4 Promotional Soccer Products For Senior Night

Promotional soccer products for senior night

As a local business, it can be challenging to advertise next to larger commercial competitors. However, your business has an advantage over these franchise giants–your community. Chances are you are familiar with the demographic of your city or town. This is the opportunity that you, as a local business, can capitalize on. Due to Covid-19, there has been an even bigger surge to buy local. In New Mexico, government initiatives, community-based outreach and local shops have increased their marketing to drive business to small, independent retailers. Connecting with your community not only strengthens your business but it allows you to support your neighbors. One efficient way to do this is sponsorship of events such as the local high school soccer senior nights. 

Senior nights are special to graduating high school athletes. It is one of the stepping stones for seniors and the perfect event for your business to sponsor. Typically, these events are inexpensive due to the fact that you are catering to the handful of graduating seniors in comparison to supplying large gifts to the rest of the team. Perfect Imprints has you covered with these 4 promotional soccer products for your next senior night sponsorship. 

Promotional Soccer Products For the Seniors 

Gift Boxes 

Perfect Imprints has a selection of gift boxes such as the chocolate soccer ball gift box. The ballotin box is fully customizable with a large space for your business logo and additional artwork or messages. 

As an alternate option, Perfect Imprints offers gift baskets with chocolate soccer balls. This gift basket is wrapped with a large customizable ribbon that comes in 12 colors. Whether it’s the gift box or gift basket you’re sure to leave a sweet impression. 

Bobblehead Fun 

Now, this promotional item is sure to spark some smiles. Perfect Imprints features a unique soccer bobblehead frame. That’s right. Turn the spotlight up with these fun personalizable bobblehead figures. Your business logo will be printed along the base of the bobblehead along with a personal message. Additionally, this bobblehead figure has the biggest potential for client prospects. Consider that this bobblehead will most likely be displayed on a parent’s work desk, bookshelf, etc. Its eye-catching features mean plenty of people will look at it and see your brand. A bobblehead is a must-have tool for your senior night package. 

Customized T-shirts 

Complete your senior night package with Perfect Imprints Retro ringer t-shirt. Available in 5 colors, this shirt throws it back with its vintage contrast ribbed collar and sleeve openings. With 7 printable areas, you can turn this classic shirt into something modern and slick. Further, this promotional product is a walking piece of advertising. More often than not it will be worn again and your brand will reap full exposure. 


Now that seniors have received their senior night gifts, what about the rest of the team? The good thing about the senior night is that the rest of the team does not expect any gifts. The focus is on their graduating classmates. However, you can go above and beyond and surprise the rest of the team with two small and inexpensive gifts. 

The first is chocolate soccer balls packaged in a 3” plastic tube. This gift contains about a handful of chocolate balls wrapped to look like soccer balls. The tube has a thick strip of paper wrapped around it and is fully customizable. 

The next and final gift is a soccer ball squeezie keyring. This stress ball keychain is multifunctional serving as a cool accessory and a tool to help relieve stress. Your logo will look clean and crisp against black and white. An ideal promotional tool for teams. These two promotional items will not only make the rest of the team feel included, but it widens your business advertising and builds a good reputation with the players and parents. 

Head to Perfect Imprints For Your Promotional Soccer Products! 

As a local business, your community is your strongest support! Connecting with your local neighbors can strengthen your company and build a good rapport. Sponsoring events such as the senior nights is a good step towards establishing connections. Contact us now and let us help you in your next senior night sponsorship with promotional soccer products. 

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