2016 Promotional Products Marketing Trends

Promotional Products Trends 2016**Be sure to check out the 2017 Promotional Products Trends!**

2016 has already proven to be an exciting and interesting year in the promotional products industry. The industry as a whole continues to grow and advance.

Companies are are utilizing the incredible power of promotional products more and more in their marketing campaigns. In fact, businesses are demanding more creativity for their campaigns, hence, some of the trends for 2016.

Top Promotional Products Trends For 2016

Premium Promos Are King

Premium Promotional Products are KingThe truth is finally out. Premium promotional products are actually a better value than cheap promos because they are kept and used more often, making them much more valuable as marketing tools.

If  you spend $5000 on a marketing campaign, it’s much more effective to target a fewer number of strategically targeted prospects, rather than launching a campaign to a mass audience of recipients who aren’t viable prospects. By narrowing down your targets, you can spend more on each prospect, giving you a much higher chance of “wowing” those prospects. This is one are where premium promotional products are highly effective.

If you want to get the attention of a potential new client, sending a cheap, plastic water bottle isn’t going to gain his interest. Giving away low quality promos can hurt your company image more than they can help. However, if a premium item is part of your campaign, your prospect will instantly be warmed up to your company and be grateful for that premium item received.

Presentation is Extremely Important

20 oz. Stainless Steel TumblerIf you want to stay true to your company branding and make a big impression, the packaging is vital. With the availability of custom packaging, no longer should you give away promotional products with cheap, white boxes. You know the flimsy boxes I’m talking about…the ones from China that fall apart as you open them.

Custom packaging and kitting of promotional products makes a huge impact on those who receive them. Any combination of promos can be kitted together with professional packaging to make your company stand out.

Some products are available from the manufacturers now with custom printed packaging, such as the 20 oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler (pictured above). The packaging is printed all over in full color, so the it can remain consistent with your branding.

Promotional Product KittingThe same promotional products are available to all of your competitors. However, if you both give them out, the ONLY way to stand out is to improve the presentation. The higher quality packaging will stand out the most and leave the longest-lasting impression.

Imagine how much more of a positive impact the ebay custom packaged items pictured will make over sending the same items loose in an envelope! The difference is dramatic! It’s all about the presentation!

No matter what the products, we can create the perfect branded, creative packaging to best fit your campaign.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Tumblers Are HOT!

Stainless Steel Boss TumblersEvery year, there is a promo item that is so hot that the manufacturers can’t keep the items in stock. Each year, dozens of manufacturers produce their own variety due to the craze.

For 2016, the same products that became hot in 2015 is hotter than ever in 2016. This product is the Boss Tumbler. These “Yeti Knock-offs” are much cheaper and every bit as good as the Yetis. The only real difference is they don’t have the Yeti logo, which means they are nearly half the cost.

Sorry, Yeti, but you are missing out on HUGE sales from refusing to enter the promotional products industry.

These stainless steel, vacuum insulated tumblers come in 20 oz. and 30 oz., with a few sizes in between. More colors other than silver are being offered this year including matte black, tiffany blue, red, gold, and blue.

Just how popular are these tumblers? Well, out of about a dozen of our suppliers of the Boss-like tumblers, inventory is still sometimes scarce. Luckily, our suppliers are receiving larger shipments so we can typically fill orders as they come in. My advice is to place your order now to reserve your inventory!

Once you drink out of these rugged, stainless steel tumblers, you understand why they are so hot. But be careful, because they keep your coffee piping hot for hours!

The great thing about these three trends is they can be combined all into one product if you wish. You can get stainless steel premium tumblers with custom packaging and satisfy the three hottest trends in the industry. Or alternatively, you can opt for different premium items and have them kitted together in a beautiful package to make sure your company stays memorable!

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