Promotional products are items branded with your company’s logo, slogan, or name. These products are often used in marketing or sales to help promote your company.

I’m sure at some point you’ve seen a company handing out branded items like cups, shirts, bags, pens, and more. These are considered promotional products and are much more effective forms of promotion than you may think.

Most often when companies hand out promotional products, these items get carried around and used for months and sometimes even years when they’re reusable items. This means you’re getting an immeasurable amount of advertising and publicity from promotional products!

If you aren’t convinced this is a great strategy to use for your marketing, here are five fun facts about promotional products.

1) 88% of people remember the advertiser on a promotional product.

According to, 88 % of people remember the advertiser on a promotional product. This can apply whether they are the person who received the promotional product, or someone who saw it being used.

Promotional products aren’t like giant billboards or social media advertisements that seem to be everywhere you look, and sometimes even feel like they’ve been shoved in your face. With promotional products, these are subtly seen in places repetitively by people.

For example, let’s say you order custom mugs with your company’s logo on them. You then hand out one of those mugs to a client, Bob, who is an avid coffee drinker. The mug quickly becomes Bob’s favorite coffee mug, and he begins bringing it to work every day.

While the mug is sitting on his desk, every co-worker, superior, friend, and really anyone who interacts with Bob and sees the mug on his desk is now at least vaguely familiar with your company and logo.

This becomes especially effective when people see this logo repeatedly over a series of days or weeks. Before you know it, simply giving Bob a new favorite mug has given your company tons of advertising!

2) Promotional products are the #1 most effective form of advertising.

The PPAI, Promotional Products Association International, states that promotional products are the #1 most effective form of advertising.

The reason that promotional products are more effective than other forms of advertising is that they allow the brand to connect with consumers by engaging their senses, as well as connecting with them in a physical way.

This is more direct and memorable than other traditional forms of marketing, which is why it is more effective in connecting with the consumer.

3) 74% say promotional products contributed to a campaign’s success.

The Promotional Products Association International also states that 74% of companies say promotional products contributed to a campaign’s success.

To put it simply, promotional products can contribute significantly to the success of a campaign because it increases the visibility of your brand. Not only that, but it increases brand awareness, makes your brand more recognizable to consumers.

With smaller or local companies, promotional products can also build a sense of community and grow brand loyalty with those who receive these products. Consumers love receiving free items, and if they can use them, they will most likely keep them.

Many consumers have said that if they receive a promotional cup, it usually stays in their cabinet for years and is used often. This just proves the lasting power of a promotional product on consumers.

4) 83% of people like receiving promotional products. says that 83% of people like receiving promotional products, and it makes sense!

If you were to go and look through your t-shirt drawer, pens, hats, reusable bags, and maybe even spare notebooks, how many promotional products would you find?

Personally, I have rarely been in a house where there weren’t at least five promotional cups in their cabinet. Why do you think that is?

Promotional products don’t go out of style! T-shirts can be washed and worn over and over just like cups can be washed and reused. Pens will most likely exist on someone’s desk for at least a year, and will definitely be used.

How many times have you ever been offered a promotional product and didn’t take it? Everyone loves receiving free things, which is why promotional products are such a good idea for advertising your business.

5) 85% of recipients do business with the advertiser on the product.

Our last fun fact about promotional products is also from – 85% of recipients do business with the advertiser on the product.

Possibly the most important fact, this tells us that not only do promotional products become memorable and useful, but they actually result in real business transactions.

While brand awareness and recognition are very important in advertising, it is a worthless investment if your strategy isn’t resulting in some sort of profit eventually. That’s why promotional products are great for almost any business to promote their company.

The end goal of your marketing and sales strategy should always be to profit and keep your company running.

Those who receive promotional products from your company are sure to be grateful for it, and likely will feel inclined to give your company a chance at the very least. Efforts like this are memorable for consumers, which is one of the reasons why it can result in doing business with them.

Bottom Line – Promotional Products Work!

The main takeaway from the above 5 fun facts about promotional products is that they work.

Most consumers will remember your brand from promotional products, they are the most effective form of advertising, most agree that they help lead a campaign to success, most consumers like receiving these items, and the majority of people who receive these products will end up doing business with your company.

Marketing and sales can be difficult when you’re trying to figure out what the best strategies and channels are for your business. However, chances are that promotional products are a worthy investment for your company. Facts don’t lie, promotional products do work! If you don’t believe me, go see how many promotional products you have in your house.