12 Everyday Promo Items

12 Everyday Items You May Not Think of That Make Great Promotional Giveaways

I’ve said it before that your promotional products shouldn’t be an afterthought when planning your trade shows for other events. They should be an integral part of the overall campaign to meet your goal. That goal may be to obtain as many leads as possible or it may be to narrow down to only certain pre-qualified prospects. Maybe the goal is to sell products or services. at your event. The goal can be anything you want it to be, but the promotional items should work toward accomplishing that goal.

While it is great to plan out most of your promotional items when pushing a cause or new product, your strategy doesn’t always have to be complicated.

In fact, sometimes it can be really simple.

As simple as giving away everyday items that most people don’t think of as “promotional products.”

I’m not talking about the often overdone items such as pens, koozies, and coffee mugs.

I’m talking about other household items that most people typically buy. These items that are frequently used can make great promotional giveaways because they become more unique gifts which can help your company stand apart from competitors.

These are everyday items that most people have in their houses so that makes them useful promos to give away. The more useful the items, the longer they will stick around giving your company plenty of continued marketing exposure!

12 Everyday Household Items Which Make Great Promotional Giveaways

Promotional Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows

Everyone has throw pillows on their couch or chairs at their home. So why not give them as gifts? The trick is to make sure you create a nice design with your logo and branding understated. Otherwise, the pillows may not be used if your logo is obnoxiously large. These custom throw pillows are printed in full-color from edge-to-edge, so you have a huge canvas to let your creativity run wild. Decorate them with a Christmas or Halloween theme, or opt for a more year-round design.

Custom Picture Frames

Picture Frames

Picture frames are something everyone has around their home. Displaying family photos is how most people personalize their home. In the digital age, it’s easy for people to forget about printing out photos, but if you give them an empty frame, that’ll likely urge them to choose a family photo for it. This is another item where a minimalist approach with your logo is best. If your logo is big and bold on the promotional picture frames, they may not make it to the wall. Smaller is better in this case.

Custom Kitchen Sponges

Kitchen Sponges

Kitchen sponges are used daily. At least they are in many households. For those who actually cook meals, piles of dishes are a common occurrence on a nightly basis. A good sponge is needed to clean up the dirty dishes from the big meal. Custom printed kitchen sponges can be great giveaways because they are so useful. It’s true that they only last a few weeks, but that’s a few weeks of nightly exposure to your company. And since sponges are low-priced giveaways, you can afford to give them away more often than higher priced items. You can get promotional sponges in various shapes to best fit your company and your marketing campaign.

Promotional Storage Bins

Storage Bins

Everyone wants to be organized. Many people claim to be organized, but very few truly are. Those who are organized have figured out the secret. That secret is to declutter and have a specific home for everything. That requires having plenty of storage bins. These collapsible cardboard storage bins are covered with non-woven polypropylene and printed with your company logo. These are useful items to help get your customers more organized. Best of all, you’ve likely never seen anyone giving away promotional storage bins, making this an extremely unique giveaway!

Custom Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray

Is Pepper Spray not an everyday item for you? Maybe it should be. With the incidence of crimes at all-time highs in many cities, it’s wise to have at least a keychain-sized pepper spray at hand when walking at night. These make great promotional giveaways because they are items that many people should have, but never seem to get around to buying them. With your company name printed on the labels, it will be a great reminder that you care about their well-being.

Exercise Resistance Bands

Exercise Resistance Bands

Here’s another one of those items that may not be an everyday item for you, but probably should be. Exercise resistance bands. These exercise items should be part of our daily routine to strengthen our muscles and help prevent injuries. Routine exercise is difficult for most people to keep up, so it’s good to give people some encouragement along with the tools to be successful. These exercise bands may do the trick. They don’t require you to get dressed and go to the gym. You can use these bands to do a few minutes of exercise at your convenience and in your own home!

Custom Socks


Socks are something most of us wear every single day, yet many people overlook socks as a promotional giveaway. Funky socks are trendy with the younger generations, so if you want to reach them, custom decorated socks are a great choice. With most socks, you can design them with multiple colors and patterns to really stand out. Now the choice is, will you go with ankle socks, athletic socks, or dress socks? Maybe a combination of all three styles?

Custom Labeled Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce

A well-stocked hot sauce bar is pretty much expected anytime you visit a trendy restaurant selling Tex-Mex food. Eating at these trendy restaurants which offer a large variety of hot sauces has become a pastime for many to see just how brave (or stupid) their friends are. Will they try the Mad Dog 357 Plutonium 9 Million Scoville Pepper Extract? If so, will an ambulance need to be standing by? If you are planning to use custom labeled hot sauce as giveaways, it may be best to stick with a basic hot sauce, you know, for liability purposes. You don’t want to have to have people signing waivers to receive your hot sauce.

Custom Labeled Bottled Water

Bottled Water

Water is necessary for life and it’s necessary to keep us healthy. Our body weight is approximately 60% water, so it stands to reason we should drink plenty of water each day. The Mayo Clinic recommends men should drink about 15.5 cups per day and women should drink about 11.5 cups per day. Custom labeled bottled water is a great way to promote healthier drink choices AND reinforce your branding with your clients while they are visiting your business.

Custom Printed Candles


Candles are found in most homes. Homeowners will choose the scents of their choice, changing them out often by season. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall all have their own unique scents. Giving away custom candles are a great way to infiltrate your way into the homes of your customers. Since candles last a long time, this gives your company lots of extra exposure in your clients’ homes.

Kitchen Promotional Items

Kitchen Items

If there’s only one place you get your logo in your clients’ homes, it should be the kitchen. This is the favorite room of the house for most, so this means your logo will be exposed during those “happy times” associated with good food! The more emotions you can connect your promotional products with, the more memorable they will be. There are so many “kitchen gadgets” that come in handy on a regular basis including Bag Clips, Pizza Cutters, Kitchen Timers, and more. Shop all options here.

Custom Gloves


Gloves are practically a necessity during the winter in the Northern states. With our busy lifestyles, we’re on the go a lot and always using our touchscreen phones. A good set of touchscreen-friendly gloves is a great promotional giveaway for those in the colder states!

The 12 suggested items only scratch the surface of the items used every day by so many Americans. Why not embrace that and think of some unique giveaways for your customers to help your business get the upper hand over your competitors. Think about the type of items your clientele likely use on a daily basis, and search for those promotional items. Be sure your items are useful and they will continue to promote your business for a long time!

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