4 Ways To Create Engaging Instagram Stories

4 Ways To Create Engaging Instagram Stories--social media management

Today’s blog is about Instagram Stories! Why, you ask? Instagram stories haven’t been around that long in the grand scheme of social media marketing, but they’ve quickly become useful for growing your audience and boosting engagement among your followers.

What makes Instagram Stories unique is that unlike regular timeline posts, this content disappears after 24 hours and shows up in a “carousel ad” type format. This content is much more likely to be seen by your followers because it won’t get buried underneath all the other content on their timeline when you post it.

It also gives you the chance to post more frequently without annoying your followers, but continue to stay in their consideration set. Staying relevant on social media with your marketing strategy is one thing, but creating something engaging is another. Here are 4 ways that you can do so:

1. Create a series & post regularly

Creating a series is a great strategy to make sure you’re posting regularly on your Instagram story and keeping your audience entertained. This also gives way to easier planning when you’re putting together your content calendar for the next month or so.

Content creation done in a series will keep certain types of marketing campaigns and advertisements in a cohesive format and will seem more relevant to your consumers. If you post lots of variety in too high frequencies, it will seem confusing and all over the place.

Unfortunately, there is such a thing as too much variety, and it causes more problems than anything. This can even go so far as to push consumers away by annoying them and potentially overexposing them.

An easy way to do a series is by planning out the content in advance and by keeping things the same font, colors, and overall format. This will be aesthetically pleasing to consumers and create consistent associations with your brand and the material they’re viewing.

2. Post content that users can learn from or interact with

Instagram has become a platform with such a wide variety of advertisement and content posting options that there’s endless opportunity for originality. However, now consumers want and need content that is more interactive to hold their interest.

One great way to do this is with polls and questions on your Instagram stories. Both of these will further involve the consumer and urge them to stop swiping mindlessly through your story.

More often than not, they’ll pause to read the question and take the poll with a quick tap of their preferred option.Similarly, you can ask them questions and see their responses. This is a great way to get feedback from your followers and gain valuable information for decision-making. 

Another idea for this is to use templates that viewers can screenshot, fill out, and repost on their own story. Not only does this bring the engagement you’re looking for, but it shows your content to that consumer’s followers as well.

3. Keep it on brand and add links

While there are plenty of options and ideas you can implement to create engaging Instagram stories, a golden rule for this is to keep everything on brand. Consumers shouldn’t have to work very hard to determine what brand’s content they’re looking at.

If anything, it should be quite obvious by including your logo or company name at the very least on the graphics and content you post on your story. This will also aid in making sure the viewers associate that content with your brand itself and remember it.

Additionally, to boost engagement and even boost your sales while doing so, you can link products and sites in your Instagram stories. This is a great opportunity when advertising a new product launch because users can swipe up on the story and go straight to order one for themselves.

The more convenient and simple it is for consumers to make a purchase, the more likely they are to do so, making this option something you should definitely take advantage of. With the combination of branding properly through your stories and adding links here and there to draw users to your site, your engagement will increase in no time!

4. Tag, countdown stickers, and reposting

Another capability of Instagram stories is that you can tag accounts – meaning other accounts can tag you as well. If someone makes a purchase, loves it, and wants to show it off, they can post on their own stories about you and tag you in it, therefore bringing in more viewers!

This is also very convenient for when you’re partnering with another company or have a “brand ambassador” of some kind. Celebrity and influencer endorsements can work wonders for growing your engagement, and your Instagram story is the best place to advertise these partnerships.

One feature of these stories is the countdown sticker. This will create a sense of excitement and something for consumers to look forward to when adding a countdown sticker to a new product launch or sale. It will also remind them that it’s coming up and keep it in the back of their mind.

Some companies will even do giveaways on their stories by asking users to do something simple and easy like reposting and tagging you on their own stories. This is another opportunity to spread your name to audiences you potentially haven’t reached yet, and is another chance for engagement between you and your target audience.


There are plenty of innovative ways to create Instagram Stories that are engaging, interesting, and exciting. The key is to do it in the right frequency, branding it properly, and making it interactive and cohesive.

There’s little doubt that you’ll post an Instagram story and it goes unseen by your target. However, it has to be done in a way that your consumers are urged to do something, even if that something is to make a mental note to peruse your website’s offerings later that week.

Engaging Instagram stories are a result of creativity, investment, and proper marketing strategies. Here at, Perfect Imprints social media marketing is our middle name. Ready to engage with your customers yet? We are!

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