20 Ways To Use Custom Beach Balls To Promote Your Event

20 Ideas How to Use Custom Beach Balls

Beach balls are bright, fun and impossible to ignore, making them the perfect tool for promoting an event. Customize them with your logo or information about your event; then, start spreading the word — and balls.

Below you will find 20 creative (and different) ways to use customized beach balls to promote your business or your next event.

  1. Organize a guess-how-many-beach-balls contest! Create an enclosure from chicken wire or plastic fencing, and fill it with beach balls. Make sure to count how many balls you use. Let people guess how many balls there are, and award a prize to the person who guesses closest.
  2. Create a pathway using beach balls, either leading into your event or running next to signage advertising your event beforehand. Push stakes into the ground at intervals, secure the balls to the stakes with clear packing tape and run ribbon between the stakes.
  3. Generate some walk-in traffic to your event by positioning groups of people at the entrance to bat, kick and throw beach balls back and forth.
  4. Tie beach balls into a beach vacation giveaway. Photograph them arranged on beach towels to use in your advertising, and decorate the event with tiki torches, sun umbrellas, and other beach-related items. Run a raffle or other contest with a weekend trip to the nearest beach as the prize.
  5. Advertise that you’ll have a variety of kids’ activities at the event to entice parents to come and bring their families. Set up games of volleyball, hot potato and soccer using beach balls.
  6. Fill a kiddie pool with beach balls of different sizes. Place small items, like coupons for your business or vouchers for free items at your upcoming event, inside plastic Easter eggs and hide them among the beach balls. Give everyone who visits your workplace 30 seconds to go hunting among the beach balls to find a prize.
  7. Deliver beach balls with flyers or other notices about your event to businesses or customers you want to target.
  8. Leave the balls in public places in the weeks leading up to the event to raise public awareness. Place them in parks, on benches, and in other populated areas, so people will see your logo and the name of your event. But don’t litter — go back and retrieve the balls after a few days.
  9. Post pictures of your employees having fun playing with beach balls on your social media posts about your upcoming event. These pictures will catch people’s attention and make your event look fun.
  10. Organize a “beach-ball-gram” service. Tell customers that for $1 or some other small fee, they can write out a note for a friend and you’ll deliver it along with a promotional beach ball. Give the money to charity.
  11. Keep your organization’s name and logo in people’s minds by handing out beach balls as favors at the event itself. Anyone who keeps the beach ball will have a permanent reminder of your organization.
  12. Visit local outdoor concerts in the weeks leading up to your event. Toss beach balls printed with your information into the crowd and watch as people bounce them around to keep them in the air.
  13. Join forces with other organizations hosting events in your area. Offer to advertise for one another: If they decorate their event with your personalized beach balls, you’ll use signage with their information at your event.
  14. Hang beach balls from ceilings and doorways in your workplace to let visitors know about the upcoming event. Tie fishing line to each ball’s valve, or wrap string all the way around each ball and secure it to the ball with tape.
  15. Donate dozens of your personalized beach balls to community centers, kids’ camps, parks, recreation centers and similar places that have limited funding. They can use the balls for all sorts of safe and fun activities, and you’ll spread the word to a new audience about your organization and event.
  16. Make small beach-themed gift bags filled with a beach ball, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Send them to people who have attended your events in the past with a note thanking them for their support and letting them know about your upcoming event.
  17. Create a visually arresting photo that you can use to advertise your event. Arrange several dozen beach balls into a large square and place a large sign advertising the event on top of them. Then, take a photo from above to capture the image of all the balls. Alternatively, use beach balls of one color to spell out a message and arrange balls of another color around them to create a contrasting background. Post the photos on social media or turn them into banners.
  18. Organize a beach ball hunt, in the style of an Easter egg hunt. Hide small beach balls in a park or other public area. (Ask park officials for permission first.) Attach a special sticker to one ball. Invite people to come hunt for the balls, and award a cash prize to the person who finds the special ball. Hand out flyers about your upcoming event to all participants.
  19. Hire a local dance or gymnastics troupe to choreograph a dance that involves beach balls. Have them perform, using your personalized balls, at a farmers market or other local community event.
  20. Go back to basics and hand out small beach balls on street corners and busy pedestrian thoroughfares. Set up a sandwich board or wear a t-shirt emblazoned with your organization’s logo and information about the upcoming event, so anyone who walks toward you will know what you’re advertising. Some people will be more likely to engage with you if they know you’re not asking for money or signatures.

Have you checked out our Beach Ball Buying Guide? This handy guide shows you an overview of the various types, sizes, and styles of beach balls so you can quickly find the best option for your event. If you still need assistance, be sure to contact us.

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