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There’s a reason this already large industry grew by more than 9% in 2017 alone. Fun promotional items generate not only impressions but conversions too.

Branded giveaways haven’t lost their impact in our digital world. This low-cost marketing tool is a strategy that can and should be used by both large and small industries alike. If you’re investing a lot into a marketing strategy and not seeing any returns, promotional products might be the cost-effective tool you need.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an established business owner, keep reading to find out what promotional products are and they make you money.

What are Fun Promotional Items?

A promotional product is an item customized with your brand and message. You give these items away for free for your target audience. They are affordable and they’re usually products that people either want or need.

Traditionally, promotional products were limited to gifts like pens, calendars, mousepads, water bottles, lip balms, umbrellas, and other everyday items that consumers get a lot of use from. Today, marketers are getting more creative with the products they brand. This makes them stand out from their competition while still providing a unique and high-quality product for consumer use.

Promotional products are the most powerful and effective marketing tool. They drive more impressions of your brand. As a general rule, the more impressions your brand gets, the more conversions you’ll experience.

The reason for this is simple. Branded promotional merchandise has a higher recall rate than any traditional media. That includes television, print, and online advertising.

Promotional products have been a marketing medium for a long time. And although we’ve moved into a digital age where online advertising and presence is important, promotional products have not lost their impact. They’re still a very useful tool for start-ups, small businesses, large corporations, organizations, as well as non-profits.

Benefits of Promotional Items in a Marketing Plan

Promotional products should be part of any advertising strategy. They can benefit your business, and its sales, in the following ways:

  1. Your brand gets more impressions from a promotional product. Anybody around a consumer carrying your promotional product will be exposed to your brand. This allows you to reach a broad audience.
  2. If you use a direct mailing or cold call mailing strategy in your marketing, promotional products can help you reach more people. By including a promotional product in your mailouts, people will be more enticed to open your envelope and read your message.
  3. You create better customer engagement with promotional products. By providing freebies to customers, you make them feel appreciated. This helps with customer retention rates as well as referrals.
  4. A promotional product giveaway at a conference or tradeshow will bring more people to your booth. This will start conversations with potential clients that may otherwise have been missed.
  5. In a competitive marketplace, you need something that sets you apart from the competition. Promotional products provide brand recognition. That means that consumers can identify your brand simply by seeing your logo. If they can’t do that with the competition, your ahead of the game.
  6. Promotional products also keep consumers engaged. Because they’re usually items that can be useful for many months, consumers are consistently engaging with your brand after a one-time distribution.
  7. While an advertisement on television or on a billboard is seen for only moments, a promotional product has a lasting and constant impact.

Do You Need Fun Promotional Items?

If you fall under any of these categories, it may be a sign that you need promotional products:

Your Clients Can’t Remember What You Gave them for the Holidays

A branded promotional product will help them remember you and your gift of appreciation.

You’ve Invested a Large Amount of Money into Television, Print, or Online Advertising but You’re Not Seeing Any Results

Promotional products require minimal investment. For example, branded emery boards can cost as little as 16 cents. Silicone wristbands can cost less than 40 cents, depending on the quantity ordered.

You Rarely, If Ever, Get Business Calls from Giving Out Your Business Card

People either collect business cards or throw them away – a pen or some other useful promotional product won’t get throw away as easily. These items are also customizable to have your logo, image, and messaging. They have all the same information as a business card but with more utility.

Nobody is Picking Up Your Expensive Flyers at Tradeshows and Conferences

You paid a lot for flashy flyers and nobody wants them. Investing in a useful branded product will get more people to stop at your booth and talk. This will give you a chance to promote your product or service and start meaningful conversations.

You’ve Been in Business for Some Time but Nobody Knows Who You Are

If the majority of your target audience has no idea who you are, where you are, and what you do, you need to do a better job spreading brand awareness. Promotional products can help your brand reach a broader audience.

