5 Reasons to Use Headphones: Promotional Headphones for Every Budget

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Headphones are used by over 77% of the U.S. adult population.

That’s not including kids, students, the elderly, or individuals in music-related fields!

With laptops, smartphones, video games and a variety of other electronics, it’s clear why this number has jumped by almost 20% since 2016. And with people working in collective office spaces or cubicles daily, that number is only increasing.

Beyond traditional pairs, headphones now offer even more advanced options. There are headphones that can be customized by preference: color, in vs. over ear, small or large. There is Bluetooth compatibility for a hands-free experience. There are even completely cordless earbuds.

And when you consider the impact of advertising on these headphone options, the opportunities are endless. Why wouldn’t you want to tap into a product that millions of people are using every single day?

For consumers who value their electronics, finding quality headphones is of utmost importance. But if these consumers can find a pair of your quality custom promotional headphones, that carries even more value for your business!

From the reasons and benefits of using headphones to market your business to the type of customization options, here is everything you need to know about headphones.

What Makes a Good Pair of Headphones?

Headphones are used for a variety of reasons. For some, it may be because of a shared office or living space and the ability to listen to music without interrupting people in the surrounding area. For others, it may be to listen without interruption or background noise.

Some individuals may prefer to use headphones for exercising, for example, or on a commute to and from work. Other people may prefer them purely for fashion or aesthetic reasons.

Regardless of the reasoning for use, quality pairs of headphones have a few things in common:

Must-Have Features for Good Headphones

They have superior sound quality. Above anything else, a good pair of headphones has superior sound quality. When you’re listening to music or a podcast, you don’t want anything to be muffled or distant. Instead, the sound should be clear, sharp, and able to be heard without reaching max volume.

They offer isolation from the outside world. Unlike speakers or larger sound systems, headphones are designed to create a solo sound experience. The best type of headphones are noise-cancelling, meaning they prevent outside distractions from interfering with your listening.

They are comfortable. To be effective, headphones have to be comfortable. This goes beyond padded buds, which actually aren’t always preferred by users. Some people may like over-the-ear buds that sit comfortably on top of the ear. Others may like larger headphones that cover the ear altogether. Your preference is entirely personal, but regardless of what suits you, the headphones should be comfortable and non-intrusive.

Simple to set up and use. Headphones shouldn’t be complicated. These products are used by both adults and children alike, so regardless of the specifications, the pair should be able to both connect and function with ease.

Bluetooth headphones, like Bluetooth speakers, should be able to seamlessly connect with an outside device to sync music. Although this will take a little bit of set up initially, it should be fairly easy moving forward. And once connected, the Bluetooth sync should auto connect whenever the headphones are turned back on.

Safe to use. A quality pair of headphones can and should gauge sound to prevent damage to your ears. Because so many headphones pose a risk for hearing loss, a quality pair should have great sound, while still encouraging ear safety.

Reasonably priced. Some headphones are more expensive than others based on the name, brand, or current popularity. While this isn’t always an indication of quality, it’s important to determine what your preference is.

Sometimes investing a bit more into your headphones can prove to be beneficial. Other times you can find a pair that’s on the lower end in terms of cost but is still top-notch.

When it comes to finding custom promotional headphones, prices can vary. Although there isn’t necessarily the option for purchasing a name brand pair, there are comparable (if not exactly similar!) styles. The benefit, though, is that you can customize these styles to fit your business goals.

And depending on the quality you’re looking to purchase, you may find that buying more reduces the cost.

The Benefits of Quality Headphones

Safety: When you invest in a good pair of headphones, you’re not only giving yourself excellent sound quality, but you’re also saving your ears from potential damage. Listening to something at too loud of volume or for too long of a time can cause hair cells in your ears to lose sensitivity. This can lead to hearing loss if you aren’t careful.

Having the right pair of headphones can manage the volume to prevent you from listening too loudly. Some headphones (and smartphones, too!) even allow you to create settings for yourself to prevent you from accidentally setting the volume too high.

Ability to Focus: Quality headphones can create a personal workspace, even in a crowded area. With headphones that block out outside sound, you can focus better on your current task. For some people, this can increase motivation and attention as well.

Relevant and Effortless Way to Advertise: If you’re looking for a simple but effective way to advertise your company or business, custom logo headphones are the way to go. When you purchase in bulk — for everything from an office party, to mass marketing efforts — you can lower the cost without compromising on quality.

