25 Ways to use Promotional Items as Lead Magnets

Need A Creative Way to Grab the Attention of Your Clients? Don’t Miss These 25 Ways to use Promotional Items as Lead Magnets

25 Creative Ways to Use Promotional Items as Lead Magnets

If you’re looking for new, creative ways to grab the attention of your potential customers and clients, then read on to get these 25 ways to use promotional items in your marketing strategy today. Not only are these promotional products economical, but they are thoughtful.

#1: Ship a Mug

Brand a coffee mug or tumbler and ship it to a prospect. The next day, follow up with a branded packet of coffee and a note introducing your company. The two-day punch of gifts helps to peak interest in your company and serves to warm up your prospect to be much more receptive to receiving your phone call.

#2: Mail a Handwritten Note

Write a note of thanks on a company notecard and send it with a customized pen with your client’s name printed on the barrel of the pen. In the note, thank your client for working with you on a past order. This is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your clients and earn more business from them.

#3: Send Sweets

Custom sweets work for nearly everyone. Package them in customized, branded packaging such as a cellophane-wrapped basket with a branded sticker or a branded cookie tin. To make life easier, you can buy prepackaged treats such as chocolate, nuts, or candy.

#4: Send a Puzzle

Make a branded puzzle with a custom message for your client. This not only piques their interest and gives them something fun to do to pass down time, but it’s a creative approach to promoting your company.

#5: Send a Magnetic Puzzle

Customizing a puzzle that also acts as individual magnets is another way to get creative with your marketing message for your clients. They can put the puzzle together on their company refrigerator and use the magnets to hold important documents and information for the break room.

#6: Make a Client Coupon Book

This is a fun, whimsical gimmick sure to get your client’s attention. Make a customized coupon booklet that includes not only information and stats about your company but tear-out coupons to cash in for services from your company.

#7: Swag Wagon

No company can go wrong with sending swag. Just make sure your branded swag has a use. For example, consider sending a flashlight, cell phone holder or glasses cloth. Give your clients useful items because true swag is awesome, not junk. There are plenty of budget-friendly items which are useful and won’t break the bank.

#8: Deliver a Snack Basket

Make it personal for your clients by putting together an office snack basket for the entire company. They’ll be the center of attention for the day at their office. Drop in some company branded items — including napkins and plates with your company logo — and then hand deliver the basket to your client. This is a great way to gain contacts in other departments of your clients’ companies.

#9: Surprise with Breakfast

Pay for breakfast for the entire company by sending a catered spread to the office. Add your own customized branding via plates, cups and napkins. You also can get more creative by naming each of the breakfast items with humorous names relating to your company and services. It’s a fun way to show your appreciation for the company, and it helps introduce your business to other employees within the company.

#10: Customized Office Supplies

As mentioned before, the key to a great promotional gift for a client is to make it useful. Find out some of their favorite office supplies — such as pens or sticky notes — and brand them with your company logo. The low cost items are affordable enough to distribute in mass to multiple employees of the companies you are prospecting.

#11: Brand a Microfiber Towel

A microfiber towel can be used in any setting — office, home, washing the car. Brand a towel, and send a note during a perceived low point in your negotiating that encourages your client: “Don’t throw in the towel just yet!” It’s sure to get a laugh and encourage your client to hold on as you work out pending issues.

#12: Customized Luggage Tags

As your client plans to leave for vacation, send a branded set of luggage tags with a note reading: “Tag you’re it! Enjoy your vacation, and we’ll catch you when you’re back!” Be sure to follow up with them after their vacation.

#13: Give Luggage Locks

Branded luggage locks are another great gift to send to a client who is about to go on vacation. Pair them with the luggage tags or send alone with a note reading: “We’re ready to lock up our contract with you — but we’ll wait until you’re back from your vacation. Enjoy!” Be sure to use a TSA-Approved luggage lock to comply with federal regulations.

#14: Send Foam Koozies

A branded set of four custom can coolies is the perfect gift for a summer time deal with a client. Send it along with your client’s favorite beverage with a note about enjoying the summer and relaxing.

#15: Make It Fun with Summer Toys

Branded pool toys — such as beach balls for footballs — is a fun way to make your client smile. Everywhere they swim in their pool, they’ll be reminded of your brand!

#16: Brand a Padfolio

A branded padfolio is a great way to give your client a useful office item that keeps everything in one place. Look for one that has room for a tablet and a cell phone. If you’re about to close the deal with your client, then insert the contract into the padfolio along with one of your promotional pens to sign it.

#17: Send a Messenger Bag Packed with Swag

For a client you are trying to impress, don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money. A custom messenger bag is a great way to do this. Stuff it with a few promotional office items already mentioned in this guide for the perfect office swag bag.

#18: Brand a Tablet Cover

If you know your client uses a tablet, buy custom tablet covers that features your brand or logo. Everyone needs protection for a tablet or computer, and this is the perfect way to tell your client you have them “covered.”

#19: Make a Unique Flash Drive

Flash drives come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and you can customize one to reflect your mascot or logo. Send your drive along with a note telling your client that you’re “storing up” all your great ideas for your upcoming meeting.

#20: Customized Coasters

Coasters are useful to keep condensation from your drinks off your desk, and you can individualize each one to reflect something important to your company and to your client’s — either through photographs, quotes or logos. Be creative and tell your client you’re glad to be “coasting” together.

#21: Brand a Water Bottle

Provide branded water bottles for everyone in your client’s company along with the message to employees that it’s been refreshing to work with them.

#22: Make a Commemorative Plaque

At the end of a contract, give out awards to the clients you worked most closely with such as “MVP” or “Class Clown” via commemorative plaques. This is a great technique for a debriefing/reflection meeting.

#23: Brand a Cell Phone Charger

How many times do you lose your phone charger? The same is probably true for your client. Brand a charger and send a note telling your client or prospect it’s time to “power up” together on your next big idea.

#24: Send an iTunes Playlist

Make an iTunes playlist that reminds your client of the time you spent working on a big project. You can deliver this easily over email and give your “album” a creative name. This gives you a lot of flexibility in being sentimental and funny, as there can be many ups and downs of a long project. Then, purchase a branded set of earbuds. Send the earbuds first with a note of thanks for letting your company “tune in” to your work. The next day, email the album as a surprise touch.

#25: Brand a Briefcase

For a more substantial promotional gift, consider getting a briefcase or a laptop bag subtly branded with the client’s logo. If they love their company, they’ll love sporting a more high-end version of swag that also is useful.

There is literally no limit to the creative approaches in using promotional products to warm up prospects and strengthen the relationship between you and your clients. The more creative you get, the more your gestures will be remembered. Don’t be afraid to be corny in your efforts, Sometimes the funniest antics are the corniest ones.

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