Instagram and other social media platforms allow people to communicate with their favorite brands in a fun and engaging way. We all love to follow and interact with our favorite brands on social media. Especially the accounts with photos that standout and the notorious “Instagram aesthetics.” You might be wondering how you can boost customer and audience interaction on your business page. Promotional items are an excellent way to make your page standout and increase social media engagements.

Use promo items as a backdrop to showcase your product.

Promotional items can be used as a backdrop to highlight your brand logo and products. Beach balls and beach towels, for instance, create a bright backdrop that makes your products stand out and shine on user’s newsfeed.

Pictures that cause people to stop can produce a lot of likes, comments, and follows, all of which encourage additional engagement. User’s will stop scrolling and take a closer look if they see a brightly colored image that stands out. So, to go along with your post, be sure to include a good caption with a call to action.

Use promotional products as giveaway items to increase social media engagements

Users enjoy entering giveaways, especially when their favorite brands are involved. Giveaways by themselves can increase engagement on your social media business page since you can require users to like and follow before they can enter.

Giveaways also allow you to distribute promotional products to individuals while also providing them with an item that will remind them of your brand while they are using it. So, choose a promotional item for your gift that your brand’s customers will use again and again.

Give your page an aesthetic that can change with the seasons.

Everyone appreciates an aesthetically pleasing Instagram page, and the most popular accounts take pride in their Instagram feed. Create an eye-catching look with promotional products that are branded with your company’s image.

You can select promotional items that correspond to the current season. Beach balls in the summer and Halloween buckets in the fall are both good. This is also a great tip for selecting items for your social media giveaway.

There is a plethora of other ways to include promotional products on your social media accounts. Another possibility is to send influencers promotional products and let them combine their own ideas to promote your brand and increase engagement. Influencers can link your handle to your brands to lead people back to your page and you can re-share influencer content on your own business account. Get creative and showcase your brand’s personality; your followers will admire and share your page with their friends. If you are looking for promotional items for any season, visit our website at