fidget spinners have been all the rage in recent years. People can’t seem to stop playing with them at home, at work, in public, and just about everywhere else.

Would you like to try and cash in on the craze?

You can do it by giving out GameTime Basketball Spinners to those who attend a basketball game. You can use the center of the spinners to place basketball ads related to your business.

The great thing about these spinners is that they’re one of the smallest and most affordable giveaway options on this entire list. That means that you can order a ton of them at one time and make sure everyone at a game goes home with one.

Put Your Basketball Ads on the Best Promotional Products in the Business

Don’t let the entire basketball season pass you by without using it to promote your business in various ways. There are so many opportunities for you to find fun ways to place basketball ads on promotional products given away at games.

For many fans who attend basketball games, the promo product that they receive will be the best part of their entire experience. They’ll take the product home and either play with it or display for a long time.

Don’t send people home empty-handed the next time they come to a basketball game. Instead, make it a point to send them home with one of your amazing promo products in their hands.

Would you like to place an order for any of the promotional products you see here? Contact us today so that you can give them out at a basketball game soon.

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