12 Nearly Factual “Facts” About Halloween

Facts about Halloween - Buy Custom Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays in the U.S. for many children and adults. Some people love to be scared. Some indulge in way too much candy. Some prefer adult costume parties. Whether you like any combination of the aforementioned activities or all of them, Halloween is consistently rated as the holiday offering the most fun.

Because so many Americans are so vested in Halloween, this makes it a great opportunity to piggyback on this popular holiday to help boost your business sales. If you aren’t convinced yet, check out these insane facts below about Halloween. Okay, so maybe they’re not all facts, but they are pretty darn close.

12 Near Facts About Halloween

  • Consumers spent $10.14B on Halloween in 2021 (crushing the previous record of $9.1B in 2017). Spending for 2022 will likely be even higher.
  • Approximately 65% of Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year.
  • More people are planning to dress themselves and their pets in costume than any other Halloween in history.
  • Discount stores and specialty Halloween stores will be the top selling Halloween merchants this year.
  • Home improvement stores, online stores, and department stores saw the fastest growth in 2016.
  • On average, men spend $10 more per on Halloween than women.
  • Superhero costumes are the most popular choices for adults ages 18-34.
  • For adults ages 35 & up, the most popular costume is a witch (followed by a pirate).
  • Because of adults driving the trend, superhero costumes are also the most popular costumes for children.
  • Handing out candy on Halloween night is the most popular activity Americans plan on doing (70.9% of those celebrating Halloween).
  • 30% of Halloween spending will be on candy. This is why custom Halloween bags are excellent items to promote your business.
  • Millennials are the most likely adult generations to participate in Halloween.

Now that you’ve seen the “facts,” hopefully you’ll see the benefits of using this crazy but popular holiday to help boost your company’s sales. October starts the beginning of the fourth quarter, and this is your first big opportunity to jumpstart your sales to help end the year strong.

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