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15 Reasons to Use Custom Matchbooks

Are you looking for the cheapest yet most productive company promo item? Custom matchbooks pack quite a punch! Even if you don’t run a business that matches go ‘hand-in-hand’ with, they are an affordable, powerful, and easy promo item to keep on hand.

Are you wondering why you should use custom matchbooks? Check out our favorite 15 reasons below.

1. They offer repeated uses.

Matchbooks aren’t a one and done type promo. Since the average matchbook as 20 matches in it, your recipient will see your company name and logo at least 20 times, not to mention the times he opens and closes the drawer they are in and sees them. That’s a lot of face time with your company in mind. Sometimes that’s all it takes to keep your company at the forefront of someone’s mind.

2. They look upscale.

Pens are nice, as are key chains, and chocolates, but if you want to look sophisticated or upscale, put your company’s name on a matchbook and see how you feel. Choose from a variety of fonts, matchbook colors, and styles to match your company’s look and feel. It’s amazing what just a little fancy font can do to make your company look sophisticated and upscale.

3. They make great thank you gifts.

Who doesn’t love to thank their customers, right? Whether you have loyal customers you want a little something to give to them or you want to thank new customers for visiting your store, matchbooks go a long way. Adorn your Custom matchbooks with a saying stating how thankful you are for their business and you’re sure to have repeat customers for your kind (and inexpensive) gesture.

4. You can get creative with them

Custom matchbooks may look small, but you can customize them in big ways. Put graphics or images that mimic your company, whether you are a restaurant, barber, or little boutique think of a graphic that will make your audience immediately recognize what you do. The clever marketing will go far with your audience, and you give them something useful – matches.

5. You can leave your contact information.

There’s something informal and ‘not pushy’ about leaving your contact information on a matchbook behind. Even if you aren’t physically handing the matchbook to someone, you can leave them on a table at a restaurant or bar, leaving your information behind for whoever picks it up. This is especially helpful for counselors and attorneys, for example.

6. They make great accompaniments.

Are you looking for a great ‘free gift’ to go with your customers’ purchases? If you sell candles, cigars, or anything related to matches, giving away a free matchbook is a great way to keep you in the minds of your past customers. Even though they bought from you, it’s never a bad idea to keep refreshing their memory of their purchase with you, each time they pull out the matchbook.

7. They work great as business cards.

Are you tired of giving out the same old business card? Do you wonder if they just end up in the trash because most people don’t even carry them anymore? Matchbooks are much less likely to get tossed because they’re useful. Even non-smokers need matchbooks for fires, to light candles, or even in case of an emergency.

8. You can include all of your company information on them.

Sometimes promos just have your company name or logo. While that can be a great reminder of your company, providing all your company’s information is even more effective.  your audience your contact information so they can get in touch with you whether via phone, email, or online

9. You can get funny with your giveaways

Honestly, the sky is the limit with custom matchbooks. Do you want to include a little humor in your marketing? Whether you include a joke, a funny picture, or some other type of humor, it gets the attention of those reading your matchbook, and your company will stick in their minds more clearly.

10. They are easy to give away.

 giveaways are a little trickier and are best kept for trade shows and sponsored events. Custom matchbooks, however, you can give away just about anywhere. Whether you’re at a social gathering, at a restaurant, or you want to include them in with your customer’s purchase. They are small enough to keep on hand and give away whenever the opportunity happens.

11. You can give them to other businesses to hand out for you.

How many times have you been to a restaurant where the restaurant hands out something for another business? That’s networking at its finest. Get your local restaurant, smoke shop, or bar to keep your matchbooks on hand for customers to use. They’ll get what they need (a match) while also learning about your business. You never know when someone will be intrigued enough to look you up online to see what you’re all about.

12. They start great conversations.

Have you ever been somewhere and didn’t know what to say to the person standing in front of you? Matchbooks help light up that conversation (pun intended). Catchy phrases, funny pictures, or even just your company’s name and slogan give people something to talk about. Whether they inquire about your business, or it just strikes up some type of conversation, it helps break the ice while helping increase your company’s marketing efforts.

13. They are great for providers of event services

Whether you are a photographer, DJ, wedding planner, or caterer, there’s always a reason to leave behind matchbooks at your events. Sure, the bride and groom hired you, but there is a roomful of other guests that may want or need your services in the future. You’re at the perfect place to market yourself since they’re seeing your services firsthand, the matchbook can replace the business card and if you leave them around the room, they don’t have to ask you for a card.

14. They are inexpensive.

On average, you can get a case of matchbooks (2,000 books) for less than $200! Where else can you get great promo items for less then $0.10 a piece? Matchbooks are a great inexpensive addition to your marketing budget. They still leave plenty of room for other marketing expenses, while giving you a great return on your investment as you get your name out there using a step up of word-of-mouth

15. Matchbooks are a timeless treasure.

Honestly, we know everyone has moved to the technological age, but there’s something nice about having ‘old school’ matchbooks around. They may not be as widely found around as they used to, which is even another reason for you to capitalize on the method. You aren’t going to fight the competition – instead, you’ll stand out as someone that hangs onto the past and gives out what we consider a timeless treasure.

Are you ready to take advantage of the many benefits custom matchbooks provide? We have a vast selection of options for you. Check out what we have, ask us questions, and let’s work together to create the matchbooks that create the successful marketing campaign you’re hoping for.

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