5 Winter Apparel Pieces to Boost Fourth Quarter Sales

5 Winter Apparel Pieces To Boost Your Fourth Quarter Sales

Temperatures have dropped, but fourth quarter sales don’t have to! 

North America is one of the largest markets to support customized apparel. According to global research, custom apparel is predicted to rise in numerous markets worldwide. While the fourth quarter (Q4) is often the busiest time of year–heading into the holidays and all, it is also the time to monetize any and every opportunity that comes your way. Businesses often call it the ‘final crunch’!

The real question, though, is how can personalized apparel pieces be used to boost fourth quarter sales? When companies take the initiative to invest in their business, it likely turns out to be in their favor. Whether you decide to give these promotional items as gifts, giveaways, or products to be sold, these five items are worth the investment for fourth quarter sales ROI.

Winter Apparel to Increase Fourth Quarter Sales

Custom Beanies 

Custom beanies are one of the most popular apparel items. When looking to boost your fourth quarter sales, be sure to include these. Not only are you ensuring the well-being of your clients by keeping them toasty during the winter, but you are benefitting as well! Since beanies are meant to be worn on a head, they make for the perfect opportunity to be seen as a central item. For some, they can even be eye level!

Because beanies are extremely popular, you can either choose to give them away or sell them for added revenue in your fourth quarter sales.

Custom Pom Pom Team beanies

  • If you run a sports shop, are involved in sporting events, or just have a passion for a specific team, this is for you! This custom knit beanie reveals three team colors and has a pom pom on top. It makes for the ultimate team beanie and is great for winter sporting events. Fans are able to represent their team all while staying warm and fashionable.

Fleece-Lined Beanie

  • For a business that works primarily outside or a business that is just looking out for the well-being of clients during the winter, this beanie is for you! Fleece-lined beanies are casual and can be worn any cold or chilly time of the year. The added fleece-lining provides extra-warth to this everyday beanie. For more versatility, we made sure to provide plenty of color options.

Branded Scarves 

What better way to to wrap up the fourth quarter sales than with scarves and added sales? To sum up the reason you should incorporate scarves in your fourth quarter, they are versatile and they serve a purpose. 

We use scarves:

  1. For our necks 
  2. As accessories
  3. For our hair
  4. For sweat
  5. As handkerchiefs
  6. And in 2020, we used scarves as masks 

The list goes on, but how much more can you ask for from one object?

Spectator Scarf

  • The spectator scarf is as adaptable as any. Pair this with a team jersey or a suit and tie! It makes the winter season just that more comfortable. The fabric makes it breathable and warm, all while the fringe ends make it fashionable and gender-neutral. 

Fleece Scarf with Pockets

  • When people compliment you on your new scarf, don’t forget to mention that it has pockets! This is such a fun and useful idea! Put your keys, card, and phone all in your new promotional scarf! The fleece lining makes it especially soft against skin, so this would even be a great item for children to wear–don’t be surprised if you find Hot Wheels in the pockets, though!

Personalized Socks

Let’s be honest, socks are always in high demand. Sometimes, “dirty” socks get reused in the same week because you ran out and forgot to do laundry. We know how it goes! While socks are great anytime of the year, they are especially great for winter. No one likes cold toes.

Performance No Show Socks

  • No show socks are excellent any time of the year and will actually be used–dirty or clean, apparently! Add a business logo to a pair of these and get multiple year round impressions!

Multi-Sport Tube Socks

  • Because we’re talking about the fourth quarter and sales, let’s chat about ski resorts, winter apparel shops, and college universities! These places are prone to bring in money come fourth quarter! Why? They use the holidays and temperature to their business advantage! Tube socks are included in this business marketing scheme! They protect the client, athlete, or employee from frostbitten toes and anyone can wear socks. Upgrade your wholesale with personalized tube socks.

Jackets / Sweatshirts

Popular sports brands such as Nike and Adidas have made the habit–or trend if you will– amongst people to walk around blindlessly parading their logos around. Talk about genius and talk about free marketing–what a bang for your buck! Your brand, business, company, or organization can be doing the same thing! Plaster your name or logo on our high quality material jackets and sweatshirts! Take your ROI to the next level in the fourth quarter!

 Hooded Insulated Work Jacket

  • These jackets work well for those who have to work outside and endure the harsh weather conditions–for example, home improvement companies or construction workers. Our hooded insulated work jackets are beautifully crafted and durable! It is sure to keep employees warm throughout the winter so their work is not affected by weather conditions! Even though it is made to keep the recipient warm, it is still comfortable and flexible–no stiff movements!

  Heavyweight Crewneck Sweatshirt

  • Our heavyweight crewneck sweatshirts provide the utmost warmth. These sweatshirts were made to be durable and comfortable. The crewneck is unisex and comes in different color selections. This would be a great apparel item to consider for teams or clubs! This would also be a great apparel item to resell to customers–a company who experiences a high volume of tourists.


Gloves are obviously the most important winter item to have at all times! It’s the only thing that keeps your hands warm during a snowball fight and you never know when one of those is going to break out! Kidding, of course! But it is extremely important to be available at all times during the winter season. Whether you need to stay close to your phone to close a sale or to communicate with the ones you care about, always be ready!

 Touch Screen Gloves

  • Decorate touch screen gloves with your logo! Increase brand recognition all while handling business per usual! These are great for contract-based companies, tech companies, and even gardening shops! Since basically everyone these days has a smartphone, you’re not limited to how you can incorporate these in your fourth quarter crunch!

Improve Your Fourth Quarter Now!

We are a business, too! We understand how demanding the fourth quarter crunch is. We offer digital marketing plans and promotional items for your company advertising! Perfect Imprints can help in more ways than one! For more information on how you can increase your fourth quarter sales, contact us today or shop now!

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