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4 Major Benefits of Promotional Products

4 Major Benefits of Promotional Products

Much research by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) has shown the benefits of using promotional products to promote your business. The research consistently shows that these tangible marketing items give you a bigger bang for your buck when it comes to cost per impression (the number of times people are exposed to your logo). The cost per impression is much lower than TV, radio, newspaper, and magazines/journals.

Aside from being lower in cost than other forms of advertising, there are major benefits of using promotional products in your advertising and marketing strategy. These benefits help to set your company up for long-term success.

4 Major Benefits of Using Promotional Products

They show generosity – If you give out useful products, particularly those with a high perceived value, you instantly show a spirit of giving. That spirit of generosity makes people want to do business with your company. If you are known to be generous, you are perceived as more trustworthy. Everyone wants to do business with a trustworthy company.

They promote a professional image – There is no shortage of competition in most industries. It is paramount that your company stands out from competitors. Your company image is key to standing out. A professional company image opens many doors in regards to attracting new clients. Giving away quality promotional products helps boost your company image and instills confidence in your company.

They can tell your story – Every business has a story. Some are more interesting than others, but most likely you do have a story to tell. While it’s true that you can and should tell your story through words, you can also reinforce your story with products. Promotional products are the perfect medium to compliment your story. A great story backed by supporting promotional products help people to emotionally connect to your company and can make them feel like they know you.

They increase loyalty – PPAI research has shown that 59% of people who received promotional products had a more favorable impression of that advertiser. That’s a powerful statistic to know. Simply by giving a promotional product to a potential customer, you can help them instantly like you more. While the person who receives your promotional item might not need your services at that time, you can bet your company will be remembered over your competitors simply because of your gift to them. No other type of advertising can generate loyalty like this.

It is well-known that consumers like to do business with people they know, like, and trust, and promotional products can foster all three. This powerful form of marketing can grow your company and set you leagues apart from your competitors. Make sure you put thought into your giveaways to make sure they are worthy gifts. You can’t give koozies, cheap pens, or some other overdone or low-cost promos and expect these results. You must be prepared to invest in high quality and useful promotional items people will want to keep and use often.

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