5 Great Gifts For EMS Week

5 Great Gifts for EMS Week - Gifts for Paramedics and EMTs

EMTs and paramedics sacrifice a lot for the sake of their jobs. But it’s not just a job to them. It is a chosen lifestyle. The EMS way of life is in their blood, and for most, it’s there for the duration.

Those involved in EMS work long hours, which means extended time away from their families. It means missed baseball games and ballet recitals. The lifestyle causes interrupted sleep, skipped meals, and constant stress. This can take its toll on health and family life. These dedicated emergency medical providers do this out of love for their patients.

And they rarely receive the recognition and thanks they deserve.

I dare you to try to find a profession that requires more continuing education than a paramedic. Most people automatically start thinking about nurses or doctors….not even close to the number of required continuing education. The training and re-certification process for paramedics requires a minimum of 76 continuing education hours every two years (includes NREMT refresher, additional CEU hours, CPR certification, and ACLS.

Because of their dedication to the duties of the job, they deserve not only a pat on the back but a nice gift.

EMS Week is the perfect time to show your appreciation for all they do. Below you’ll find a list of 5 great gifts (personalized with your company logo) for EMTs and paramedics to show your thanks during EMS Week. These are gift hand-picked by a fellow paramedic, who understand the treacherous work EMTs and paramedics endure.

5 Great EMT & Paramedic Gifts For EMS Week

Rechargeable LED Flashlight

This is not an ordinary LED flashlight. This flashlight is incredibly bright with a 1300 lumen output on the high setting. These come in a sleek, black gift box with the charger and high-efficiency rechargeable batteries. This is hands down the best flashlight I have ever owned. These flashlights will illuminate an entire scene. The battery charges will last for several shifts under normal use. A small logo or line of text is laser engraved on the side, with an optional engraving location available on the opposite side. If the pictured flashlight is out of your budget, here’s a great alternative: Dual Output LED Flashlight. Flashlights are a necessary tool for EMS workers since they are frequently working MVCs at night, entering dark houses, as well as other poorly lit scenes.

Balmain Tactical Pen Set

Part of the job entails writing. Whether you are handwriting detailed reports or recording vital signs on a critical patient, a medic needs a good, quality pen. These tactical pens have a graphite barrel with a geometric detailed hand grip that all EMS personnel will love. The premium black ink will write smoothly, every time. Additionally, the ballpoint stylus pen is great for touchscreens, such as phones and tablets. Both of these pens are available individually as well: Balmain Tactical Ballpoint Stylus Pen or Balmain Tactical Roller Ball Pen.

Don’t get these pens confused with the “patient pens.” You can bet no medic will let their patients touch their “good pen.” No sir. When they ask patients to sign their paperwork, they’ll hand them a cheap, disposable pen. If you inexpensive pens you’ll throw away every time a bloody or otherwise unclean hand uses it, try these any of these low priced pens.

Tactical Heavy-Duty Duffel Bag

When working 24-hour shifts, a durable duffel bag is a must. Some rural ambulance services work 48 or 72-hour shifts. These extended shifts require a lot of packing. Not only do medics have to transport their normal gear such as their stethoscope and flashlight, but also extra clothing in case of a messy call. Their bag takes a beating, so durability is a must. These tactical bags are made just for this. While most durable duffels are made from 600D polyester, these are made of 900D polyester. You can bet this bag will last for many years. There are pockets and webbing to store your accessories, as well as a reserved spot for your boots. The side can be printed with your service name or a simple star of life. Have you already provided duffels? If so, check out the Tactical Computer Backpack or the Tactical Messenger Bags.

Tactical Pocket Knife

Everyone in the field needs a good pocket knife on a daily basis. Whether you have to cut the seat belt strap off a patient who was involved in an MVC or protecting yourself from a violent subject who is high on PCP or meth. These gunmetal folding tactical knives with stainless steel construction are durable and great for paramedics. Your logo is laser engraved on the blade. The fast open locking mechanism is perfect for emergency situations. The carry pouch with a belt loop ensures your knife will be handy when you need it. Aside from cutting clothing, a good knife is much preferred by most paramedics over trauma shears. Other knife suggestions: See the Carbine Tactical Knife or the Carbon Fiber Tactical Knife.

40 oz. Takeya ThermoFlask Bottle

It’s not uncommon for EMTs and paramedics to be running calls for hours straight without a break. Staying hydrated is extremely important, especially when working on scenes of summer motor vehicle collisions or house fires. These 40-ounce bottles are constructed with vacuum insulated stainless steel construction. That means your ice will last all day to keep your water cold, even during the summer months. The lid unscrews for a wide mouth opening to easily add ice and has a drinking spout with a leak-proof locking lid. These premium water bottles will be the new favorites for your crew. See all of the other available colors, sizes, and options here.

National EMS Week is about recognizing EMS workers who have dedicated their lives to helping the public. EMTs and paramedics provide an incredible service for which we should all be thankful. At a moment’s notice, most citizens are within a few minutes of an EMT or paramedic willing and ready to offer medical assistance. These gifts have been recommended for EMTs and paramedics by a veteran paramedic. EMS crews appreciate the rare gifts they receive, making them become more dedicated than ever to serving their community.

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