3 Reasons You Should Brand Reusable Grocery Bags

3 Reasons You Should Brand Reusable Grocery Bags

Do you want to be able to give out a product that you know will help encourage people to be more environmentally friendly and resourceful? Reusable grocery bags are the perfect choice for you because of the many benefits they have to offer!

There are a lot of ways in which your business can use these bags and give them out to existing or potential employees and customers, but we will focus on one specific kind of event where this can happen.

Is your business planning to be a part of a career fair or trade show shortly? Reusable grocery bags are a perfect product for you to give out during these events for several reasons.

The reasons you should brand reusable grocery bags to promote your business will be discussed throughout the article, so read on!

Convenience and Functionality

If you’re giving out branded reusable grocery bags at a trade show or career fair, you can hand them out at a specific booth and offer them as a way people can store items from other giveaways that they participate in.

By giving the bags out this way, you are promoting your business effectively because a reusable bag is something that will serve people continuously. These bags will also have your brand name and logo imprinted on them for everyone to see. People will likely take notice of the bag’s functionality, so your booth will have lots of visitors wanting to get their bag next. It is also a way to peak interest, for prospects will be enticed to learn more about your business at these kinds of events.

These bags are durable and recyclable, meaning your brand logo imprinted on them will be seen over and over again–that means repeat exposure every time they are used. 

Our poly tex grocery bag is a great product to order and give out at your booth. It can be ordered in several different colors, to ensure your branding stays consistent and is represented well.

It is made of high-quality, long-lasting material for hundreds of trips to the grocery store, and allows for plenty of storage for items that you buy.

Another product option for your business to order is our folding poly tex tote, which can be ordered in the colors black, blue, or lime green. It is sure to get the attention at any giveaway because of its folding ability and recyclable qualities.

Less Environmental Impact

Of course, these reusable grocery bags are going to have less of a harmful impact on the environment because they are recyclable. They can be used a lot more often than any single-use plastic bag and are much more reliable because of their durability.

If your business gives these bags away at trade shows and career fairs, the people who will be receiving them will likely take note of your business’s commitment to lessening the harmful impact that products can have on the environment, which is an admirable quality for a business to have.

Another great product option if you are looking for high-quality reusable bags is our Laminated Grocery Tote Bag. It comes available to order in a variety of super fun colors, and all of them have a look that advocates a go-green type of aesthetic. 

Two perfect name examples that represent these available colors are “lime green” and “natural beige.” 

These are great options for any business that promotes going green and caring about the environment, so if you want to portray that to your audience and show that you are part of the solution for the crisis caused by single-use plastic alternatives, these reusable bags are the best way to go!

Anyone who receives these reusable bags is guaranteed to use them for years to come! So your logo will be seen by these people and the rest of the world hundreds of times, and it will be leaving a great impression.


For the quality and benefits that these reusable bags offer, the price of them is unbeatable. And not only are you saving money by ordering and using them, but you’re also saving the planet!

You are promoting the importance of being resourceful in terms of what your business invests in. The use of reusable bags, will not go unnoticed by your employees and customers. 

It is smart to use your spending to buy affordable promotional products that will leave a positive and lasting impression on those whom they are given to, as well as high-quality ones and that will be used many times after the first time. 

Reusable grocery bags acquire every single one of these characteristics, making them the perfect product for your business to invest in.

Reusable Grocery Bags vs. Your Marketing Checklist

If you’ve been meaning to conduct and apply a marketing checklist to potential promotional products for your business, hopefully at least it includes:

  1. Low cost
  2. High impact
  3. Immensely effective

If it does and you’re looking for a product that will check off all of these requirements, look no further than reusable grocery bags. This list doesn’t even go into the other benefits that these bags will offer, such as their undoubted resourcefulness and positive environmental influence.

So if you’re wondering if reusable grocery bags are right for you there’s no other answer except “absolutely!”

At Perfect Imprints, we offer many different reusable bags for you to choose from based on what kind of appearance you want them to have. Whether it is a specific color or laminated style vs. non-laminated, we have got them all.

If you are looking for a bag that will come completely laminated, our laminated non-woven grocery tote is perfect for you. These bags are attractive and durable, and will instantly catch the attention at any trade show or career fair booth.

Visit our website at perfectimprints.com to shop for all the reusable grocery bags we have to offer. You sure are to locate the perfect product you are looking for from the variety of bags we have to choose from, all made from high-quality materials at affordable prices!

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