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7 Benefits of Company Swag

7 Benefits of Company Swag

Are you looking for a cool new way to market your business? With company swag (also known as corporate swag), you can reach out to more customers, build brand recognition, and even boost employee engagement. There are tons of amazing promotional products to choose from and you can really get creative with your branding. Company swag could be anything from custom koozies, custom coolers, personalized beach towels, to custom matchboxes, the list goes on. You can pick the items that reflect the personality of your brand that will appeal the most to your target audience. Everyone loves a freebie, and corporate swag is a fun way to get your brand recognized. Here are 7 benefits of investing in company swag.

benefits of company swag

Boost Your Brand Awareness

Why is the corporate swag industry worth over 23 billion? It is because it’s so effective at creating brand awareness. Your logo and company designs will be seen on a range of different everyday items. This means your branding is much more likely to stick in people’s memories, whether they’re current clients or not. There are many creative ways to get your brand out there and this can really help you develop a name for yourself in the field. It’s essential to choose the right items that relate to your brand or the interests and lifestyle of your target audience. This will make your corporate swag even more effective.

Increase Business Exposure

Company swag will help increase business exposure. If you are creative enough, you might even find your clients or employees sharing posts about your swag on social media. This type of user-generated content online will create a trust for your brand and good word of mouth. You will also get positive reviews and thank yous from your customers online if you give them something they’ll really appreciate, whether it’s humorous or practical. Many people will also regift branded items and you’ll get exposure in this way. 

Create Corporate Loyalty

You can use free gifts to help build customer loyalty. Customers are more likely to stick with your brand if you offer them a little something extra. Repeat customers are much more valuable to your business than those who only make a one-off purchase. You could include company swag as part of a customer loyalty program and combine it with special offers and discounts in exchange for repeat business and referrals.

Increase Staff Morale

Why not give out corporate swag to your staff along with your customers? You could organize an event and have each employee wearing or using items with your branding. This will help them feel more engaged with your business and will boost collaboration and teamwork. You could even turn your staff into ambassadors for your brand by encouraging them to post about your promotional events on social media. Another idea is to post pictures of happy employees on your website wearing your swag.

Build Customer Trust

The more potential customers see your branding, the more legitimate you will appear as a business. This helps build trust as customers will see you as a more established brand and an authority in the field. Be as consistent as possible about your branding. Reflect the personality and tone of voice of your brand across all marketing channels and choose the right products to align with these. 

Cost-effective Marketing

Investing in a few personalized items doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, it’s fairly low-budget marketing. You can order your customized items in bulk online and get some great deals. You can add your branding to just about any everyday item so you can choose something small that will still make a big impression. The main thing is to get your name out there and your customers will still appreciate cheaper items as long as they can get some use out of them.

Creative and Versatile

There are so many promotional products to choose from and creative ways to use them. This is why it’s such a versatile form of marketing for your business. Corporate swag can even be used to reach out to the most high-end customers. You could theme your items to fit a particular business event or link them to your latest product launch. There are even plenty of humorous ways you can share your corporate swag. You could design a tote bag with a pun or funny slogan relating to your brand. You could also have your logo put on sillier items such as dog toys. Pretty much anything goes, whether you’d offer a well-designed t-shirt or joke gifts, you can find something that will resonate with your target audience.

How to Use Company Swag for Your Business

There are several ways to use corporate swag for your business. The first thing to do is choose the right item. Ideally, you want something that people will use that also reflects the personality of your brand and the lifestyle of your target customers. Things like custom koozies are very popular, for example, as most people enjoy a cold drink. You could also look into custom coolers. If you run a bar or restaurant you could consider custom matchboxes as well, whereas, in the hospitality business, personalized beach towels might be a better option.

As well as finding the right products you also need to think of the best way to distribute them. You could send them out to your most profitable customers individually in exchange for repeat business or referrals. Company swag is also great for events, even virtual ones. Send them to all attendees as an incentive. These are several ways you can use custom items to boost your business exposure.

At Perfect Imprints, we offer over a hundred thousand personalized promotional items, so if you’re looking for corporate swag you’ve come to the right place. Find a new and fun way to build recognition for your brand by treating your clients to a special gift. If you’d like to learn more about our customized products, browse the collection today.


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