You Need a Boost to Company Morale

If you’re noticing low employee morale, free goodies can help with employee appreciation. While they’re great for customers, free promotional giveaways can also impact your employee’s performance. Just make sure they are worthy gifts to say “thank you” for their contribution to the company. This isn’t a time to go cheap; that’ll just be an insult.

You Have a Small Marketing Budget

If you’re a startup or small business, it’s likely that you don’t have the budget for a large advertising campaign that can spread your brand across all kinds of media. But promotional products are affordable to businesses of all sizes and have a significant impact on consumers.

20 Fun Promotional Items Facts

Below we’ve listed 20 facts about fun promotional products. These facts demonstrate just how significant promotional product advertising is in terms of generating impressions, leads, and conversions.

  1. 8 in 10 consumers own at least 1 promotional product. Most own between 1 and 10.
  2. 53% of consumers owning a promotional product use them at least once per week. 6 in 10 will keep their product for up to 2 years. That’s consistent exposure to your brand by a lot of consumers.
  3. Not many people throw away their promotional products. Only 1 of every 5 people will throw away a promotional product. In fact, most consumers have their products for an average of over 6 months.
  4. 63% of consumers will give away the product before throwing it out. This re-gifting extends your brand exposure to a whole new audience.
  5. While only 55% of people had done business with an advertiser before receiving a promotional product from them, 85% of people did business with an advertiser after receiving a freebie. This is largely due to the fact that promotional products create a better impression of the advertiser 53% of the time.
  6. promotional bag generates more impressions than all other promotional products. With one bag, your brand will get nearly 6000 impressions.
  7. Bags are also very cost-effective. A bag tie with a pen or other writing instrument has the highest ROI of any other promotion. You’ll get the most impressions for 1/10th of a cent per product.
  8. Promotional products have been used as a marketing strategy for a long time – because they work. The first promotional product dates back to 1789. The first promotional product tradeshow dates back to 1914.
  9. Consumers want your promotional products. 48% of average consumers want more promotional products.
  10. The usefulness of your product makes a difference. 69% of people pick up products that they see as useful and 77% keep products they can actually use. The most useful products are health and safety products, tech products, and writing instruments.
  11. Promotional products help consumers remember who you are. 89% of individuals recall the advertiser of a product that they’ve received. And they can recall this within a 2-year span.
  12. Promotional products can be made for any living or working space. 74% of consumers have at least 1 promotional product in their workspace. 91% have at least 1 in their kitchen, and 55% have at least 1 in their bedroom.
  13. Age effects how useful your product is. Calendars are the most popular with people aged 55 and older. People aged 21 to 34 prefer desk accessories, mugs, and flash drives. Know your target audience and create a promotional product that suits their desires.
  14. Only 32% of people could recall a radio advertiser. 28% could recall a T.V advertiser. But 57% of people could recall the advertiser on a promotional mug.
  15. If you have the budget, promotional products can increase how effective your other advertising is. Adding a promotional giveaway to other media advertising can increase the effectiveness of your marketing by 44%.
  16. Referrals are invaluable to any business. A promotional product can cause a 500% increase in referrals.
  17. 10-15% of people aged 17-35 go out of their way to avoid traditional advertising. Promotional products can reach this group of ad-avoiders.
  18. 80% of consumers like promotional products.
  19. 70% of consumers find online advertising annoying. This gives promotional products an edge.
  20. Promotional products are the only advertising medium that engages all five senses – printed on a product, a brand can turn their message into a marketing experience that engages touch, taste, see, hear, smell.

More Promotional Products

Promotional products are an affordable and effective means of advertising. Whether you have a minimal advertising budget or you want to increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, fun promotional items can help increase impressions, leads, and conversions.

Knowing your target audience and what promotional product works best for them is half of the battle. But once you’ve narrowed down your demographic, you can pick the right product for them. Check out our blog for more information and advice about promotional products for your business.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]