Small, effective and useful, matchbooks are the ideal way to promote. Matchbooks are also widely collected. From their favorite pub to the golf club, matchbooks are a fantastic choice for promotional items.

They are easy to use and easy to store. Buying in bulk cuts costs and the product doesn’t require a lot of space. It’s perfect because it something people will use and keep.

Benefits of Matchbooks

Matchbooks serve the same purpose as a business card, but with a sticking difference. They also provide people with a useful tool. 

  • You can get all your information on the matchbook
  • Easy to handout
  • Unlimited options
  • Inexpensive
  • Stand out
  • Be remembered

It’s a nice touch, to hand someone a matchbook, whether they actually smoke or not is beside the point. It’s a nice throwback to a time when advertising and promotion were not online. 

Ways to Use Your Matchbooks 

Getting your logo and business name on the matchbook is standard. But there is so much more you can do with them. Because you can have anything you like printed on them, you can get as creative as you like. 

You can use whatever colors you like, or a combination of colors. Use your own company colors for instant recognition. You will get the same response with your logo. 

Designs by Design

Matchbooks are an obvious choice if you own a local pub or cigar shop. But it doesn’t have to only things that may or may not include smoking. You can make the matchbook resemble anything you need it to. 

If you own a bookstore, the matchbooks can resemble books. They open up the same way and are a unique and novel way to sell novels. Reading is often associated with a roaring fire or enjoying a pipe or cigarette. 

Use Humor

While there is nothing funny about needing a plumber, everyone needs one at a certain point in their lives. Use a clever and funny design to make people smile and they will remember you the next time they need a plumber. 

A funny picture of an animal or an animated cartoon will also get shared around. People love to spread fun and funny things. It’s the perfect way to get remembered.

Matchbooks are a Keepsake

People will not throw away a matchbook. A business card will go missing or soon be forgotten, but a matchbook will be kept. People need matches for any number of things.

Lighting a fire on camping trips, at home in the fireplace, lighting candles whether out of necessity or want and for smokers. People use matches all the time, so not just a novelty item, but a functioning useful promotional tool.

It’s the perfect keepsake for a wedding or anniversary party. If you are a photographer, caterer, flower shop or clothing store, you can get far more business just by showing up.

Conversation Piece

The conversation starts when someone notices your matchbook. Whether it’s from a new club or restaurant, a paintball company, the bookstore or the plumber you called the other day. People notice matches.

It tells a tale without saying anything. It can make the person holding them far more interesting than originally thought. It opens people’s minds to new places of interest, the new hardware store, the new cannabis shop or the new bakery. 

People can pull out a package of matches and find a whole new world of conversation, like-minded people and even find a date or two. All because of your clever matchbook. 

Leave Them Behind

The beauty of matchbooks is that you don’t need to be in the hospitality business to reap the benefits. Even if your business doesn’t seem to be connected to matches, it is still a very effective advertising tool. 

Not only can you get your matchbooks with your business on them in places where people gather, but you can also leave them behind at places you visit. Drop a few matchbooks at the pub, at the zoo, in a restaurant, at the barbers, any place people will see them and pick them up.

Just leaving a few packages of matches on the bar at your local pub or on the table at a local diner will draw attention. People will always pick them up and keep them. 

Pick Your Size

You can make up several different sizes of matchbooks for your logo and business name. You may want to make up a few different ones, depending on the type of product or service you provide. 

Matches still matter. They are very useful and very popular. They are still one of the most cost-effective ways to promote and advertise and people will always take and keep a package of matches. Strike a deal, strike up a conversation, strike a match. 

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