3 Steps to Using a Beer Bucket the RIGHT Way

You’ve likely been using your beer bucket the wrong way!

The wrong way? Yes, wrong.

Many assume that the way to use an ice bucket is to simply fill the bucket with ice. And the name leads you to believe this, but of course, there are lots of ways to improve on this.

Step 1: Salty or Sweet

Take a bit of warm water and mix it with salt or sugar until fully dissolved. Use about a cup of salt for every gallon that your bucket can hold.

Adding salt or sugar can lower the freezing point of this water, so that the water won’t freeze together with the ice cubes, and also won’t warm the ice making it melt.

Step 2: Add the ice

Okay, this is the part that comes intuitively- just add ice to your ice bucket.

Step 3: Top with cold water and beverages

Pour in some cold water. The water in the ice bath allows the ice cubes to move more freely, so it is easier to place glass bottles in the ice bath, without risk of breaking a bottle.

Once your water is in, add your bottles and beverages and you’re ready to start your business day!

Looking for the right ice bucket?

There are plenty of options of ice buckets to use- but which one is right for you?

The options range in size, material and color!

Smaller buckets come in a plastic option, while all size options come in galvanized metal.

These smaller buckets can be ordered in a rush! For FREE rush service on plastic beer buckets, click here!

Have time to look for just the right bucket? Check out the size tips below ↓

Size options

Beer buckets come in sizes ranging from 5- 68 qt.

A 5 qt bucket usually holds 5-6 beers and is perfect for bars and restaurants. These make great promotions and save your bar staff the labor of constantly ringing up individual beers on busy days.

Sizes in the 44-68 qt range are great for company barbeques and events, or even weddings and private parties. They hold multiple bottles of wine or can hold a variety of beers so that guests have a lot of options. Choosing the right buckets for your bar can be overwhelming. If you still aren’t sure what bucket is right for you, contact us here.

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