Increase Christmas Spirit at Your Office with these 3 items

3 Must-Haves to Increase Christmas Spirit At Your Office

December is a time of year that many people love. There are plenty of family get-togethers, holiday parties, and company events to celebrate the Christmas season.

There’s no shortage of good foods, especially of the sweet variety!

Overall, you’ll find that most people are in a better mood during this last month of the year. This improved mood is great for customer service at your company, so it’s important to harness that positive mood for better productivity and improved employee morale.

Keeping the Mood Elevated

Poor working conditions can quickly kill Christmas spirit, so make sure your working environment isn’t filled with any of these toxic conditions:

  • Negative attitudes from employees
  • Work overload due to lack of personnel
  • Lack of fun and festive company events
  • Too much rigidity from leadership

Helping to keep your employees happy will lead to more sales and increased productivity. If you notice any of the above conditions, be sure to find out the root cause and fix it. Negativity will spread like a wildfire throughout your office. This will decrease company morale and kill that Christmas spirit.

No one wants to be in a rigid environment where no fun is allowed.

Don’t Be Afraid to Celebrate Christmas at Your Office

Decorating your office with Christmas decorations is a great way to lighten the mood and promote a happier environment. Be respectful of others in your office practicing other religions and include them by allowing them to decorate as they wish for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, and other religious celebrations in December. It’s important for everyone to be respectful of others and their beliefs. In most office settings in the United States, Christmas will be the holiday most widely celebrated.

According to research, approximately 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas.

That means you shouldn’t be afraid to celebrate Christmas at your office as long as you are respectful of those who don’t. If you have Jewish employees, host a celebration in honor of Hanukkah. Your non-Jewish employees won’t mind an extra event with delicious foods and learning about traditions from their co-workers such as spinning dreidels and lighting menorahs.

Items to Promote Christmas Spirit

Custom Santa Hats for the Office

Santa Hats

There’s not much else that can instantly lighten a stuffy office environment than Santa hats. These silly, yet festive, symbols of the Christmas season will make people smile and feel more joy during this time of year.

At the beginning of December, give out custom Santa hats that are either printed or embroidered with your company logo on them. Allow (and encourage) your employees to wear them during the workday to make the work environment a bit more fun during the last month of the year.

Just think, that means no worries about fixing your hair – just don a Santa hat and you’re ready for work!

You can opt for the really cost-effective felt Santa hats that are printed with your logo or go big with the premium plush Santa hats that are embroidered with your logo. The premium hats are much more comfortable and look great.

If your employees interact face-to-face with customers throughout the day, Santa hats are an excellent way to pass on Christmas spirit to your customers. I guarantee most people would rather shop at a store which decorates and actively promotes a joyful environment over a sterile one.

Custom Christmas Stocking for the Office

Christmas Stockings

To improve the Christmas spirit, decorate your office with Christmas stockings.

For added effect, add a magnetic name tag to each stocking and each morning before your employees arrive, add a treat in the stockings for each employee. Similar to an Advent calendar, this gives employees a little dose of excitement each morning anticipating what their treat for the day may be.

No matter what your company colors are, you’ll be able to find your corporate colors with our Exclusive Burlap and Neoprene stockings. With over 50 colors available, these beautiful and unique stockings will look great around your office and perfectly compliment your branding.

If you want traditional red plush stockings, those are available as well.

Decorate the office with custom Christmas ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Decorating a Christmas tree for your office is an easy way to cultivate the Christmas spirit your office environment needs. Whether you choose to go with a real tree or an artificial tree, the decorations on the tree are what matters the most.

Most companies choose to give away custom Christmas ornaments each year to their employees and customers. Keep aside several of the ornaments that year to hang on your office tree.

However, Christmas ornaments don’t have to be reserved only for Christmas trees. You can hang them from the ceiling, from archways, in your office cubicles, and on the walls. Get creative with your locations using Christmas ornaments to make a truly festive office environment.

You can shop all of our holiday ornaments here.

This holiday season, ditch the sterile and undecorated environment. Don’t be so afraid of offending others that you fail to decorate for the majority. Cultivate an environment that is fun and festive and you’ll see more from your employees this holiday season.

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