14 Unique Ways to Gift Campfire Mugs

We’re in the heart of the summer and camping season. What better gift to give your audience, staff, or yourself (who says giving yourself a gift is wrong), than campfire mugs? It’s the perfect time of year, but honestly, campfire mugs make great giveaways year-round.

They show off a person’s love for the outdoors, ruggedness, or their love for coffee mugs. Who says there’s such a thing as too many coffee mugs, right?

If you’re tired of just handing out a plain coffee mug, though, check out these fun ways to make it more interesting.

S’mores in a Cup

What goes best with a campfire? S’mores, right? Who can resist the gooey marshmallow and chocolate treat while sitting over a campfire?

Your campfire coffee cup mug is the perfect companion for s’mores. Fill that coffee mug with campfire marshmallows, a couple of graham crackers, and a few miniature Hersey bars and you just gave away the perfect campfire gift. 

Soup in a Mug

Next to s’mores what’s the next best thing over a campfire? Soup, right? It’s easy to make over the campfire and it just feels like it goes hand-in-hand with the camping scene.

If you have a soup lover in your life, this gift is simple. Grab a couple of packets of soup (not cans). You can find gourmet soup packets at your local grocery store or gourmet food shop nearby. You can also use Lipton soup packets if you’re looking for something on a budget.

Add packets of crackers, a plastic spoon, cellophane wrap, and a bow and you have yourself an adorable gift, whether it’s a ‘get well’ gift or just because, your recipient will love it.

Hot Cocoa in a Mug

Even though it’s summer, that doesn’t mean hot cocoa is off the menu. Especially when the night air gets a little chilly, there’s something so comforting about drinking hot cocoa around a hot campfire. It’s easy to give your recipients a little hot cocoa fun in a mug too.

Grab a cellophane bag and fill it with a packet of hot cocoa (Ghirardelli is our favorite), a few chocolate bars (keep the brand theme going), and a marshmallow hot cocoa topper and you have yourself the perfect gift for the hot cocoa lover. 

Mug of Sunshine

Who can’t use a little sunshine in their life right about now? It’s perfect timing with the hot summer sun. So what’s a mug of sunshine? Think everything yellow.

Start with candy and gum. Add peanut M&M’s, Starbursts, and Juicy Fruit gum. Next, think of what your recipients love. Girls love all things beauty. Find yellow chapstick, yellow nail polish, and yellow lotion bottles. Beauty items are just one idea – think of your recipient’s favorite hobbies or things she likes to collect – find all things yellow and you have a mug of sunshine.

K-Cup Love

Have a coffee lover in your life? Sprinkle him or her with a handful of K-cups in the campfire coffee mug. Get creative and give him or her a variety of coffees. K-cups are a great chance to try new coffees without the investment of buying an entire bag of coffee they may not enjoy. Look for flavored K-cups or K-cups from unique brands to give it a little variety.

A Mug of Cheer

Have someone in your life that needs some cheering up or just a pick-me-up? Fill a campfire mug with a notebook with an uplifting message on the cover, a couple of ‘fun’ pens, a good bar of chocolate, and a few individual packets of their favorite coffee.

A mug of cheer is a great way to let someone know you’re thinking of them and that they aren’t alone. We all have those times when we feel down in the dumps – a little mug of cheer goes a long way in helping bring those happy vibes back.

Succulent Love

Succulents are the trend right now and trust us, everyone loves them. Even if your recipient claims they don’t have a green thumb, succulents practically take care of themselves. 

A couple of our favorite succulents to plant in campfire coffee mugs are the Zebra Plant and the Princess Blue Succulents. Both stay small enough to remain manageable in a coffee mug and they don’t require a lot of care.

Just remember to tell your recipient to tip the coffee mug after watering the plant to remove excess water since the mug won’t have holes to drain it. 

Decadent Chocolates

Do you have a chocolate lover in your life? Fill that campfire mug with decadent chocolate truffles and watch their face light up with joy.

Think of the chocolates your recipient loves the most and spoil him or her. You’re only fitting a handful in the mug, so it’s a great way to treat them while staying on budget. Are your recipient’s chocolate tastes more traditional? Mix up the fun with old school mini candy bars. 

Snickers, Kit Kats, Milky Way, Babe Ruth, Skor, and Heath Bars are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face – but especially the chocolate lover.

The Crafty Mug

Do you have a crafter in your life? Does she love knitting or crocheting? You’ll love how a campfire mug looks with a ball of yarn and crafting needles. Let the mug replace the traditional birthday bag. Wrap the mug in cellophane wrap and tie it with a bow and you have a gorgeous gift for the crafty person in your life.

Yarn isn’t the only option. Think of other crafts too. Does she love lettering? Put some fancy markers and a little notebook in the mug. Cross stitch kits, paints, and paintbrushes, or even cute pens and markers are gifts anyone crafty will love.

The Planning Mug

Do you have someone in your life that loves organization? Show them that you notice with a cute planning mug

In your campfire mug include a small planner, sticky notes, cute stickers, and a couple of cute pens. Throw in a little shredded paper and a bow and you have the perfect gift for the organized person in your life. 

If you don’t want to include a planner, other options include a To-Do list notepad or inspirational notebook. Everyone loves to write notes, keep track of things, or just receive cute gifts that lets them know they’re thought of.

Gift card Holder

Who doesn’t love to receive gift cards? A campfire mug is the perfect theme for someone that loves camping and the outdoors. Stuff the mug with shredded paper in his/her favorite colors and stack the gift cards inside the mug. Wrap it with cellophane and you don’t need gift wrap.

A Gardening Gift

Gardeners love gardening themed gifts year-round. This summer, stock up on cute gardening items like gardening gloves, little shovels, seed packets, and garden markers and you have yourself a cute gift set.

Buy these items now while they’re plentiful and have them year-round for gifts for the favorite gardener in your life.

Hug in a Mug

Need to send someone a hug that could really use one during our social distancing times? Include a few of these heartwarming items in your campfire mug and they’ll think of you each time they see it.

Loose leaf tea, drawer sachets, a few pieces of chocolate, an inspirational notebook, an inspirational book, or other little trinkets you know your recipient loves and will bring a smile to their face.

Campfire Recipe

Have a cook in your life? Give them a campfire mug filled with new campfire recipes. Include a few of the necessary ingredients (individual packages) ad you have a conversation starter and a thoughtful gift. 

Think outside of the box – do some research online to find the perfect recipes. Print them on your favorite cardstock and cut them out. The gift shows your thoughtfulness while giving the recipient something new to try at their next campfire.

Present your campfire mugs in a memorable way! Your recipients will remember you not just because they see the mug, but because of the thoughtfulness, you put into the gift. The mug will bring a smile to their face each time they see it, but the kindness will take it even further.

Whether you gift the mugs for business or personal use – there is always a use for trendy campfire mugs with your company’s branding on it. Mugs stick around for many years and get used by everyone, furthering your marketing efforts without you even trying.

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