Top 5 Promotional Products to Get You Ready For The Chicago Auto Show

Promotional products for the Chicago auto show

Picture an event with over 1 million visitors. What would an opportunity with that large of a consumer scale mean for your business? And what if, say, 88% of those visitors remembered your company’s name and services? This event would be none other than the Chicago Auto Show. Considered as of the largest auto shows in the United States, it brings together car enthusiasts from across the country. The Chicago Auto Show is a platform every marketer dreams of advertising and networking in. As a business, reaching more consumers and strategizing the best ideas to make money is one of the top priorities. There are different angles to go about these ideas, however, the use of promotional products is one of the best. A promotional product is a form of advertising that allows consumers to interact physically with a brand, resulting in a more memorable brand experience. 88% of promotional product recipients remember the name of the advertiser on the products, with 85% of those recipients doing business with the advertiser. Consider placing a pop-up booth at the Chicago Auto Show with these 5 promotional products by Perfect Imprints

Promotional Keychains 

Keychains are a classic promotional product for a few reasons: 

  • Practicality 
  • Portability 
  • Inexpensive 
  • High utility value 
  • High emotional value 

Keychains offer a powerful tool for advertising. Patrons typically keep this promotional product for a while. The power behind a keychain is that they are attached to a consumer’s personal belongings. This means it has a high retention rate due to exposure. Especially if the keychain is multifunctional like Perfect Imprints Apri bottle opener key chain. This elegant, polished, chrome metal bottle opener keyring is perfect for the upscale car enthusiast. 

For those who prefer less polish and more practicality, Perfect Imprints carries a unique rubber tape measure key tag. Featuring a 39” retractable steel tape, this keychain is great for the custom car enthusiast. Inexpensive and multifunctional keychains are a good way for consumers to remember your company’s name. 

Promotional Ice Scrapers 

Ice scrapers are essential for those who live in colder climates–making them notable promotional products. Consider, customers will have to purchase this basic winter product, so why not give them something they need for free? Every year people always purchase another one. So take that inconvenience away by providing promotional ice scrapers. Perfect Imprints supplies a selection of high-quality and inexpensive ice scrapers like The Gripper or the Polar ice scraper. Break the ice at the Chicago auto show with this fully customizable ice scraper. 

Promotional Tire Gauges 

This promotional item is a niche. This is not like the previous items mentioned where marketing can be geared towards a general group of consumers. General consumers will not appreciate this promotional product, but a car enthusiast will. Having a custom tire gauge at your company’s pop-up will show car consumers that your company is catering to their needs. Perfect Imprints has a variety of these promotional products, running from our high-pressure aluminum tire gauge to a full-service digital tire gauge. Show that your company knows how to read PSI with promotional tire gauges. 

Customizable Car Magnets 

On the marketing side, magnets are similar to walking advertisements–if you could walk 70 mph. To a consumer group like our car enthusiast, it’s a badge. A few years ago, I worked at an indoor soccer facility where they giveaway promotional car magnets in the shape of their company logo. Everyone in that facility had one thing in common: soccer. Eventually, every customer and staff in that facility had one of these magnets on their vehicles. For the business owners, it was free advertising, but for everyone else, it was a pride stamp. The staff was proud to work at this facility and the customers bragged about their indoor league teams. Same concept. The consumers in the Chicago auto show have one thing in common: automotive. Capitalize on this with Perfect Imprints Classic car magnet. Consider having your company logo on this magnet alongside the Chicago auto show logo, and you the perfect badge of pride for any car consumer. 

Customizable Air Fresheners

The last promotional product on the list is what I call car candy. Air fresheners leave consumers with a lasting impression. Typically, the product itself lasts longer in the vehicle than the scent. Meaning consumers forget to throw this product away or some even collect it. This makes for a subtle yet flawless advertising product. Perfect Imprints features a fully customizable and economical paper air freshener. Your company logo or design will not only become the shape of the product, but with over 50 scent selections, it will surely leave a lasting impression. 

Rev It Up At The Chicago Auto show! Contact Us Today! 

Shift it into overdrive with these 5 promotional products at the largest car exhibit in America–The Chicago Auto Show! Promotional products are the most effective and efficient way to expand your business to these car consumers. Let us at Perfect Imprints help you with our high-quality, customizable products. Contact us today!

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