6 Advertising Firms You Should NEVER Use

Advertising Firms You Should Never Use

Below I’ve referenced 6 different advertising agencies you should ditch immediately. Take a few minutes to evaluate your current agency for correlations. If your current marketing firm seems to fit these six agencies below, you’re likely losing market share to your competitors. We are in an age of advertising where it is mandatory to be very different from your competition. Doing the same thing you’ve done for the past 10 years won’t cut it anymore. It’s time to be bold. Be brave. It’s time for change.

Black Marketing, LLC

So many agencies claim to offer SEO (search engine marketing) services. They make promises of high search engine rankings for a monthly fee when all they really do is generate a report each month for you. Others perform many types of “Black Hat” tactics done in the name of SEO, which seem to help you in the short term, but in the end get your website penalized by Google. These penalties will drop your website rankings completely out of Google searches. Make certain your SEO agencies only use “White Hat” strategies with your SEO. Additionally, if an agency sells SEO services, make certain their own website ranks at the top of the search engines for many related keyword terms. If they can’t get their own site to rank high, what makes you think they can get your site to rank high? This is a simple case of practice what you preach.

Commoditized Promos, Inc.When promotional products become only about price, you lose personal service and creativity. You also lose the consultative approach…the advice suggesting a better quality or a better value to meet your goals. Additionally, product safety also becomes a concern due to “cheap” suppliers who fail to test their products, leaving you vulnerable to product safety violations and lawsuits. Product safety testing costs money, but that little bit of extra money helps protect your company.

It’s creativity and expertise which turn your promotional products campaigns from mundane to magnificent. When products are commoditized, it becomes more about finding a product versus finding THE product. The win is most often the creativity in the way the products are used and not the product itself.

Antiquated PR

In some cases, the older way is a great option; it’s been proven to be effective. But we are in a new age of marketing where disruptive types of marketing such as radio and TV ads aren’t welcome anymore. We now have to be more strategic with our advertising to only target both those who want to see our advertising and those who we have pre-qualified to receive our advertising. Advertising to the masses is an outdated and financially wasteful way of advertising. Newspaper ads and other traditional forms of advertising that non-evolved advertising agencies still use for all their clients are no longer the best courses of action for most businesses. This is especially true for small businesses who have very limited advertising budgets. Targeted advertising is more effective and financially more prudent. Ditch the antiquated approach in lieu of modern advertising strategies.

Prosaic PromotionsIt’s way past time to stop giving away boring promotional products. You can do better than stress balls and basic koozies. It’s true with a little extra effort, you can transform any ordinary promotional product into a creative giveaway. Once you’ve chosen the right promotional items, finding a creative way to package and distribute the promos can make a bigger impact than the product itself. These product-pushing agencies don’t care about the effectiveness of your promotional items; they only care about the sale. That’s why they push boring and overdone promotional products because those items are comfortable and easy to sell; however, they are not necessarily bringing a positive return on your investment. Stop being boring and opt for more creative promos. Cut ties with marketing agencies who only suggest prosaic promotional products.

Inept AdvertisingSteer clear of the agencies who lack creativity. If you see a lack of creativity surrounding their own company, your company will be no better off with their services. You’ll spend lots of money with this agency with no return on investment (ROI). You need to find an agency that is consistently innovating and trying new ways to reach targeted prospects for your company. You need an agency that is actually concerned about the outcome of your campaigns instead of only being concerned about getting your money. Too many companies are offering inept advertising solutions which will cost you tons of money but have zero positive effect on your bottom line.

Ubiquity PromosToo many companies fail when it comes to creativity with their promotional products, instead, they fall back to the old standby items such as koozies and pens. Your promos need to stand out, not be ubiquitous. Therefore, you need a promotional products firm that is creative and striving to stand out from competitors. You need a company which acts as an ambassador for your company. You want a company which stays on top of current product trends so your giveaways continue to be exciting and memorable. Ubiquity doesn’t work for successful advertising.

Are you ready to ditch the dinosaur advertising agencies for a marking firm who understands the new and creative ways to reach targeted customers? Perfect Imprints is here for you. We look forward to partnering with you to create awesome advertising products your customers and prospects will use and LOVE. Best of all, this form of advertising will cost you less, be much more effective, and will be measurable.

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