Promotional headphones offer all the same features as name brands but allow for merchandise to be branded with your company, rather than another’s. Plus there is an option for every price range.

Promotional Headphones for Every Budget

When it comes to advertising or marketing, finding unique ways to reach your customers is important. With promotional headphones, you have the option to do that with a product you know people will use.

Through Perfect Imprint, we offer a variety of headphones for every budget:

Over-Ear Headphones: This headphone type is larger and encompasses the entire year. Often preferred by avid music lovers, musicians, and gamers, this style of headphones tends to block outside sound better than smaller buds.

Noise-canceling Headphones: This category of headphones blocks outside noise entirely for a smooth audio experience. This style often comes in larger sizes, but it can be found in earbuds, too.

Active Wear Wireless Headphones: These headphones are geared specifically for athletes/runners or people who are always on the move. This style is lightweight and often rests over the ear for less intrusion while moving.

Some brands offer a band that rests around the neckline, others have a loose cord that hangs down the user’s back. This is up to personal preference, but both options offer the ability to adjust where the cord or band sits.

Earbuds: If traditional headphones are less preferred, there’s the option for earbuds instead. These tiny buds are perfect for people who are active to prevent falling out of the ear. They also work for people who are looking to listen discreetly or in a shared space. Some earbuds come with thin cords, but most are wireless.

The only downside to earbuds is that they typically don’t include microphone options, or if they do, the microphones aren’t as powerful as other styles.

Other headphone options include ones that fold for easy transport or ones that come with a built-in speaker. For a full list of our promotional headphone options, click here.

5 Reasons to Use Promotional Headphones to Market Your Business

  1. There are a variety of options for every type of person. From an avid musician to marathon-runner, there is a pair of headphones for every type of person. What you choose to purchase for your business simply depends on who you’re trying to advertise and appeal to.
  2. Headphones are highly popular. The Consumer Electronics industry is expected to generate over $337,754 million in 2019. That’s an incredibly high number! A smart business move would be to tap into that industry for an organic and cost-effective way to advertise.
  3. People are using them already. With a large percentage of the population using headphones already, it makes sense to offer these products as an option within your business. Not only can you tap into an adult population, but the youth, too! People of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life are using headphones — why not use them to promote what you do?
  4. They make great gifts. You can use these custom logo headphones as promotional gifts during office parties or end-of-the-quarter/year celebrations. There is also the option to offer these custom headphones as incentives to your staff for meeting bonuses or goals.
  5. They are affordable. Headphone prices differ, of course, but there is always an affordable option. Depending on who you’re advertising to, and what your marketing strategy is, you can find a cost-effective product. And oftentimes you can find this by ordering your headphones in bulk.

How to Save Money by Ordering Bulk

To cut advertising costs, it’s best to buy promotional headphones in bulk. As the amount of headphones increases, the overall cost decreases. Bulk ordering can help you to both save money and get quality products in the hands of your consumers with minimal effort.

Plus, with different design options, you can easily put your company logo on headphones.

Where to Order

With Perfect Imprint, your first step is to select the pair of headphones you’d like to customize. Think about what type of consumer would buy your custom headphones and what style he or she would prefer based on preferences or activity levels.

If you have a company that’s geared towards exercise and fitness, it might be beneficial to use an active brand of headphones, like this pair, for example. If you want your headphones to be small and lightweight, you might opt for a pair of earbuds instead.

After you’ve chosen your design, you’ll need to select the quality. Your savings will increase for 5, 25, 75, and 150 pairs respectively. This information can be found on the order page after you’ve selected your design.

You can choose the decoration details next. This includes your logo artwork and placement. There’s an option to add your logo to one place, and one additional spot for an added charge.

For artwork and logos, it’s best to use a smaller design or graphic. Something that’s more complicated might not print well. And because you’re working with a smaller area, to begin with, it may be more difficult to see.

Now You’re Ready to Order

Now that you’ve determined the benefits of advertising with promotional headphones, the reasons headphones are useful as marketing tools, and the ways you can customize pairs for your customer base, it’s time to get started.

Headphones are not only products that people will use (and enjoy!), but when you uniquely customize them, they will serve as walking advertisements for your business.

To order, go to our headphones or earbuds pages and browse through our styles. You can also search through our hot and trending products right here, if you’re interested.

For additional information on our electronic-related products and other creative marketing ideas head to our music and audio page.

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